Wednesday, 30 October 2013

 Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mission:  The mission of Immanuel Christian School is to prepare students to meet the challenge of the world and culture they live in as young and growing Christians.  Thus, students are taught the skill of discernment in the light of God’s Word, the practice of stewardship for creation, the required commitment to a life of Christian service, and the beauty of witness through modeling God’s love in a broken world.

Text Box: Upcoming Events
Oct.   31  Picture Retakes 9 a.m.
Nov.   4  Gr. 8 girls round 2 immunization
            6  Gr. 8’s at LDCSS;  8:55 Chapel
            8  1st term ends, AR goals are due
          11  Remembrance Day - at the cenotaph 
 13  8:55 Chapel; Board meets
          15  PD day for ICS/LDCSS – report card writing 
           16  19th Annual Sweets, Treats and Treasures Sale
            20 Hot lunch, AR skate, membership mtg at 8 pm
 22 Volleyball tournament at LDCSS
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ICS Website:    519-773-8476
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LDCSS Website:   519-455-4360
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 Our next Friday Family Fun Night Dinner is  Nov. 22nd

 Upcoming Events
Oct.   31  Picture Retakes 9 a.m.
Nov.     4  Gr. 8 girls round 2 immunization
           6  Gr. 8’s at LDCSS;  8:55 Chapel
           8  1st term ends, AR goals are due
            11  Remembrance Day - at the cenotaph
            13  8:55 Chapel; Board meets
            15  PD day for ICS/LDCSS – report card writing
                16  19th Annual Sweets, Treats and Treasures Sale
                20 Hot lunch, AR skate, membership mtg at 8 pm
                22 Volleyball tournament at LDCSS


From our Teachers’ Desks:

We’re back from the annual Edifide Convention. This convention is organized each year so that our teachers will be nurtured spiritually, will grow professionally, and will have the opportunity to share with and encourage their colleagues. This year over 800 educators across Ontario were present. The focus was on re-imagining education, with a deeper appreciation of the value of the arts and play in education. I’d like to allow space for brief reflections from each of our “desks” this week:

Mr Cameron: I am called to reflect on my day of workshops by Dr Denis Lamoureux: Beyond the Creation-Evolution Debate, Intelligent Design, Was Adam Real? The room was packed - origins certainly prompt great interest and divergent views (mine would differ from the presenter’s). As a Christian school we anchor our teaching in a Biblical narrative of creation – fall – redemption – restoration, so this is an important debate. We also acknowledge that our view on how God created does not seem to be a salvation issue. By subject matter, origins are mostly explained as “God created” at the elementary level, but the “how” is more prominent as a student moves through high school to university. If our formal curriculum is somewhat silent in this area, do we adequately “prepare students to meet the challenges of the world and culture they live in” as our mission states? I am keen to hear parental and societal thoughts about this.

Mrs Groeneweg:  Kindergarten Khaos - OACS Kindergarten Advisory Committee. This two-hour workshop took us to six different tables. We learned different practical teaching strategies and ideas for the Kindergarten classroom at each table.  Some of the ideas included manipulatives for teaching music, introducing sight words, whole class learning and writing activities, art programs and much more!  We also had many round-table discussions about a whole range of subjects.  

Ms Pieters: One of many joy-filled experiences is the devotion time both at the beginning and at the closing of the convention.
It's always a blessing to come together at the Edifide Convention and glorify God through songs of praise and devotions.
Thank you for the opportunity to be nurtured spiritually and grow professionally. [editor’s note: Along with Mrs VanderHoek, Ms Pieters was honoured for long service with Edifide at the convention.  Congratulations on 35 years for Ms Pieters!].

Mrs Drop: I attended the workshop, Fact or Fiction: Teaching Non-fiction Text. Non-fiction text has many conventions that readers need to use in order to fully comprehend the text. Some conventions include maps, diagrams, pictures and captions. This workshop looked at these conventions, how they help the reader, and how to explicitly teach them to students. I’m teaching these to the students in the fish lesson, called Fact or Fiction, during the integrated study, Fish Days, on Fridays.

Ms. Buma:  It is always heart warming to meet former students who have chosen Christian education for their vocation.  At this convention, I met six of them! The Member Service Recognition, in which, among others, Ms. Pieters and Mrs VanderHoek were recognized for their years of service in Christian education was also gratifying. Being able to participate as our school’s Edifide Rep in a workshop dealing with Edifide as an association of teachers with A Blueprint for Our Future (2014-2018) was exciting! One highlight for me was the closing keynote address by Justin Cook, who reminded us that our collective and individual memories can shape or be shaped, and who then asked, “Are we capable of and willing to be reflective?” In our closing devotions, Michael W. Smith’s song, Ancient Words, reverberated through the Redeemer auditorium… “Holy words of our Faith, handed down to this age. Came to us through sacrifice, Oh heed the faithful words of Christ.”

Ms. Jones: As I  was registering for the convention held last Thursday and Friday I said to myself, "Self, attend a workshop that gets you out of your comfort zone." I've always liked learning, opening books and gathering information but when I scanned past "Building Character through Improv," I knew this was the one! No books, no note taking - the teacher didn't allow it. I couldn't hide behind my books here, I had to interact and connect and well... play. Improv is a form of drama that does not allow for preparation. You think quickly or you just enter a scene and go with the first thing that comes to your mind. You learn to accept other people’s ideas and accept your own without worrying if they are good enough. It lets you be and others be in a small moment without judgment - moment by moment. Could this be a practise in contentment? I'm looking forward to seeing the 7/8's try improv!

Mr TenBruggencate: I enjoyed touching base with a few retired colleagues and a former student! My math workshop focussed on problem-solving, and encouraged me to start using a “problem of the week” in class for extra challenge and credit. This fits in well with what I’ve done in past, with the Gauss math test (which we’ll do again this year).

Praying for our Staff:  This week we will remember Mrs. VanderHoek in prayer. Please also keep Mrs Smit in your prayers as she is off with a back injury (we appreciate your patience with the temporary front desk staff: Mr Cameron, Mrs Cameron, Mrs Weverink or Mrs Hartemink. Note that it takes 4 people to replace 1 admin assistant!

Reminders:   We still have dishes/pans/containers in the kitchen left from grandparents’ / senior friends’ day.
                        Picture Retakes tomorrow, Oct.. 31. Please send the individual photo back with your child, but keep the class picture.     

                      Lost & Found Items:   We are gathering quite a collection again.  Please check items displayed by the band room.

                       Chocolate Letters will no longer be available through the school, but they can still be ordered from "A Slice of                                         Aylmer".  If you would like to place an order, please drop it off at the store (24 Talbot Street W Aylmer), email            
             , or give them a call at 519-773-9203.  We are sorry for any inconvenience.  This fundraiser            proved to be a lot of work and time compiling and sorting orders for not a lot of profit, so Fundraising Committee has                      decided to focus their energy on other opportunities.  Thank you for your understanding!

                       Our Fall Membership Meeting has been rescheduled to Wed., Nov. 20th.

Remembrance Day:   On Monday, November 11th, students from grades one through eight will walk to the cenotaph in Aylmer to observe the Remembrance Day Service.  We will leave ICS at 10:15 AM and return before noon.  We would like some parents to join us. This is a rain or shine event, so please dress appropriately.  Poppies will again be distributed.  Please send in some change to help support the poppy fund.

Hot lunch for November 20 will be pizza!  The deadline for ordering is Thursday, November 7.  See order form at the end of the Journal. No late orders please! This hot lunch is tied into a school-wide “spirit day” and an AR skate. Encourage your son / daughter in completing his or her AR goal, check on completion using the HomeConnect link on our wikispaces page. While we hope this will not occur, students who do not complete their goals may still join the skate for a fee of $3.

Hello ICS fans!!!  We’ve got a SUPER EXCITING event coming up just for you on Saturday November 16!!!!  Our newly named annual SWEETS, TREATS and TREASURES sale opens its doors bright and early at 9 a.m. for you to SHOP NON-STOP until 2 p.m.!!!!  With a fantastic variety of vendors there is sure to be something for everyone on your Christmas list!!!  And be sure to make a little time to stop by the kitchen.......we promise you’ll enjoy the delicious menu items including our NEW DESSERT – Chocolate Brownies drizzled with chocolate sauce!!!!  Yum-Yum!!  So mark the date on the calendar and invite all your family and friends to this great ICS event!!  We are also providing FREE babysitting so that you can enjoy a relaxing shopping experience!! you have a hidden “crafty” talent?  Then here’s your chance to come out of the closet and show it off under the bright lights of the ICS gym!!!  We welcome you to set up your own table for just $20 and give everyone coming through those doors an opportunity to see your extraordinary creations!!!   Please call Christine Janssens at 519-269-3305 to book your table for this spectacular event!

Time/Food Donations for the 19th Annual Sweets, Treats and Treasures Sale
The Auxiliary is asking for your help to make this year's sale a successful event.  We are in need of food donations and willing workers for the kitchen.  We are in need soups, muffins, eggs, dinner rolls, apple crisps and of course helpers, high school students as well as adults.  There are more details on the sign-up form at the end of the Journal.  If you can help us in any way please fill out the form and return it to the office.  Thanks.

Electives: It’s time to start thinking about whether you have a talent you can share with the student body! Electives are a 5 week unit for grades 4-8 in late Jan / early Feb which may include Woodworking, Cooking and Baking, Badminton, Winter Survival, Art Attack, Personal Grooming, Baby Sitting, Needlework, Building Models, Scrapbook and Photography, Computer, Small Engines, Cake Decorating, Curling, and the like. Can you help? Please contact the Ed Ctte chair, Ray Kaastra (, or the office by 15 Nov.

Today, the whole school took part in “The Big Apple Crunch”.  After chapel, each student was given an apple and on cue, everyone bit into their apple to make the “big apple crunch”.  This program is offered to all the schools in the county through the Elgin Community Nutrition Partnership.  Many thanks to Linda Rokeby and the late Michael Rokeby and the Norfolk Fruitgrowers Association for the donation of apples to our school.  The Rokeby’s have been a big supporter of this project for many years. 

Some of the things we have done in Kindergarten....
Bible: Joseph (Brothers in Egypt )
                Letter and sound: c and k
                Sight Word: and
                Patterning with shapes
                All about number:  8
                Making sets of 6 and 7
Show and Tell: JK - Thursday, Oct. 31
                         SK - Friday, Nov.1      

GRADES 1 and 2 - Ms. Pieters
Memory Work: Memory work for November 6: I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. Genesis 28:15
Spelling: Spelling dictation is on Friday, November 1
Spelling List 8 for Grade 1: not, on, dog, got, the
Spelling List 8 for Grade 2: the, that, them, day, may, made, was, of, if, a
Scholastic Book Club: If you wish to place an order please fill out the form on the flyer and return it to school by Nov. 1 with the payment (cash or cheque). Thank you.

GRADES 3 and 4 – Mrs. Drop

Memory Work: Philippians 2:4 & 5: Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others. Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus.
Spelling Dictation will be on Fri., Nov. 1st.
Grade 3 Words:  save, give, have, live, move, above, alive, alike, to, two, too, know, do, blew, blue, gave, below
Grade 4 Words:  strong, wrong, copy, cloth, problem, October, whole, explode, control, shown, bowl, bottom, smoky, coach, throat, toast, doughnut, foe, clothes, host
Keep reading at home and at school to attain your Accelerated Reader goals! They are due on Nov. 8.
Star Student next week will be Selena Kroondyk, followed by William Mantel
Science Projects are due Thurs. Oct. 31.  Some projects have already been submitted.  Projects will be returned later next week.  Our Project Share Class is scheduled for next Friday, Nov. 8.
Science Test:  Thursday, November 7.  Read over your class notes, girls and boys.  Students will bring a test Study Guide home on Friday, Nov. 1.

GRADE 5 and 6 – Ms Buma

Spelling Dictation:  Fri. Nov. 1 – Unit 7
Friday Morning Devotions (Nov 1) – Victoria Krahn
Memory Work:  Wed. Nov. 6 – In Flanders Fields (Second Part)
Take up our quarrel with the foe
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow in Flanders fields.
By:  Lt.-Col. John McCree (1872-1918)
Accelerated Reader:  More students are getting close to achieving their goals.  Keep reading everyone, and continue to follow up right away by taking your quizzes.  AR goal due date is Friday, Nov. 8.
Scholastic Book Orders:  November flyers were sent home today.  Book Order forms for Nov. are due next Friday, Nov. 8.
Social studies: We heard some very interesting research presentations from our class today. Our focus was on connecting with Canadians. Students each selected an area of personal interest. As Christian students, each reflected on what was broken in their area of interest, and what measures could lead to restoration. This challenged students to intentionally think through “Christian glasses,” thinking about learning in terms of action beyond just learning in terms of knowledge. We have a final review of the unit content on Friday and a quiz on provinces, territories and capitals next Monday.

GRADE 7 and 8 – Mr. TenBruggencate / Ms. Jones

Wed, Nov 6th the Grade 8’s will be attending LDCSS.  Grade 8s are welcome to take the high school bus. Make sure you make / know your bussing arrangements.
Memory work: Psalms 32;3-4
Mathematics: test on Chapter 3, Tuesday, November 5th.
5/6, 7/8 Phys. Ed.: Please remember to bring gym clothes for class. Shorts or long sports pants with the ICS gym shirt are required.
Health: complete Food Guide Tracker response questions are due!
History: Topic Report about New France in progress. Due date Wed Nov 13 for presentation (open to school and visitors). Topic Report due Monday, November 18th.


Time/Food Donations for the Sweets, Treats and Treasures Sale

We are in need of:  (Please check off what you can donate, as well as quantity)
                _____  3 pots Dutch meatball soup
                _____  4 pots of pea soup
                _____  2 pots of cream of potato
                _____  3 dozen assorted muffins
                _____  70 eggs
                _____  2 dozen dinner rolls              
                _____  6 apple crisps

_____  We are also looking for 6 high school students to run a babysitting/craft room for kids.  They will earn 8 of their volunteer hours and will get a free lunch :-)

We need kitchen help for day...highschoolers are also welcome!
                Shifts are:  _____  2 people for 8 to 12
                                      _____  2 people for 10 till 2 shift