Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mission:  The mission of Immanuel Christian School is to prepare students to meet the challenge of the world and culture they live in as young and growing Christians.  Thus, students are taught the skill of discernment in the light of God’s Word, the practice of stewardship for creation, the required commitment to a life of Christian service, and the beauty of witness through modeling God’s love in a broken world.

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LDCSS Website:   519-455-4360
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Upcoming Events

March 21 AR Sub Lunch for those who reached their goal
               Friday Family Fun Night Dinner -Kids Night
          22  Last day to view the elementary school art
               exhibit at the St. Thomas Public Art Centre
          26  8:55 Chapel gr. 3/4 - Lent 3
               Chess Tournament at Hellenic Centre
          29  Euchre Tournament 7 p.m.
April     2  8:55 Chapel gr. 5/6 - Lent 4; Battle of the Books
            3  gr. 5-8 to LDCSS drama production

From the Principal’s Desk:

Welcome back from March Break! Drawing from Jeremiah, our school poster declares that God knows the plans He has for us, plans to prosper us and to give us a hope and a future. We hold firm to that assurance as we both make plans for the future, and react to the challenges, health concerns or joys of our daily lives. An aim of a Christian education at ICS is to reinforce that God is present and important in all areas of our lives. Whether we hear of a vanishing airliner and passengers, or we cannot find some important school notes, we know that our God cares for the big and small details in His creation, and we know His plans are for our good. That is exciting!

We would invite you to mark your calendars for some school events that will allow us to celebrate our learning and our faith! Join the conversation about our educational program, finances for next year and seeking God’s leading - our Spring membership meeting will be Wed Apr 30. Hear our students’ beautiful voices - our Our Fish Tales musical and drama will be presented on Mon Apr 14 (matinee) and Wed Apr 16 (evening). Join us in our learning at chapel and in class - our Open House is Wed May 7. May all our school activities seek to bring God glory, and direct our hearts, minds, spirits and bodies towards Him.

in Christian education, Keith Cameron, Principal

Next Chapel:  Pastor Peter Barbour (Aylmer Full Gospel) and the gr 3/4 class will be sharing with us next Wednesday.
Praying for our Families: Thursday before the March Break, we prayed for John and Teresa VanderDeen and Steve & Bettina Vandersleen
Praying for our Staff:  This week let’s pray for Mrs. Drop
Please also pray for families who are considering Christian education.

  • Our Easter Meat and Baked Good Sale orders are due tomorrow Thursday, March 20 with pick up Thursday, April 10 between 2-4 p.m. Coolers with names are welcome.  
  • T.R.I.P.  order pick-up tomorrow afternoon Thursday, March 20.

Bus Incident: Despite property damage, we are thankful that there were no injuries in a low-speed collision between one of our school buses and a vehicle driving on South St on Tue Mar 18 after school. A pick-up sustained damage to the passenger side, and our bus sustained damage to the front bumper. Our transport committee and all our drivers endeavour to provide the safest possible busing for our children. Faced with an accident, we will make the necessary reports and repairs, and all our drivers will continue to be very vigilant in the execution of their duties. Please address any queries to Eric Hartemink, chair of transport committee, and please keep our drivers in your prayers.

Cheese Orders for April are attached.  Orders are due Wednesday, March 26th with delivery on Wed., 
April 2.

Our annual Spring Membership Meeting is rescheduled to Wed., April 30th.  

It is... KID’S NIGHT!  Join us for this month’s Friday Family Fun Night this Friday, March 21 from 5-7pm in the school gym.  Enjoy homemade mac+cheese, hotdogs, banana splits and GAMES!  Adults $8, Children 10+ under $5. Check out the live Venus Fly Traps too (available for $5) your fingers...
This Friday's Fun Night is hosted by the Youth Group at Grace Community Church!
Delivery to Heritage Place and Takeout (519.773.8476) will also be available.

Lost and Found:  We have mostly jeans left, 3 size 12’s, 2 size 10, 1 size 8, 1 6x/7.  Brand names from Old Navy, Levis, Children’s Place, Gap, Urban Star.  We will display them again on Friday’s Family Fun Dinner.  After that they will be donated to the thrift store.   

Chess Tournament will be held on Wed Mar 26 at the Hellenic Community Centre (133 Southdale Rd, London) from 9:30 - noon. The following chess players will be picked up by Mr VanGurp: Josiah, Lily and Matthew Y. Remaining chess players should take the bus to school, and will depart with Mr Rodenburg, Mr de Dreu and Mr Cameron. Everyone should bring their lunches.  All children will return to ICS after the tournament. Parents are welcome to come and see the chess strategies in action!

Junior Basketball: Practices for both boys and girls have been refined so that we can satisfy everyone who needs the gym! Practices will take place at the same times for boys and girls: Fridays at noon and Wednesdays after school from 3:30 - 4:30. First practice will be Friday Mar 21.Tournament date is Tue Apr 22.

Badminton. Practices will be Mon at noon and Thu after school starting Mon Mar 24.

Look at our students’ art! GREAT BEGINNINGS Elementary Art Exhibition: only until March 22 at the St. Thomas Public Art Centre, 301 Talbot St, St Thomas.  Check out the artwork from our students. Hours of Operation, Monday - Closed, Tuesday - Wednesday 10-4, Thursday - Friday 10-9, Saturday 12-4, Admission is FREE!

Dress Code Reminder: Spring will arrive soon, and so will summer clothing. As you are shopping for or with your child, please keep our dress code in mind. Our dress code was refined by our gr 7/8 class last year, and complements the LDCSS dress code. This would apply to all school events including: classes, sports, field trips, and graduation. Our clothing should be consistent with our goal to honour God with our bodies, as we are temples of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 6:19,20).  This still allows for creativity and individuality, but also requires modesty and an awareness of the impact our dress has on others in our community.
  • All tops must have sleeves.
  • Skirts must come down to at least the knee.
  • Shorts must have an inseam longer than 5”. (“Finger-length” is a guide for shorts.)
  • Tank tops, halter tops, muscle shirts, bare feet, bare midriffs, low necklines are not permitted.
  • No undergarments should be visible.
  • Clothing with objectionable logos or suggestive slogans is not permitted.
  • Wearing a hat, hood or a toque is not permitted in the school building during the school day.
Students dressed inappropriately will be asked to change (substitute clothing will be available to wear for the day), or will contact home to make arrangements to get suitable clothing for the remainder of the day.  Parents may also be notified.

Drum lessons: We have the opportunity to offer drum lessons here at ICS on Thursday mornings.  Are there parents or students who would be interested in learning how to play the drums or any other percussion instrument? No previous knowledge of  percussion is required.  Mr. Brian McHugh is a graduate of the Percussion Institute of Technology in Los Angeles, California, and The University of Western Ontario.  Currently he has his studio in London, the Brian McHugh Drum Studio.  He is willing to come to our school to do lessons but would need a few people interested to make it worth his effort to come to Aylmer.  For more information you may contact him at 519-951-9198 or you can let the office know you are interested in starting lessons.  

EUCHRE TOURNAMENT - SAT. MARCH 29 at 7 p.m in the Immanuel Christian School gym. Come on out for a night of free fun with all ages (highschool and up) participating! Bring a friend or come on your own - we'll set you up with rotating partners and you choose if you want to play competitively or in a more relaxed style. Delicious desserts, too! Please pre-register by contacting Eric & Leinie Hartemink @765-4121 or

In the theme of Dr Seuss’ Mr Brown Can Moo, “Katherine, Jane and Leinie can paint… Can you?” Check out the new Brick Red stripe and two doors as a taster for what a paint refresh might look like! The hall doors, kitchen, equipment room and bathroom doors still need attention. If you want to “adopt a door” and paint it up, we have the supplies and can suggest a time when painting will not conflict with school classes or renters. Thanks to our volunteers who started us off! Please call the office if willing!

Keith and Kristyn Getty Concert: These modern day Christian hymn writers are coming to Aylmer CRC on Thursday, May 1, 2014.  Co-writer of “In Christ Alone”, this is a concert that you cannot miss! Background choir features London District Christian Secondary School students and director, Mr. Matthew Atkins. Tickets are available by email

Electives: These are a very important part of the rich educational fabric at ICS, where the “real world” meets school in a tangible way. Our thanks to our instructors who gave of their time and talent:
  • YMCA St Thomas - gr 3 Swim to Survive
  • Mr Ray Kaastra, - junior crime scene investigators
  • Mr Andy Kroondyk and Mr Teus Korevaar - woodworking
  • Mr Ken Marlatt and Mr Jamie Pake (with Mr Dave VanGurp and Mrs Helen Friesen as drivers) - archery
  • Mr John Elliott and Ms Katrina Jones - badminton
  • Mrs Chris Helder - personal grooming
  • Mrs Amanda Cameron - ukulele building and playing
  • Mrs Georgie Rodenburg - art attack
  • thanks to Education Committee (Mr Ray Kaastra, Mrs Chantelle Bakker, Mrs Nancy Robinson, Mr Randy Poortinga and Mr Keith Cameron) for organizing!

Parenting the Love and Logic Way  
Gain practical parenting skills that can be used immediately for any age.  Mary De Boer, a Grade 6 teacher at Vancouver Christian School, has over 30 years teaching experience and two adult sons. She facilitates the effective Parenting the Love and Logic Way program and uses the teaching with Love & Logic techniques in her classrooms. All interested parents are invited to join us on Tuesday, March 25, 7 –9 pm at London Christian Elementary School, 202 Clarke Rd., London. Sponsored by London Christian Elementary School, London District Christian Secondary School and Good News Christian Reformed Church.
Cost by March 21: $8 one parent/$12 couple.  After March 21; $10/ or $15 couple.

KINDERGARTEN - Mrs.Groeneweg

Some of the things we have done in KINDERGARTEN…
Bible: Anointed for the Grave
        The Price of a Slave
Letter and sound: y
New Unit: The Grocery Store
White T-Shirt: Please bring in your t-shirt for the Fish Tales production. Please print your child’s name on the tag or if no tag then on the bottom hem at the back. Students are asked to wear blue jeans (with their white t-shirt) for our afternoon matinee and evening production.  

GRADES 1 and 2 - Ms. Pieters

Memory Work: for Wed. March 26
I love you, O Lord, my strength.
The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer;
my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge.
He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.
I call to the Lord, who is worthy of praise,
and I am saved from my enemies. Psalm 18:1-3
Spelling: dictation test is on Friday, March 21
Grade 1: fast, last, nest, must, most, step, stamp, still
Grade 2: this, then, thing, thank, bank, with, wish, think, sing, these
White T-Shirt: Please bring in your t-shirt for the Fish Tales production.  Please print your child’s name on the tag or if no tag then on the bottom hem at the back. Students are asked to wear blue jeans (with their white t-shirt) for our afternoon matinee and evening production.

GRADES 3 and 4 – Mrs. Drop

Memory Work:  Song for the Fish Tales Musical, “Come to Jesus”
Verse 2:  Come to the One who’ll always be your friend,
Come to the one who’s coming back again.  
Refrain:  Come to Jesus, He’s calling your name.  
Come to Jesus, His love doesn’t change.  
Come to Jesus, He patiently waits.  
He is waiting, He is calling, Come to Jesus .  
White T-Shirt:  Remember to bring a white t-shirt for the Fish Tales production. Please print your child’s name on the tag or if no tag then on the bottom hem at the back. Students are asked to wear blue jeans (with their white t-shirt) for our afternoon matinee and evening production.
Social Studies Mapping Quiz:  Neighbours are rich and poor, varied in colour and race, neighbours are near and far away. “G’day!” What country is completely in the southern hemisphere and nick-named, “the land down under”? Name the country where five of the six stars on its flag have seven points.What country has named one of its outdoor games after an insect? Which insect? Where does the unusual egg-laying, duck-billed, web-footed platypus live? In their unit, All God’s Children: Countries Around the World, the students in Grades 3 & 4 are learning about  Australia, the only country on planet Earth that is also a continent and an island!  
*Students will have a Map Quiz on Tues. March 25.  They should bring home their “Map of Australia” page, to use as a Study Guide.
Spelling: Dictation (Review Unit) will be on Fri., March 21
Grade 3 Words:  you're, it's, doesn't, its, cousin, group, ground, found, April, raise, babies, those, problem, disagree,
does, read, carton, giant, guess, clean
Grade 4 Words:  leaves, families, journeys, heroes, officer, faucet, caution, lawyer, geography, concert, cardinal, celebrate, June, conclusion, choose, junior, pronounce, moisture, avoid, flour

  1. GRADES 5 and 6 - Ms. Buma

Congratulations:  We would like to wish Cody Bergen a very Happy Birthday.  May God richly bless you, Cody, in your new year of life!
White T-Shirt:  Please bring in your t-shirt for the Fish Tales production.  Please print your child’s name on the tag or if no tag then on the bottom hem at the back.  Students are asked to wear blue jeans (with their white t-shirt) for our afternoon matinee and evening production. Accelerated Reader:  AR Reports were sent home with your child today.
Spelling Dictation:  Fri., March 21, (List 20)
Memory Work:  Matthew 6:31 - 33.  So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Social Science: We continue to learn about our links with our American neighbours, visiting Guenther’s Trucking and asking about their US business, and moving on to read about some of the key US historical events in our “History in a Hurry” lessons.

French:  Students have their French test results.  Please ask your child.  

  1. GRADES 7 and 8 – Mr. TenBruggencate / Ms. Jones

French:  Students have their French test results.  Please ask your child.
Music:  Written music and history are required for bucket drumming, in addition to performances.  Hand in tomorrow!
Monday, March 24 - Round 3 immunizations - Hep B for gr. 7’s/HPV for gr. 8 girls
Memory Work- Song “The Sign of Christ”
Upcoming Tests
Math Test: Thursday, March 20, on Chapter 8.
Science Test: Tuesday, March 25, covering “Light”
Spelling Quiz: Friday, March 21st. List 7
Please have signed History and Media tests returned by Friday. History test average was 79% and the Media average was 70%.
Study Hall will be open Thursday after school until 4:30. If you need help knowing how to study for any subject or want help with homework, the Art Room will be available under Ms. Jones supervision.
White T-Shirt:  Please bring in your t-shirt for the Fish Tales production. Please have your name printed on the tag or if no tag then on the bottom hem at the back.  Students are asked to wear blue jeans (with their white t-shirt) for our afternoon matinee and evening production.  

ICS Badminton Team Try-Outs
On Monday girls will try-out for doubles and singles positions. The boys will try-out the following Monday.  Players may bring their own rackets but it is not necessary.  Once the team is selected, practices will be held every Monday and one after school practice on Thursday. The inter-school badminton tournament will be held on Saturday May London - E. TenBruggencate