Wednesday, 3 September 2014

September 3, 2014 Journal

 The ICS Journal  

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mission:  The mission of Immanuel Christian School is to prepare students to meet the challenge of the world and culture they live in as young and growing Christians.  Thus, students are taught the skill of discernment in the light of God’s Word, the practice of stewardship for creation, the required commitment to a life of Christian service, and the beauty of witness through modeling God’s love in a broken world.

Upcoming Events

Sept.       5  Back to School BBQ & 60th Anniversary
                8 School Photos for grades SK – 8
                9 School Photos for JK
               10 Chapel 8:55, School Family kick-off
               17 Chapel 8:55
               22 Immunizations – gr. 7’s and gr. 8 girls
               24 Chapel 8:55
               26 Grade 1&2  trip to Safety Village
75 Caverly Rd, Aylmer, N5H 2P6
LDCSS:   519-455-4360
Christian Ed Foundation (endowment):

60th Anniversary Back to School Barbeque
            Friday, September 5, 2014

                   Everyone is welcome!  
Enjoy good food, fellowship, meet the teachers and see the classrooms.
             6:00 - 6:45 p.m. devotions and BBQ, dessert and coffee
 6:45 - 7:30 p.m. “bring a parent” classroom tours hosted by your children!

Menu:  Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Ceasar Salad, Corn on the Cob, Watermelon, Cupcakes for Dessert, Juice and Coffee
Cost: Donation of $20/Family or $5/individual
Join us out behind the school (weather permitting), or in the school gym if raining. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

While everyone is enjoying the Back to School BBQ we would like to give every family the opportunity to have their family picture taken for our "Family Picture" wall in the front hall. Rose Fehr has generously offer to be our photographer and this service is free of charge, so we hope to see you and your smiles at the BBQ!

From the Principal's Desk:
Wow, what great days on Tuesday and Wednesday as we filled this school with students after our summer break! At our “Welcome Back” chapel on Tuesday, we introduced our theme of “Praise God’s Name!” through interviews with each homeroom teacher on how she or he was planning to praise God’s name in their classes this coming year. As one parent commented, those answers were a testament to how we do Christian education, leaving not one square centimeter where God’s presence is not acknowledged.
Let me encourage you to come on out for the Back to School BBQ on Friday. Tour your child’s classes, appreciate how a new roof, new gym doors, lights in JK/SK and gr 1/2, carpet in JK/SK and spiffy paint in our halls gives us a crisp new look! Look forward to meeting and greeting old and new families alike! We need to be intentional on welcoming so many new families and children - from 81 this time last year, we are at 102! Truly, we praise God for that growth!
yours in Christ,
Keith Cameron, Principal

Welcomes and Farewells:  We are pleased to welcome 4 new families since our Re-Connection newsletter in mid August:
Henry & Jacqi Dalm with Zoe (JK), Rhodé (1), Uri (4) and Jedidiah (5); Mike & Anne Reimer with Micaela (7); Abe & Sara Klassen with Kayla (6); and, Abe & Leona Loewen with Jefferson ( 3), Jaywynn 1) and Jarvis still at home. Welcome to our community!  Please introduce yourself and make them feel a connection with our school.  We also bid a farewell to three families on transfer to other schools: Daryll & Krystal Schipper with Emma as they transfer to Woodstock Christian, Jason Weesjes and Sheri Weesjes with Allie & Ben, and Hans & Sheryle Drop with Michael and Randall. As you cross paths, please let these families know that the ICS community extends beyond just the classes, and that they are always welcome!

School Photos Monday, Sept. 8 for SK to grade 8 and Tuesday, Sept. 9 for JK students.  Your child(ren) took home today an information flyer with a tear off envelope to place your order.  Please return your envelope with payment on or before the picture date.  If you chose not to purchase a package your child will still get a complimentary 5x7 class picture from Life Studios.  Check the family plan for cost savings.  LDCSS uses Life Touch as well so if you have a child or children in LDCSS they are included in the family plan.

Reminder: Everyone who comes into the building should report to the office.  Even if you are making a quick stop-in visit with your child, please pop your head into the office, so we know who is in the building.  Volunteers working with students, please remember to sign in at the office.

Transportation Communication List:  Please look it over carefully to see if your phone #’s are correct and keep near your phone.  How does it work?  If there is a fog or snow cancellation, the bus driver calls the entire list. But if there is a bus route disruption en route, the bus driver or office will call the families that have their names stared and bolded. These families in turn will call their block of people.  Mr. Cameron will start the call for walkers.  Bus disruptions will also be posted on the school Twitter feed on our web page.  In case of illness or absence, if your child will not be riding the bus in the morning, and it’s too late to call the driver, please call the family before your pick up stop and their child can relay the message to the bus driver. This may help to save on fuel costs.  

Fog Delays / Cancellations. Weather delays have in the past been much more difficult for parents to deal with than have cancellations. To that end, our policy aims to avoid bus delays. Our policy also considers both student and staff safety in traveling to school in inclement weather.  Snow creates potentially dangerous road surface conditions, which impact both buses and teachers.  Fog creates reduced visibility, which impacts students getting on and off buses safely. Fog, while causing delays and requiring slower speeds and increased attention, is not seen to create the same driving risks as snow. In inclement weather situations, our delays or cancellations will be guided by decisions for East Elgin Secondary, as posted on
a) TVDSB snow cancellation = ICS bus cancellation, ICS closed
b) TVDSB snow delay = ICS bus cancellation, ICS closed
c) TVDSB fog cancellation = ICS bus cancellation, ICS closed
d) TVDSB fog delay = ICS AM bus cancellation, ICS open, PM buses run normally
For now a phone call will follow to confirm this. We also update our Twitter feed and the Easy101 website.

Items due:  TRIP.  Order:  due 9 a.m. tomorrow, Thursday the 4th!  (Your order form was included in your Back to School mailing.) Pick up date is Thursday, Sept. 11 for this month only.   
What is TRIP? It is a fundraiser where you can earn money towards your next year’s tuition, this also includes families who have students at LDCSS (your tuition credit will be applied to transportation costs to LDCSS).
How does TRIP work? You purchase gift cards from the school: 40% of the profit goes towards reducing your tuition (or someone else’s), 50% goes to ICS Fundraising and the last 10% pays our coordinators. These numbers are new. In June, Canada Revenue Agency, through the OACS, has informed us that we can no longer offer an 80% profit to individual families. It has to be 50% or less depending on TRIP expenses. While we have few TRIP expenses, we have decided on a 40% family profit so that we are covered should ICS be audited. We realize this will be disappointing to you as individual families, but we need to comply with CRA regulations. A good amount of 'TRIP credit' can still be earned for individual families who diligently buy gift cards for all your shopping needs. Working to reduce tuition, we will try to make the TRIP gift card program convenient for everyone!
How do we get started? If you do not have a TRIP number all you need to do is get a registration form from the office and fill it out. You will be given a TRIP number that you use when ordering. You can start buying cards the day you put in your registration form! Where can I get the gift cards? Once a month a TRIP order form will be attached to the Journal. you will need to return it with your payment the next week, (The order is due the next week - the date is printed on the form. The following week you will be able to pick up your gift cards at the school or if you choose you may have them sent home from the school with your child. You may still buy gift cards at the school on Tuesday mornings, or on Fridays all day (when the school is open). Other locations include Clovermead Apiaries, and our new location being Roszell’s Furnishings. These locations only carrying Presidents Choice and Tim Horton’s gift cards. Family Flowers near St. Thomas carries a wider variety of gift cards. You can also contact Theressa DeJong or Grace Schipper. This program is intended to give you the opportunity to earn credit towards your tuition for the next year. We encourage you to use this valuable resource. Any questions please do not hesitate to contact the coordinators. Grace Schipper 519-317- 1518 or Theressa De Jong 519-765-3372 or by email

Cheese orders:  The first cheese order for the year came in today.  Anyone who ordered cheese back in June or during the summer will find their order in their child's backpack today, or it will be in the fridge in the kitchen.  Thank you!
Private Music Lessons:  Not every school is blessed with 5 experienced musicians interested in providing music lessons during the school day!  These teachers are not part of the ICS staff; we simply make a room available to them.  These teachers take students from their classrooms to have private lessons right at school.  If you would like to make arrangements for private lessons at school, contact the teacher:  
    Mrs. Paula Richardson (piano) – 226-270-9960 or
    Mrs. Emily Schuurman (piano) – 510-877-2320 or
    Mrs. June Elley (violin, voice, guitar and piano) – 519-773-2811 or
Mr. Derrick Drover (piano, guitar, basic vocal) - 519-765-4990
    Mrs. Amanda Cameron (piano) – 519-550-7312 or

Girls’ Soccer: If you are a girl in grade 6,7 or 8, you are invited to sign up for the ICS girls’ soccer team. The first tryout will be tomorrow, Thursday September 4, after lunch. Please come prepared with shin pads, soccer shoes, socks, shorts and a T-shirt. We welcome Mrs. Helen Friesen as coach for the 2014 ICS Girls’ Team. The Bluewater District School Soccer Tournament is scheduled for Thursday, October 2, in Oil Springs. The rain date: Friday, October 3, 2014. (Coordinator: Mrs. T. Vanderhoek)

Boys’ Soccer: If you are a boy in grade 6, 7 or 8, you are invited to sign up for the ICS boys’ soccer team. The first tryout will be Friday September 5, after lunch. Please come prepared with shin pads, soccer shoes, socks, shorts and a T-shirt. The Bluewater District School Soccer Tournament is scheduled for Thursday, October 2, in Oil Springs. The rain date: Friday, October 3, 2014. (Coordinator: Mrs. T. Vanderhoek)

Cross Country:  Grades 2-8 are encouraged to train with Mr. Cameron from 8:30 – 8:50 on Mon, with a Fri practice for gr 5-8.  Come ready to run and have fun!  We start Friday!   

Student Activity Fee/Chocolate Bar SalesWe are selling World’s Finest Chocolate bars!  Each box contains a mixed variety of 30 peanut free items @ $2 each.  The whole box is worth $60. Funds raised from our chocolate bar sales and student fees cover student expenses for field trips, school skating, special guests, sports tournaments, etc.  For children not selling chocolate bars, the Student Activity Fee is due: $25 per full-time student, $15 for JK or SK part-time students.    

Lunches – Recess is at 10:25 and lunch is at 12:20.  Please ensure your child has a good healthy snack for snack recess.  We are allowed to set out only 9 bags of garbage each week.  To keep within these limits, and to be stewardly with God's creation, please send lunches in reusable containers.  Uneaten food should also be packed back home.  
See full size image  Remember:  We are a peanut-free facility!

Things to Send to School:  Updated Family Picture for our school family picture display so we can put names to faces.  Please identify your family members. We will send your previous photo home with your child
Photo order envelope: For Picture Day Sept 8 (SK-  1), Sept 9 (JK)
Attachments: ICS/LDCSS Directory has been updated, Revised Class list



Welcome to the 2014 - 2015 school year!  This is an exciting time for your child(ren). We will all be having a great time as we start learning our routines and making friends.

Communication between home and school is important.  Your child(ren) will bring home the ICS Journal every week, which contains information regarding the Kindergarten program in terms of Show & Tell dates, upcoming field trips, etc.
We will celebrate your child’s birthday in class.  A (peanut-free) snack to share with classmates may be sent to school on your child's birthday, if you wish.
Please provide some extra clothing for your child to keep at school, in the event of an accident, and please label all items with your child's name.

Senior Kindergarten
Library:  On Mondays we will visit the library. Students are able to sign out two books to take home for the week.  Please ensure all books are returned at the beginning of each week.
Sound Book:  We will be learning one letter per week. The letter of the week will be glued in their Sound Book which students will take home to review with their parents (letter name, letter sound and how to print).  Please ensure Sound Books are returned to school each school day.

Please feel free to communicate with me by note, telephone or email: School: 519-773-8476;  Home : 519-633-4965; Email: or

GRADES 1 and 2 - Ms. Pieters

Welcome to a new school year boys and girls. May we together “Praise God’s Name” throughout each day.

Bible: We will start by studying the Book of James. Your child will bring home an activity sheet for each of the six lessons. At the bottom of each page there is room for you and your family to fill in more suggestions for Christian living. Please consider discussing these wise ways to live and then have your child return his/her page back to school.

Memory Work: Each Wednesday your child will be given a scripture verse or a song to learn from memory. Please help your child review it so that he/she can say/sing it from memory the following Wednesday. Memory work for Sept. 10
Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry,
for man’s anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires.
James 1:19 and 20

Field Trip: Wednesday, September 24 the students will have the opportunity to participate in a safety program offered at the YMCA Children’s Safety Village in London. This program will help the students recognize safety risks and safe practices. At least two volunteers are needed to help on this field trip. We are planning to leave I.C.S. at 11:15 a.m. and return back to school at 3:00 p.m.
Please send a note or call the school if you are able to help. Thank-you.

Spelling: Each Friday we will have spelling dictation. Weekly word lists will be sent home at the beginning of the week. Please have your child review the list words at home. Here are the words the students should know for Friday, Sept.5:
Spelling List for Grade 1: an, at, and, am, a
Spelling List for Grade 2: on, not, but, at, had, in, did, get, red, hot

Scholastic Book Club: The September flyers were sent home today. If you wish to place an order please fill out the form on the back and return it to school by Sept. 11 with the payment (cash or cheque).

Highlights Magazine:  Your child took home three order forms from the Highlights company. One is for the Highlights Magazine,  one is for Puzzlemania and the other one is for Eagle-Eye Hidden Pictures magazine. We have a copy of all three magazines in our classroom if you wish to view them. Please return all signed order forms marked “Yes” or “NO” by Friday September 19. The Highlights company will give our classroom free gifts for all returned order forms that are signed.

Chickadee Magazine: You may place your Chickadee Magazine order online. Please note: In setting up the account I could only select one grade so if you are signing up online please mark your child as being in Grade 2 even if your child is in grade 1. October 31, 2014 is the due date to place an order.

GRADES 3 and 4 – Ms. Buma
Welcome back to school Grades 3 and 4!  Grade 3 students have made their relocation from the “green wing” to the “blue wing”, while Grade 4 students are returning to their familiar classroom, with a few changes. A special welcome to three new students who have joined our class, Sharon Klassen, (Grade 3) Jefferson Loewen, (Grade 3) and Uri Dalm. (Grade 4) We hope that you will soon feel at home with us, Sharon, Jefferson and Uri!
We also welcome Miss Heo who will be teaching music, and Mr. T. who will be teaching physical education.
Fri. Sept. 5 - Spelling Dictation.  Grade 3 words are:  said, ask, stand, catch, eight, afraid, away, always, playing, waved, takes, than, great, they, prey, super, stay
Grade 4 words are:  bridge, gravity, hungry, eclipse, secret, applaud, laundry, trouble, attract, twilight, between, describe, snowflake, freedom, slimy, glance, burglar, switch, brave, twice
Wed. Sept. 10 - Memory Work: Psalm 8:1 O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!  You have set your glory above the heavens.
Accelerated Reader Reading: Each morning, from 8:35 - 8:55, the students will be given independent reading time.  They should have a chapter book to read during this time.  Our first Library Class is Thursday, Sept. 4.
Scholastics:  The first Scholastic Book Book Order was sent home with your child today.  If you would like to place an order for September, please have your child return it to school by Friday, Sept. 12.  Thank you.
Chocolate Bars:  Sales have begun for students who have brought home a box of chocolate bars. The Student Activity fee is another means for Field Trip fundraising, instead of selling the chocolate bars.
Gym Foot Wear:  Physical Education classes are scheduled for Monday, Thursday and Friday.  Although the students may have their indoor running shoes, please ensure that your child’s outdoor shoes on those days, are also running shoes. Thank you.
Kleenex Boxes: We need to build up our kleenex box supply again at the start of this new school year.  Thank you for sending along any contribution to our supply.

GRADE 5 and 6 – Ms Jones

Welcome back to school, Grades 5 and 6!  Together, we are familiarizing ourselves with a different room location, reconnecting as a class, and looking forward to an exciting year ahead. Our classroom timetable involves the following teachers: Ms. Jones (Math, LA, Bible, Social Studies, Creation Studies, Art and Integrated Studies), Mrs. Schuurman (French), Miss Heo (Music), Mr. Cameron and Mrs Robinson (Tech/Library) and Mr. T (Gym). 
Bible Studies:  We will be using the recently purchased class set of NIV Textbook Bibles as we begin our study of the book of Colossians.
Memory Work: Psalm 8:1 Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! You have set your glory in the heavens.
Spelling:  See your planners for the spelling list. Quiz on Friday.
Planners:  Students have received their planners and will use them to keep track of their daily activities and assignments.  Parents, please check planners for notes daily and initial if there is information recorded. Initial only if there is information on a day to show you have seen it.
Accelerated Reader Reading:  Each morning, from 8:35-8:55, the students will be given independent reading time.  They should have a chapter book to read during this time.  Our first Library Class is Thursday, Sept. 4.
Chocolate Bars:  Sales have begun for students who have brought a box of chocolate bars home. The Student Activity Fee is another means for Field Trip fundraising instead of selling the chocolate bars.

Phys. Ed. -  Physical Education classes are scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  Gym wear includes ICS gym shirts, please bring shorts to change into.

Kleenex Boxes:  We need to build up our kleenex box supply again at the start of this new school year. Thank you for sending along any contribution to our supply.
Social studies: We will be starting a unit in Ancient Greece and exploring Biodiversity in Creation Studies.
Art: Students will learn 1 point perspective
Band this year will be part of our gr 7/8 music class. Stay tuned for potential co-curricular music options later this Fall for gr 5-8!

GRADE 7 and 8 – Mr. TenBruggencate / Mr Cameron

Welcome back, grades 7 and 8! Teaching this year are: Mr T (math, Bible, gym), Mr Cameron (LA and science), Miss Heo (music, history, geography, integrated studies), Ms Jones (Art),  and Mrs Schuurman (French).
Immunization consent forms for Grade 7 students and Grade 8 girls were sent home today.  All forms must be returned, even if you are not receiving immunizations.  
Planners. Students need to bring their planners to school each day. Parents: please use this as a communication tool. Students only require it to be signed if we send a note home or if there is work that is incomplete. We will also use our class wiki page (link from the ICS webpage) to keep up to date.

PE wear includes ICS gym shirts, please bring shorts to change into.

Band this year will be part of our gr 7/8 music class. Stay tuned for potential co-curricular music options later this Fall!
Language Arts: see the note sent home about “interviewing” for our short story-telling project.
Art: Students will learn 1 and 2 point perspective
Contact: Please feel free to contact us as needed, by telephone at the school or by email: or