Wednesday, 8 February 2017

February 8th, Journal 2017


Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

Mission:  Immanuel Christian School assists parents in raising children to follow Christ with an excellent elementary program and a focus on Christian character growth.
Feb 10th - Jump into Kindergarten #2
                  Winter Electives #3, Swim to Survive #3
       11th - Legion Public Speaking Contest -  Zone Level
                   in St. Thomas.  Registration is 9:30 A.M.
       13th - Jump into Kindergarten #3
       14th - Hockey practice (7:00-8:00am)
                 School Spirit -Pink, Red & White day
       15th - New Registration Day
                 Chapel - Gr 3/4
                 School skate 2-3pm
       16th -100 days of school!
                 LDCSS Gr’s 5-8  workshops at ICS
       17th - Jump into Kindergarten #4
                 Winter Electives #4
                 (Deadline to confirm your 2017-18 registration)
      20th - Family Day Holiday (no classes)
      21st - PD Day (MAP review)
      22nd- Hockey practice (7:00-8:00am)
                Hot lunch - Pancake Day (order at end of Journal)               
                Chapel - Gr 5/6
      24th- FFFN 5-7pm
75 Caverly Rd, Aylmer, N5H 2P6
Telephone: 519-773-8476
LDCSS:   519-455-4360
Christian Schools Foundation (endowment):

ICS Spirit Wear: check out the possibilities on:
From the Principal’s Desk:
Amanda and I came back from the Global Christian Schools Leadership Summit last week encouraged and refreshed. Of course, the Florida location was pleasant, but it was powerful to join with 700 leaders from 26 nations in the Revelation song sung in many different languages - a taste of the day when, “every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord!” It was neat to consider ideas on our relevance, on preserving our unique school culture, on connecting with our parents, among others. ICS was also a contributor to conversations, with other attendees wanting to hear more about the school culture we create here with our mixed-age student school families, and their impact in chapel, in instruction, and on the playground.
This week, we are conducting our Winter Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) tests. MAP seeks to both assess how we compare as a whole school, and, more importantly, to track student growth in math and literacy skills. These skills are important in building an aspect of God’s kingdom. However, a colleague of mine from the Niagara family of Christian schools wrote on the “what else” we seek as a Christian school. Let me leave you with those words:
These tests will not measure how students treated each other last week, if they were polite to the stranger, if they helped around the house, if they comforted someone who needed it, or if they tried to include someone who was left out. They won't measure their character, the depth of their thinking, or what they care about.  The lowest standardised test score in the school may belong to the most caring, empathetic, and loving student among us. We know that which is why the results will be important, but they will take their proper place among all of the other assessments and feedback we engage in on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis, which include so much more than what a test can measure... It's important to remind ourselves often that our students are not valued for any of these things in God's eyes.  When God sees them, he sees his Son who bears their sins and wipes them away.  The cross of Christ.  How's that for a standardised test?  Romans 5:9-11
Kevin Huinink, NACE Executive Director -
In Christian education, Keith Cameron, Principal and Chief Operating Officer
Praying for our parents: Please join us as we pray for Jerry and Julie Peters and Jacob and Sarah Penner.
Let us also remember the Kroondyk family in your prayers as Andre begins a lengthy recovery process after shoulder surgery (rotator cuff). Also remember Janneke and the rest of the family as they take over the farming duties.
Praying for our staff: Please pray for our Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Sarah Penner.

Tuition Reduction Incentive Plan (T.R.I.P):  Due Feb 9th with pickup on Feb 16th.

2017-2018 Registration: We are asking you to confirm your registration for 2017/2018 using the link at (also on FB) by Friday 17 Feb. Thank-you for your help in this. Please contact Keith if you have any questions or wish to chat about your options!
Keeping our children safe on drop off and pick up.  To avoid the risk of children crossing our parking lot while buses and other cars arrive, we will have a safety cone “lane” by the playground. Please line up in the lane to drop off. For pick up, we ask that children walk around the front bus (no cutting between) and then walk safely to the waiting cars.
Valentine’s Day. We encourage red, white or pink clothing, and cards exchanged among all students, but we ask that you limit any candy please! The math is that food dye + sugar ≠ good learning!

The (Gym) Heat is On! This past Sat, members of our meeting committee including Hank Klassen, Jeff Zylstra and Andy Kroondyk, installed our new gym HVAC unit.  We previously had one of the oldest units suppliers had seen still running, but we experienced increased failures and much higher costs last year. Funding for this $25K project came from our 2016 Spring Drive. We expect much lower operating costs. Thank-you to our installers!

The Lent season starts soon! Pancake Lunch on Wednesday, Feb. 22.  Order form is at the end of the Journal.  Orders are due by Wed., Feb 15th.  If your child(ren) have special dietary needs we also offer dairy free, gluten free or both.  Please check off which one you would need on the order form.

Transportation Note for all High School Students - Since ICS has no school (MAP PA Day) on Tuesday February 21st, the busing for LDCSS will be as follows: Mrs. Tesselaar’s bus will leave her home at 7:45am (students catching the bus at her house should be there by 7:40am). The return trip home will be done in reverse
ICS at 8:00 am
End of Forest & Elm at 8:04am
Lyons at 8:15am
Andre Kroondyk home 47000 Wilson Line at 8:25 am
            Belmont Arena 8:28
            Manning Drive 8:30am

IMG_1381.JPGCongratulations to the following students who were chosen to receive a Public Speaking award at our ICS SpeakFest held last Wed, Feb 1. Students listed in bold placed 1st at the Aylmer legion and will continue on to the Legion zone competition in St.Thomas, this Sat, Feb 11. Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done,” (Psalm 105:1).
Storytelling: Gr 1: Travis Dykxhoorn, Gr 2: Katelyn Janssens, Gr 3: Rachel Cameron. Speeches: Gr 5: Kiera Giesbrecht, Gr 6: Josh Vannoord, Gr 7: Megan Friesen, Gr 8: Holly Cameron. Poetry Presentations: Gr 4: Josiah Kroondyk, Aryanna Lockyer, Allyson Mantel, Eden Shelton, Phoebe Sinke. Gr 8: Julia Banman & Kayla Klassen.

Sports Update: We will begin junior basketball and senior badminton practices soon. These will run during the school day for Feb, with after-school practices starting in Mar:
Girls junior (gr 4-6) basketball: Fri @ lunch - coach: Ms Farrow Jones. (After school in March on Tue)
Boys junior (gr 4-6) basketball: Tue @ lunch - coach: Mr Bierman (After school in March on Thu)
Mixed senior (7-8) badminton: Thu @ lunch - coach: Miss Smeets (After school in March on Weds)

To Celebrate a great season in Sr. Basketball, we would like to hold the 2nd annual Grads vs Parents game on Tues, Feb 14th. Please contact Ms. Farrow Jones by Friday if you would like to compete as a grad, parent, or as a friend of a grad.

SCHOOL CAMPING 2017We are planning our 2nd annual School Camping Weekend. It is scheduled for August 25 – 27 at Golden Pond RV Resort near Putnam. So..... save this date and if you have something else planned for that weekend..... Change it!! Last year was a ton of fun and this year will be even better!!!  Those who weren’t there last year missed out on a great, fun weekend. More details to follow including booking information.

A Wedding 2 Remember: A very special “Wedding” guest, Carla Alblas, graciously shares her reflections of a memorable evening on the OACS website. Carla is a Community Journalist and Curriculum Curator from Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools. You can read the article here:

February’s Friday Family Fun Night brings you an old fashioned beef stew on a bed of rice, egg noodles or quinoa, iceberg wedge salad, and Ambrosia fruit dessert.  Take a night off from cooking and bring your whole family to enjoy a hot meal on Friday, February 24 from 5:00-7:00pm in the school gym.  Cost is Adults $8 and Children (10 + under) $5 and all proceeds go directly back into the school! INVITATIONS are attached to your journal: please invite a grandparent, neighbour, friend – whomever you choose! Looking to spend some good quality time with the Friday Family Fun Night crew?  Sign up today at: Complimentary dinner included.

Library update: ( Overdue notices were sent out on Monday, via email. Thanks for letting me know if the books listed do not match what you have at home, so we can investigate further. Our motto for checkout is “you may take out as many books as you can remember to bring back on time”. Students with overdues may have checkout privileges suspended until books are returned. We know it is hard to keep track of too many library books!
SK, Grades 1 and 2 Team Building Skills Elective: On Elective Fridays the primary students in SK-2 will be enjoying this time together. We will finish up our beautiful string art and then enjoy a movie.

JR / SR KINDERGARTEN - Mrs. Penner (
Feb. 14th is School Spirit Day, -Pink, Red & White day.
Valentine Card Exchange, SK Feb. 13 or JK Feb. 14: Please feel free to write (or have your child write) his/her name near “from” and leave “to” blank. This will make it much easier for some students to pass the cards out (JK day only is 18 students, SK day only is 10 students, or 22 students all together).
Library: Please return your books each Monday with your library bag.
Scholastic Order: Feb orders are due by Friday, Feb 10 with payment: cash, cheque or online.
Bible: People Showed Their Love for God’s Exile, 2 Kings 17-18, 20-23.
Letter/Sound of the week: x We now know: s, a, t, i, n, p, c, k. e, h, r, d, m, g, o, u, f, l, b.
SK words: a, the, at, I, in, it, God, blue, green, red and yellow, purple, orange, black, brown, white, & with. CVC words: -at, -it, -an, -in and -ing. New Words: and & can.
JK Printing: Please continue to work on writing your name at home, using the proper lowercase letters.
SK Math: What Makes 10? JK Math: Number match 1-15 and comparing.

GRADE 1 - Ms. Pieters (
Memory Work: for Wed. Feb. 15 The Ten Commandments (shortened form, Exodus 20:3-17)
The last six commandments tell us how to treat others.
  1. ... Commandments, 10, TenHonour your father and your mother.
  2. You shall not murder.
  3. You shall not commit adultery.
  4. You shall not steal.
  5. You shall not give false testimony.
  6. You shall not covet.
Scholastic Order: Feb orders are due by Friday, February 10 with payment: cash, cheque or online. Thank you.
Spelling: Dictation quiz will be on Friday, Feb. 10
Grade 1 words will be from list 19: go, so, no, home, note, robe, do, you
  • Library Books are due tomorrow
  • To enjoy reading your books and sight word page(s)
  • Scholastic Book Orders due Friday, February 10
  • Feb. 14th is School Spirit Day - Wear Pink, Red &/or White clothes.
  • Pancake Lunch - Wed., Feb. 22nd - orders are due Wed., Feb. 15

GRADES 2 and 3 – Miss Loewen (
Happy Birthday to Tyler Vis (February 10), who is turning 8! We wish you many blessings and a wonderful year.
Memory Work:
So God created human beings in his own likeness.
   He created them to be like himself.
   He created them as male and female.
Genesis 1:27
Spelling Dictation quiz on Friday, February 10: List 16
Gr 2 : too, good, book, shook, school, when, what, took, who, soon, look, they
Gr 3: don’t, didn’t, I’ll, I’m, it’s, let’s, they’re, we’re, doesn’t, o’clock, won’t, wouldn’t, its, can’t, that’s, they, because
Scholastic Book Order: The Feb orders are due by Friday, February 10 with payment: cash, cheque or online.
Accelerated Reader: AR goals are due March 1. Reports will be sent home on Friday.
MAP Testing: Thank you grade 2/3 for all of your efforts on your MAP tests. Many of you have shown great growth, especially in math!
Student of the Week: This week: Rachel Cameron.  Next week: Shane Dykxhoorn
Valentine Card Exchange: Please see purple note that was sent home.
FIELD TRIP NEWS: Thank you for the many volunteers for our trip. We are looking forward to it.
Remember: Library books are due tomorrow
*Gr 3 Students: Our 3rd Swim to Survive lesson is this Friday, Feb. 10. Remember to bring swimwear and a towel to school on that day.

GRADES 3 and 4 - Ms. Buma (
Memory Work:  Song: In the Beginning - Verses 4, 5, and 6.
4.)In the beginning the stars lit the heavens, moonlight at night and by day the sun,
   over the land and the sea and the shoreline, so that the seasons and years could run.
5.) In the beginning the birds were sent flying; in the beginning God heard their song.
    Fish in the water and beasts on the dry land-God made them all, both the weak and strong.
6.) In the beginning God chose to make people; In the beginning he spoke his word.
    Pleasant and good was our life in creation. All things were perfect; so said the LORD.
Text: Based on Genesis 1:1-6, Hanna Lam
 Tune: Wim ter Burg, Harmony, Bert Polman
Scholastic Book Orders: Please return any completed Book Orders by Fri, Feb. 10.
Library Class: Tomorrow is Library Class. Please return any due books.
MAP Testing: Fri.Feb. 10th Reading Test, 11:00-12:00 pm.
Fri. Feb. 10 - Spelling Dictation -*Grade 3 words are: April, babies, over, hello, even, we, silent, tiny, menu, future, dear, raise, white, used, those, echo, mountain
*Grade 4 words are: cinder, circle, cardinal, cereal, cycle, concert, dancer, celebrate, twice, dangerous, strange, ledge, damage, geography, gentle, signal, regular, sugar, radius, circumference
Student of the Week: This week’s Student of the Week is Dylan Rempel. Next week: Eden Shelton
Bible Test: Thurs. Feb. 16. In The Beginning God...Students will bring their Study Guides home on Thursday, Feb. 9.
Accelerated Reader: AR goals are due March 1.

GRADE 5 and 6 – Ms. Farrow Jones (
Memory Work: Isaiah 40: 3-5 Students have memory work books that they writing in and practise from. Due next week Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.
Bible: Chronologies and Comic Strip due by Friday.
Reading: Daily reading has a direct link to academic confidence and success. Students are reminded to not see reading as a hassle but a privilege.
Math: Unit test Friday, February 17th
Creation Studies:  Energy Unit test Friday, Feb. 10th.
LA: Literature Circles starting next week. We will be studying The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. Students will be reading a chapter per week.
Check out Epic Books - Sign in under my email and use ICSfollow as a password to check out Audio books and online reading.
Spelling: Spelling List 5 Review due Friday, February 10th for Feb 17th quiz.
Potluck - Let’s not forget our first potluck in the new year! This Friday, February 10th.
Main - Blue; Dessert - Black; Appetizer - Purple; Drinks - Red; Clean up - Green
Please have items at the school kitchen by 11:45. Thanks!!
Just a reminder that siblings of ⅚ will be notified after lunch if there are items left over.

GRADE 7 and 8 – Mr. Bierman (
Basketball tournament - Last week we participated in the district basketball tournament.  The students played very well overall.  The boys faced some stiff competition from Stratford and Sarnia and came away with third place.  The girls were a well oiled machine, getting stronger as the day went on.  The girls are this year’s champs.  Congrats everyone!  
Student Led Devotions - This Week:  Tuesday- Kolbie, Thursday- Jedi, Friday- Keoni
                                         Next Week: Tuesday- Marshall, Thursday- Abigail, Friday- Tyson
Bible:  Test on our Esther unit. Wednesday, February 15.
Reading:  Test on the Bronze Bow. Friday, February 17.
Health: This Friday students will be tested on their knowledge of the nervous system and the effects of drugs upon it.
MAP Testing: Thursday Feb 9: 9:00-10:00 (Language)
         Friday Feb 10: 9:00-10:00 (Math)
Sr Basketball Concession. Over $500 was raised from the concession! Thank-you to all contributors, to the student helpers, to Mrs Emily Schuurman and Mr & Mrs Brett and Tara Foster for making this possible! Proceeds will be divided between all participating students, and will go towards the cost of the year-end  gr 7/8 canoe trip.
Art: Wire art projects due, displayed work and written work.

Pancake Lunch –Wednesday, Feb. 22nd
_____________ would like to order a pancake lunch for $2.00 per student.
If you have special dietary needs we offer:
Dairy free _____ yes
Gluten free ____ yes
Both _________ yes
Money included _________
Money sent with ___________________ in gr. _____
Parent Signature _____________________________      
Orders are due by Wednesday, Feb. 15th  
Pancake Lunch –Wednesday, Feb. 22nd
_____________ would like to order a pancake lunch for  $2.00 per student.
If you have special dietary needs we offer:
Dairy free _____ yes
Gluten free ____ yes
Both _________ yes
Money included _________
Money sent with ___________________ in gr. _____
Parent Signature _____________________________            
Orders are due by Wednesday, Feb. 15th  
Pancake Lunch –Wednesday, Feb. 22nd
_____________ would like to order a pancake lunch for $2.00 per student.
If you have special dietary needs we offer:
Dairy free _____ yes
Gluten free ____ yes
Both _________ yes
Money included _________
Money sent with ___________________ in gr. _____
Parent Signature _____________________________         
Orders are due by Wednesday, Feb. 15th
Pancake Lunch –Wednesday, Feb. 22nd
_____________ would like to order a pancake lunch for  $2.00 per student.
If you have special dietary needs we offer:
Dairy free _____ yes
Gluten free ____ yes
Both _________ yes
Money included _________
Money sent with ___________________ in gr. _____
Parent Signature _____________________________            
Orders are due by Wednesday, Feb. 15th