Wednesday, 20 September 2017

September 20th, Journal 2017

The ICS Journal

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

Mission:  Immanuel Christian School assists parents in raising children to follow Christ with an excellent elementary program and a focus on Christian character growth.

Upcoming Events

Sept  20th-Board meeting 8:00pm
        23rd-ICS Baseball Tournament 8:00am (Malahide Community Place)
            26th-Grade 4, 5 field trip - Marsh Quest
                 Soccer practice 12:20pm-12:55pm
        29th-Early dismissal day at 2pm, staff PD
        30th- ICS Canada 150 Community Care2Cycle
Oct   2nd - Fall MAP testing begins
        3rd - Bluewater Small Schools Soccer Tournament - Warwick
        4th - Grandparents & Senior Friends Day
               Chapel - Protectors #3 8:50am
               Hot Lunch - Sub day
        5th - Bluewater Small Schools Soccer Raindate
               Eat 2 Learn student survey Grades 4-8 2:40-3:20pm
               Jr & Sr Cross country practice 3:30-5:00pm    
        11th - WDCS District XC Meet
75 Caverly Rd, Aylmer, N5H 2P6
Telephone: 519-773-8476

LDCSS:   519-455-4360

Christian Schools Foundation (endowment):
From the Principal’s Desk:
We want to start our school year with a special Protectors emphasis. The Protectors Freedom from Bullying program puts a special emphasis on Bystanders, who have the most potential to diminish bullying. To help Bystanders become Alongside Standers, this unique program focuses on the creation of courage. Most know bullying and mean treatment is wrong, but many are lacking courage and unable to act as if it’s wrong. Over the next 5 weeks in class devotions and chapels, we’ll emphasize creating courage and defending human dignity, glory, honour, value and worth, which are gifts from God (Psalm 8:4-5). Bullying tells children that others don’t care. But most do - they need courage to put compassion into action as we work to build a school which is a safe, more creative and a happy place to learn, work and play. We covet your prayers in this!
in Christian education, Keith Cameron, Principal and Chief Operating Officer
Protectors @ Home: I will feature a weekly home connection activity to build on devotions and chapel. This week, as a family, learn Micah 6:8. List any ways that we ever behave like a bully. List any ways that we behave according to Micah 6:8.
Yours in Christian education, Keith Cameron, Principal and Chief Operating Officer
Each week, during staff devotions we join in prayer for our parents and staff members. We invite you to do so as well.
Praying for our parents: Please join us as we pray for Dave & Angie Bergen and Jake & Lydia Bergen.
Let us also remember Andrew & Keli-lyn Lockyer with the passing of their Grandfather and Danielle’s and Aryanna’s great Grandfather
Praying for our staff: Please pray for our Grade 2/3 teacher, Ms. Amanda Loewen.

We Want You! The front entry ICS Family Picture Display helps us put names to faces, so please send a new picture (one from this summer) of your family to the office! Email or hard copy…

Checking in at the office: Everyone who comes into the building needs to report to the office.

Tuition Reduction Incentive Plan (T.R.I.P): Pickup will be on Sept 21st. The next order will be sent out on Oct 5th.
Payment by etransfer is also available. Payments can be sent to Please make note on your order sheet that payment will be made by etransfer. Contact us for more details Annette Dykxhoorn 519-860-6332, Janina Dykxhoorn 519-709-6620 or *Please note other locations to purchase giftcards include Clovermead Apiaries, and Roszell’s Furnishings. These locations only carry President's Choice and Tim Horton’s gift cards. Family Flowers no longer carries gift cards.

Chocolate Bars: Chocolate bar sales are our main fundraiser for the Student Fund, helping with the costs of school skates, field trips, and co-curricular activities. It’s also a way of talking about our school! Our aim is to have the chocolate sold by Sept 30th. First class to sell all of their boxes or get all of their student fees in gets a tasty treat.
*Special mention to Ella Foster gr 2/3 who has already sold 3 boxes! Way to go Ella!

Transportation: To clarify our Lyons transfer point, if any bus is cancelled, we will always make sure another bus driver will take your child(ren) to Immanuel.

GIFTS - Every family needs to Get Involved For The Students (GIFTS) - click on Volunteer on our webpage!
Thank you to those who have signed up for our ongoing volunteer opportunities! We still have a few spots open:
-Lunch recess playground supervisors 12:00-12:55pm Wedto allow staff to have lunch together (4 more)
-Theme it up Decorate our front entrance with a seasonal theme (2 more)
-Grandparent & Senior Friends day helpers/Community Care (unlimited)
-Family Fun Night/Community Care -Food prep, serving or cleanup 6x per year (8 more)
-Yearbook team (3 more)
-Art Class helpers - Assist Ms. Farrow Jones Monday aftns for one period or all aftn (3 more)
-Library helper - Thursday morning 1x per month (1 more)

Headphones. Most students have their headphones already, thank-you! To reduce multiple purchases, we have arrangements for a “family share” bin in the computer lab for those whose siblings are able to share. Headphones left unattended in the school will be returned to their owners if there are names on them.

Maintenance Morning: We are pleased to report that our LED retrofit project is complete - thanks to all our volunteers! Some were there all throughout the project including Jim V, Ralph V, Claire V, Dave B, Phil B, Matthew C - wow!  

BaseballICS Slowpitch baseball tournament: This is a fun fundraiser! Will take place on Sat Sep 23 at the Malahide community complex, (the diamonds in Springfield). Registration cost is $300/team and the team must have three girls on the field, must be 15 years or older, guaranteed three games. To register a team contact Janina Dykxhoorn at 519-709-6620 or at *We are looking for a couple volunteers to help with running the food booth. Please contact Janina or the office if you can help!

Care2Cycle is coming up soon at 8 am on Saturday 30 September, as a family friendly fundraiser. This is our sole fundraiser for the ICS Compassion Child (Helen Michel Guevara Arias), with any excess going to our Student Fund (field trips).  We are very excited to join with Grace Community in their efforts to fundraise for missionary work in South Sudan! Designate your donation, or contribute to both causes!  Seek donations from family and friends! Come out and cycle the 10km Family Ride, the 30km Leg Stretcher or the 50km Calf Burner. There's a “Rabbit Rodeo” for ages 4-8. Every little bit helps us meet our charitable commitments, and have fun while doing so! A registration and donation form was with last week’s Journal. Check out!

Cross Country:  The cross country tournament is Wednesday October 11 in Stratford.  The All-Ontario meet will be held Friday, October 20 in Dundas for competitive junior and intermediate runners.

Gr 6-8 Co-ed Soccer: Practices will be Tuesdays after school, and Thursdays at lunch. Cleats and shin pads required. The soccer tournament is Tuesday October 3 in Warwick.

Library ( - Tomorrow is the first day that we might have overdue books.  Check the last date on the date due slip in the pocket to see it this includes your book.Renewals are allowed and encouraged if more reading time is needed. We are encouraging a “Bring one back, so take one out; bring 2 back, so take 2 out; bring 0 back, so take 0 out, etc.” policy to help you keep track of your books. We would still love donations of  plastic bags! Feel free to contact Mrs. Robinson with any library-related questions.

We need a few more adult reading buddies! Do you have 30 minutes on Monday mornings to read with a grade 1-5 student? The gain in confidence and skills for a routine interaction like this is huge! Plus, you get to enjoy stories! Please speak to Ms. Buma or Miss Smeets if you or someone you know is interested. Thank you!

Peanut, Allergy, Food ...Reminder: We have students with peanut allergies, so no peanut-based products are allowed at school or on the buses. Additionally, we ask that you limit egg-based items in Kindergarten lunches including boiled eggs and cream salad dressings. We need your cooperation with this policy in order to keep everyone at school safe.

JR / SR KINDERGARTEN - Mrs. Penner (
Grandparents Day is on Wednesday, Oct. 4. Our JK friends are welcome to join us as well.
image1 (1).JPGLibrary: SK students have a library book exchange each Monday morning. Please use the red and blue polka dot library bag to help your child keep his/her library books safe from hiding on the shelf with home books. Please remember to return these books in the red and blue polka dot library bag each Monday (or earlier).
Some of the things we are doing in Kindergarten.....
Bible: Babel, God’s promises are for everyone and then we will start the journey of Joseph the dreamer.
SK word of the week: red. Letter and sound of the week: Tt. We now know: s, a and t.
Computers were introduced to our SK students last week. Please feel free to visit a fun website: to help your child strengthen their skills and be more comfortable using a computer independently (I encourage Pre-K or K levels only, ask your child to show you Fuzz Bugs!)
This month’s math focus:
JK - simple patterning, describing and sorting by colours and shapes.
SK - matching and printing numerals 1-10.
Please feel free to communicate with me by note, telephone or email. If you send a note, your child’s lunch box is the best place for me to find it. :)
Monday, Oct. 2 will be SK Field Trip day to Great Lakes Farm, more info coming home soon!

GRADE 1 and 2 - Ms. Pieters (
Bible: We are studying the Book of James. Thank you for discussing and completing the at home activities. Please have your child return their Bible page in the “Homework” envelop sent home. You may provide your child with a plastic file folder so that papers travelling in backpacks are less likely to get damaged or wet.
Memory Work: for Sept. 27 is James 1: 20.
for man’s anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires.
James 1 : 20
Spelling: Each Friday we will have spelling dictation. Please have your child review the list words at home. Here are the words the students should know for Friday, Sept.22: Please review the little words (an, at, is, all, and) that are found in the bigger words. This will help your child spell the words more easily.
Spelling List 3 for Grade 1: can, pan, man, cat, sat
Spelling List 3 for Grade 2: is, his, an, can, all, call, small, and, land, hand
Chickadee Magazine:  The students will bring home today Order Forms for Chickadee magazines. Please return all signed Order Forms marked “Yes” or “No” by Friday, Sept. 29.  You will help our classroom receive free gifts, including a Chickadee magazine subscription, for all returned Order Forms that are parent signed. Thank you.
Our Grades 7 and 8 Reading Buddy program every Tuesday morning. The students have enjoyed reading an AR book with their reading buddies and doing a quiz. The students are also practicing to read the sight words on the baseballs. The students will soon be taking home a practice page so that they can review these sight words at home also. There are 11 different sets of sight words on various sports balls. The students will receive a new list when they are able to read all 20 words fluently.
Grade 1 Math: The students are now working on number bonds for 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.
Grade 2 Math: This week we continue to focus on number sense. Students are working on recognizing and knowing 3-digit numbers. Students are encouraged to practice Mathletics at home to reinforce these concepts. Pointing out different 3-digit numbers that you see and asking what number is in the tens place or the ones place is another way to help reinforce what is taught in class.

GRADES 2 and 3 – Miss Loewen (
Memory Work: for Sept. 20 is James 1:19.
My dear brothers, take note of this:
Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry,
James 1 : 19
List 2; quiz on Friday, Sept 22.
Grade 2: as, has, fox, box, mix, egg, jam, pet, map, big, hunt, fish
Grade 3: next, left, help, please, believe, many, very, been, seen, she, between, three, easy, sea, leave, seem, heat
Language: This year, we are working on using books to help us understand our grammar concepts. All of the students should be able to tell you something about what a Proper noun is. This week, we are studying Memoirs of a Goldfish.
Chickadee: Please return all signed Order Forms marked “Yes” or “No” by Friday, Sept. 22. This company will give our classroom free gifts, or a magazine subscription, for all returned Order Forms that are parent signed. Thank you.
Please feel free to communicate with me in the planner, by telephone or by email: School: 519-773-8476;
Grade 3 Math: I’m encouraging all students to practice Mathletics during our class lab time and at home - there will be a small incentive for those who achieve a certificate (1000 points) in a week! We’ve been working hard at place value to 1,000, mental math and patterns as well as rounding. Check that you’re ready for our class quiz by doing the review sheet sent home Tuesday. Mr Cameron.

GRADES 4 and 5 - Ms. Buma (
Happy Birthday: We would like to wish both Gavin Hibbert and Presley Fehr a very happy birthday. Gavin’s birthday is today, September 20, and he turns 10 years old. Presley’s birthday is next Tuesday, September 26, and she will be turning 9 years old. Happy Birthday, Gavin and Presley! May God richly bless each of you in your new year of life!

Fri. Sept. 15 - Spelling Dictation: Gr. 4 words: attach, where, sandwich, change, watch, singer, slippery, spring, gather, these, thread, athlete, worth, thirsty, whisper, whistle, awhile, nowhere, challenge, wheat

Grade 5 words: afraid, explain, payment, sleigh, laid, raise, straight, freight, height, they, favourite, April, able, radio, station, relation, daybreak, trace, praise, reign
Wed. Sept. 2 - Memory Work:  2 Peter 1:21
It {prophecy} never came simply because a prophet wanted it to.
Instead, the Holy Spirit guided the prophets as they spoke.
So prophecy comes from God.
2 Peter 1:21
Reading Time: *Each morning, the students will be given independent reading time. They should have a chapter book or novel to read during this time.
Owl Subscription: Thank you for your signed Owl subscription forms. If we can get a few more signed forms to come in, Owl company will give our classroom a free magazine subscription for the year. That would be great!
Creation Studies: Our study of  God’s wise design of ecosystems and of ways in which we can care for them continues with various small cricket, grasshopper and toad habitats entering and exiting daily from the classroom in our mini-containers.  We are still planning a home for some worms! Including ourselves, living things live in habitats which provide what is needed to live (food, water, air, space and shelter.) We are learning about the work of Canadian artist and naturalist, Robert Bateman, and we are setting up our own Naturalist Journals for our first homework task where we will spend some time in our backyards to provide some examples of things that are living, and those that are not alive.
*Students should have completed this assignment by next Wednesday, September 27.
Field Trip:*On Tuesday, September 26, we’re looking forward to our first Field Trip excursion to Yarmouth Natural Heritage Area-Herb Kebbel Wetland. Letters of information, including Festival Itinerary and Activity Lists were sent home with your child last Friday. We want to thank Mrs. Ann Walters for being our bus driver on that day, and to our parent volunteer who will be accompanying us on our outing, Mrs. Danielle Bierman. We welcome a few more parent volunteers to join us on this day. Please let me know if you are able to help out. Thank you.
French: Students are encouraged to check the 4/5 Wikispaces Page weekly for news, updates, and detailed class information regarding quizzes and audio recordings. Audio Recording #1 Due: Wednesday September 27th. See wikispaces for instructions on how to complete this assignment. Quiz -Thursday October 5th "Les pièces de la maison" Fiche 5A, Fiche 5B. Please connect with Miss Smeets for any questions or concerns about French, merci!

GRADES 5 and 6 – Ms. Farrow Jones (

Please use wikispaces and planners as communication tools and please email me if you need any further information.
Wikispaces will provide the daily schedule. Note there are some changes with Phys. Ed. and Health.
Bible: Life’s Journey Map, Lesson 1 notes due Friday.
Memory Work: New memory work is Matthew 28:1-5, due by Friday.
Math 5: Week 3 work: Workpages 1-5, Workbook exercise 3, pgs 9-11
LA: Grammar worksheet due and quiz this Friday.
Writing Activity 1 ready for edit.
Creation Studies: Current Events: Each student should have their presentation date in the agenda. Students will be responsible for reading one newsworthy article within Ontario. They will also summarize, respond, and briefly share their article with the class.   
P. E.:  Gym will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Proper gym wear is expected and recorded. Students are to wear the ICS red shirt, shorts/track pants, and non-marking running shoes.
Art: See notes above regarding art supplies.
Math 6: Place Value Quiz -Monday September 25th
French: Students are encouraged to check the 5/6 Wikispaces Page weekly for news, updates, and detailed class information regarding quizzes and audio recordings. Quiz- Tuesday September 26th “Symboles du Canada” Fiche 5A, Fiche 5B, Fiche 5C. Audio Recording #1 Due: Wednesday September 27th. See wikispaces for instructions on how to complete this assignment. Please connect with Miss Smeets for any questions or concerns about French, merci!

GRADES 7 and 8 – Mr. Bierman (
Immunizations: Elgin St.Thomas Public Health offers free vaccines to Gr 7 students through school clinics. Consent forms will be coming home with your child. Please sign and return consent forms to the school office by Sept 29th.
Grade 8 Day at LDCSS is scheduled for November 1st. Parents, if you are interested in joining the students while we visit and explore what Christian education looks like at the high school level- or see how God is at work in the lives of LDCSS staff and students, feel free to contact Mr. Bierman. Grade 7 students will be welcome to join again this year.  
Grandparents Day invitations have been sent home. The date, Oct. 4 is correct, however the RSVP date needs to be adjusted to Sept. 24 rather than October 24. Please make the adjustment on the invitation before they are mailed to the grandparents.
Chocolate bars: A few students have to yet return their collected money.
Bible: Each student is responsible for presenting one of the elements of the story of Joseph throughout the first term.  Students have their schedule date indicated in their agenda.
Spelling: Challenge words: Friday
Memory Work: Friday: Psalm 78:5-8. Next week: Friday:  Matthew 21:28-31
P. E.:  Gym will be on Mon and Thurs. Proper gym wear is expected and recorded. Students are to wear the ICS red shirt, shorts/track pants, and non-marking running shoes.
Art: Complete drawing plan for colour wheel by for Thursday’s class.
French: Students are encouraged to check the 7/8 Wikispaces Page weekly for news, updates, and detailed class information regarding quizzes and audio recordings. Audio Recording #1 Due: Tuesday September 26th. See wikispaces for instructions on how to complete this assignment.  Please connect with Miss Smeets for any questions or concerns about French, merci!