Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mission:  The mission of Immanuel Christian School is to prepare students to meet the challenge of the world and culture they live in as young and growing Christians.  Thus, students are taught the skill of discernment in the light of God’s Word, the practice of stewardship for creation, the required commitment to a life of Christian service, and the beauty of witness through modeling God’s love in a broken world.

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Upcoming Events

Dec. 19  AR goal @ 50%?;  1:30 Students carolling; LDCSS Christmas Concert 7:30
        20–Jan. 5 Christmas Break
Jan.    6  classes resume
          8  8:55 Chapel
        10  Hat & Gum Day; Winter Carnival
        15  8:55 Chapel; Skating; Board Meets
        20  PA Day - no school
        24  the popular ICS GST Auction!
        31  New Parent Information Evening      

From the Principal’s Desk:

I’m very excited to share from our chapel this morning, led by Mrs Groeneweg, Mrs VanderHoek and the SK students! The readings and activity helped all of us appreciate the strong link between 
Christmas and Easter, the birth, death and resurrection of our Lord.

We read from John 3:16: “For God so loved the world that he gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” As school families, we each had small red squares of paper, to which we added a black border, and our names in white. The square represented the following:
  • The black border on the red square is our sins washed in Jesus’ blood
  • The white lettering shows how Christ makes my soul white as snow.
  • That’s why Jesus comes to us at Christmas
  • ...and saves us at Easter.
In family groups, we then attached our names to the cross at the front. What a concrete example of the hope and promise in Jesus. God’s blessings as you celebrate our Saviour’s birth this Christmas!

in Christian education, Keith Cameron, Principal

Praying for our Families:  Last week Thursday Andrew & Keli-Lyn Lockyer and Darrell and Tracy Mantel
Praying for our Staff:  This week we will remember Mr. TenBruggencate in prayer.
Wednesday Weekly Chapels:  You are invited to join us on January 8 with the 5/6 class.

Reminders:   If you still wish to volunteer with the carolling tomorrow at 1:30, please call or e-mail the office.  

The January Cheese Order is due tomorrow, Dec.19 if you are sending with your child or you can call or e-mail Keli-Lyn by Jan. 2nd (519-617-0779,  Delivery is January 8th.

Carolling in Aylmer - Thu Dec 19. On our last day of school before the break, we will be carolling in town, in school family groupings. We are still looking for 3 more parent / grandparent volunteers to help! Students will depart ICS at 1:25 on buses, returning for hot chocolate in the gym at 3 pm.

Transportation Note for High School Students.  Because I.C.S. has no school on Friday, Dec. 20  Mrs. Rita Tesselaar’s bus will leave her home at 7:45 a.m. (Students catching the bus at her house should be there by 7:40.)  She will stop at Carter Road at 7:50 then to the school, leave I.C.S. at 8:00, stop at Hiemstra’s at 8:10, and stop in Lyons at the Fire Hall at 8:15, stop at Hwy 74 and Wilson Rd. at 8:20 then on to L.D.C.S.S.  Return trip will be done in reverse leaving Dorchester arena at 2:30, going down Dorchester Road to Lyons (approx. 2:45?) be at ICS approx. 3:00?    
If there is a morning bus cancellation due to a breakdown from any of our other three buses High School students are reminded they can catch Mrs. Tesselaar at 8:00 at ICS or 8:15 at Lyons.  Times are approximate.

Red and Green Day Winners: Our Student Spirit team had the task of judging the numerous and creative Red and Green Day costumes. Individual students were recognized from each class, and the Kindergarten class was recognized as best overall class!

Hat & Gum Day / Winter Carnival - Fri Jan 10.  Licences and activities will cost $1, with funds going towards development of Christian curricular resources.  Activities include face painting, hair colouring, nails, hockey and mini-putt. Students participate by class from 9 to 10:30.  Licences are good for the entire day.  We will also let the grade 8s take leadership of a winter carnival taking place over lunch recess.  Students will participate by school families in a round-robin fashion.  The volunteers are lined up to help for the morning but the Ed Ctte is in need of about 4 dozen of each: brownies and rice krispies for the bake sale at snack recess.  Please contact Chantelle Bakker @ if you would be willing to send in the baking.

Hockey Team: Not this year? Mrs VanderHoek had requested interested students in gr 5-8 to sign up for hockey. Of a hoped-for team of 10, we had 6 names. This will not allow us to form a viable school hockey team this year. Knowing some of the upcoming students, we would anticipate having a hockey team next year.

ICS Speakfest Coming in early February.  Our annual Speakfest will be coming quickly once we return! Please discuss ideas with your son / daughter.  Grades 1-3 re-tell a story, grade 4 recites a poem, grades 5-7 give a short speech, while grade 8 may choose one of the three options at a more advanced level. Our school Speakfest will be held on Friday, Feb 7th this year, in advance of the Legion public speaking contest which will be held on Saturday, February 15th.

GST Auction Friday, January 24th, 2014. Mark your calendars for this exciting event!  We have some unique items for the upcoming Auction this year!    Tickets to see Elton John Live in concert!  We have taxi rides, a box of Dutch sausages, “Soup of the Month” delivered to your home, Vehicle Rustproofing, Boterkoek and Nellie Buis’ famous Pea Soup!!!!   WE STILL NEED YOUR DONATIONS!!!!   Still want to donate? You are not too late! Send your form to the school or you may call or e-mail one of our Committee Members. Not sure what to donate? We can help with that too! Cash donations are gladly accepted and we will make purchases for you! Remember that the auction is a child free event. Need a sitter? We’ve got that too, for FREE! Just e-mail Tracy Mantel @ to reserve your child’s spot. Auxiliary will have the kitchen open for business as well! The GST Committee: Angie Bergen @;
Tracy Mantel @; Tammie Vannoord; Paddi Vandendool @;  Bettina Vandersleen @; Carrie Vis @; and Jill Vording @
Contract Partnership Committee Update: Did you know that 3 community members, 2 staff members and 2 board representatives sit down annually to discuss our employment contracts and pay packages? Recently, the CPC reviewed all our contract details in light of considerable policy revisions by our Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools. We believe in fair compensation for the excellent work we expect from our teachers and staff. Through Christian Schools International, the board provides a pension plan, short and long term disability, and health benefits for full-time staff. The revised contracts include some exciting provisions for teacher-funded leaves - the idea is to keep teachers fresh and engaged outside of school so that they can bring that experience back in! Contracts also give guidance for tough situations including discipline and redundancy - in that area, our CPC achieved consensus as well, with a move to a program-based redundancy model for all new staff. Serving you on CPC are Jeff Vannoord (chair), Marianne Pieters, Sheryle Drop, Bernie Janssen, Jim Vording, Dave VanGurp and Keith Cameron. Our updated contracts may be found on our website at:

Loyola College Case Update: The Association for Reformed Political Action Canada, on behalf of the Association of Christian Educators and Schools, filed a Notice of Motion in the Loyola School appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada. Loyola School is appealing to the Supreme Court because the Ministry of Education in Québec has refused to allow it to teach a mandatory curriculum on religion and ethics from its own religious perspective. Instead, all schools (even independent Christian schools) must teach this religion course from a secular or “neutral” perspective. ARPA believes that God has given responsibility to parents to properly educate their own child (either at home or through various schools) and that the State intrudes on parents’ religious rights and responsibilities when it insists not only on what to teach, but even on how to teach. ARPA asks for our regular prayers that God will allow them to speak to the Court.

Mark February 15 for the annual LDCSS Curling Bonspiel.  Cost $500/team. Book your team by Feb. 1st by calling Albert Weesjes, 591-773-3238 or e-mail  Lunch and snacks provided for participants.  


Some of the things we have done in Kindergarten…
Bible: Wise men from the east, Simeon and Anna
Letter and sound: o
Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a blessed new year!

GRADES 1 and 2 - Ms. Pieters

Let Heaven and Nature Sing!
May your home be filled with joyful Christmas blessings.

Happy 7th Birthday
Aryanna Lockyer
Monday, January 6, 2014!
“May you be blessed by the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” Psalm 115:15

Memory Work: Story for storytelling.  Please look at your child’s storytelling package for information.
Spelling dictation is on Thursday, December 19. It will be a review of list words 8 to 14.

GRADES 3 and 4 – Mrs. Drop

Tell about the true meaning of Christmas
Merry Christmas
Angels we have heard on high
     Gracie Bergen, Grade 3

A Very Special Christmas Day
We celebrate Jesus everyday, but Christmas is a special way,
To give Him thanks for being born on the exciting day of Christmas morn.
The little baby asleep on hay, a very special Christmas way.
Jesus was born to be a king, so great He made the angels sing.
Jesus grew up to be good and strong.  He was always right, and never wrong.
Jesus is loving and ever so kind, and He leaves his path for us to find.
He loves us in such a special way, that we celebrate on Christmas Day!
    Megan Friesen, Grade 4
The Birth of Jesus
Mary and was going to have a baby.
She knew that she was going to have a baby boy.
An angel told Mary that she was having a baby.
She was surprised.
She and Joseph travelled to Bethlehem.
Jesus was born in a stable.
Three wisemen saw a big star and followed the star.
It led to the baby boy and the three wisemen gave incense, myrrh and frankincense.
    Selena Kroondyk, Grade 3
Christ Jesus loves you
How can you worship Jesus?
Remember that God is with you.
Time to remember
Mary and Joseph were in a stable
     Joshua Vannoord, Grade 3

A Very Special Christmas
Every Christmas we celebrate Jesus' birth.
Such as when the wisemen brought Jesus gold, frankincense and myrrh.
The angels sang, "Glory to God in the highest!"
When Jesus grew up he was going to be a strong man
And the wisemen didn't get caught by King Herod.
      Ben Weejses, Grade 4

Once in a city that was called Bethlehem,
Mary and Joseph found out that they were going to have a baby.
An angel came down and said to Joseph, "Name your baby, Jesus."
Joseph was scared.  Joseph went to Mary and said what the angel had said.
Then they went to find an inn.
After a while they found an inn and while they were there,
Mary had a baby and named him Jesus.  ]
The wisemen saw a big star and followed it.
When they were done, they found a baby.
They knew it was the Saviour.
They each gave Mary and Joseph gifts like gold.
      Claire Vording, Grade 3

GRADE 5 and 6 – Ms Buma
Merry Christmas everyone!  May you all enjoy your holidays with family and friends.  Read some good books, play some great games and have some wonderful outdoor adventures! May you all 
have a blessed New Year!  
Spelling Dictation: Thurs. Dec. 19 - Review List - Units 10 - 12
Language Arts:  Be thinking about a Speech Topic, and be ready to share what you have in mind to present when you come back to school in the new year!
Le Français:  Un Test - “La Pizza” - vendredi le 10 janvier
Accelerated Reader:  AR Reports were sent home today.  
Science: I (Mr Cameron) introduced our next unit on “Space Declares the Glory of God” on Monday. Responding to student interest, we discussed the question: where did it all come from? I acknowledged the 2 main views on origins: a very long timescale; or a much more recent creation. The key questions are “What does the Bible say in this area?” and “Can the same observations (science) be interpreted differently depending on your viewpoint (belief)?” I encourage you to have these big conversations with your children as we go through this unit. Please see the resources on our wikispaces page. Observing the heavens, I aim to have the students move from “What do we see?” to “Who do we see?” Starting that off, students have a task of observing the phases of the moon and the night sky for the next month.

Christmas Thoughts
Just a Miracle
Just a poor couple, so young and in love, yielding their lives to Jehovah above.
Just an old stable, the animals’ home, they soon reach the star, no longer they roam.
Just an old donkey, an ox and a lamb, sharing a home with the tiny I Am.
Just a wood manger, becoming a bed, fit for the Christ Child to cradle His head.
Just some old straw, tiny infant to hold, while angels who guard him in wonder behold.
Just God in mercy, the Almighty One, sending redemption through Jesus, His Son.
Victoria Krahn, Grade 6

Christ is Born

When Christ was born, the whole earth was happy. Angels sang in praise.  They were praising the day that Jesus was born. Even though I was not there to see Him being born, I do know that it was a splendid day; the most splendid day of all! Everyone will sing praises because Christ was born on Christmas Day!  It was a surprise to Mary and Joseph, but they trusted and listened to God and obeyed Him too! I hope that one day another big miracle will happen, and I hope that I will be there to see it!
Jordyn Vandendool, Grade 6

GRADE 7 and 8 – Mr. TenBruggencate / Ms. Jones

Art: 100 something for the new year. Bring in 100 of anything for an art project in the new year. Ideas: muffin cups, 100 cm of string, 100 pine cones. Note: items will not be reused in original state.Image: Four of many paintings done for the Christmas production. (shown left to right: Kameron, Tyler, Amanda, Dean)
L.A.: Be prepared for Speakfest first day back. Have a topic (research), story, poem selected.
History: We recently wrote the Citizenship Challenge Test after working through the text Discover Canada ( . A lot of reading was required in a short amount of time. The test and in-class work will be split 20/80. The class average was low compared to other tests and is reflective of the students reading habits and/or ability to understand and write a multiple choice test. We will return to these skills in the new year. All students will be correcting their tests and most will be re-writing the test with the following exceptions: Dyllon Bergen, Caleb Krahn and Luke Schuurman (both with class high of 90%), Matthew Cameron and Ryan Kroondyk. Class average was 61.5%.
Le Français:  Un Test - “Au Casse-croute” - vendredi le 10 janvier
Math Tests written today will be graded and returned tomorrow.
Memory Work: Psalm 139:14-16
Have a blessed vacation and spread the JOY of Christmas deliberately!  See you in 2014.