Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mission:  The mission of Immanuel Christian School is to prepare students to meet the challenge of the world and culture they live in as young and growing Christians.  Thus, students are taught the skill of discernment in the light of God’s Word, the practice of stewardship for creation, the required commitment to a life of Christian service, and the beauty of witness through modeling God’s love in a broken world.

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Upcoming Events

Feb.  21  Electives
         26  8:55 Chapel SK; Report cards go home
         28  Last elective
March 1  LDCSS Spring Fundraising Dinner
           3  Parent/Teacher Interviews
           5  8:55 Chapel Gr. 7/8 - Lent 1
           7 - 14 March Break
          17 classes resume
         19  8:55 Chapel gr. 1/2 - Lent 2
         21  Friday Family Fun Night

From the Principal’s Desk:

This was been an exciting past week, with our Jump into Kindergarten program (7 new children on Thursday!) and registration that day too. We now have four new families registered! I am pleased to welcome Eleanor Saarloos (Nathan & Beth), Colton Dykxhoorn (Dan & Janina), Ashley DeKraker (Jeff and Katherine), and Ezra (SK), Uriah (gr 1), Sharon (gr. 2), Malachi (gr 5), and Jennifer Klassen (gr 7), (Jake & Susie)! As the new school year draws closer, we’ll look forward to these families joining our school family. As a school family, we need to be intentionally inviting, and as well as Education Committee arranging parent sponsors, please take the time to introduce yourself! I am hopeful for several more registrations between now and May, please keep our enrolment in your prayers with thanks and with petitions! We have a wonderful gift of Christian education to share.
in Christ, Keith Cameron, Principal

Praying for our Families:  Last Thursday - Eric & Emily Schuurman, Janine Shelton and Stu Shelton.
Praying for our Staff:  This week lets pray for Mrs. Groeneweg.
Please pray for families who are considering Christian education.

Reminders:  Parent-Teacher Conference any more last minute requests?  Send in tomorrow, Thursday.     
                     Confirmation schedule to come home with next week’s Journal.  

Supply List Addition: We are pleased to welcome Mr Jonathan Eastman to our supply list! Mr Eastman is a young Christian man holding teaching qualifications in primary and junior and an additional qualification in special education. He has a background in kinesiology and children’s camps working with special needs children. He and his wife presently live in London. He taught his first classes covering for Mr Cameron in grade 5/6 today.

The Cheese Order for March is attached.  Orders are due Wed., Feb. 26 with delivery on Wed., March 5.

Pancake Lunch Tuesday, March 4th.   Order forms are at the end of the Journal.  $2 per student includes pancakes, juice and 1 ice cream.  Can you give us an idea of how many pancakes your child would eat - if they are an average size of about 5” or 13 cm. It’s still an all you can eat pancakes but this would give our ladies in the kitchen an approximate ideas on how many to prepare. Deadline to order with payment is Thursday, February 27.  

Fish Tales: We are very excited to be starting practice on our musical! We are in need of some fishing paraphernalia such as fishing nets, lobster traps, etc. as well as a Big Mouth Billy Bass (singing fish on the wall). If you are able to help us in this area, or if you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Cameron, Ms. Jones or Mrs. Groeneweg. Thank you!

Parents: please provide each student with a plain, white t-shirt for our musical. ( FYI-they can be purchased at Dollarama, 2 for $3.) They will not be returned in the same condition as we will be decorating them.
T-shirts need to be in by Monday, March 17. Thank you!

Public Speaking and Storytelling Contest at the Aylmer Royal Canadian Legion was held this past Saturday Feb. 15. Congratulations to Phoebe Sinke in placing 1st and to Naomi Poortinga in placing 2nd  in the grades 1-3 primary level for storytelling and to Luke Schuurman in placing 2nd in the grades 7-9 Intermediate Public
Speaking level. Phoebe will now have the opportunity to tell her story for the Zone level at the St. Thomas Royal Canadian Legion on Saturday, March 1st at 9:30 A.M.the Lord willing.

The District 5 Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship was held in Tillsonburg last Saturday.  We wish to congratulate Jocelyn Shelton for placing first for the girls and Ben Weesjes for placing first for the boys in the age 9 category.  They will now advance to the Regionals on March 1 at the St. Thomas Aquinas High School 1360 Oxford & Sanitorium Rd (North West London) at 9 a.m.  

Love was in the air and the chocolate fountain was a hit last Friday night where $1069 came in at the Friday Family Fun Night Happy Valentine’s Dinner! Thank you to everyone who came to enjoy the dinner, to our loyal Heritage Place customers and for all the take-out orders!  A huge thank you to the couples from Aylmer CRC Sonlight Bible Study group for their kitchen and serving help – they now hold the Friday Family Fun Night ‘quickest cleanup record’!
Mark your calendars for Kid’s Night on Friday March 21st

Fundraising Committee is grateful for the recent generous donation of 3 brand new electric roasting ovens to be used for the monthly Friday Family Fun Night dinners!  This gift means we no longer have to borrow, clean and return ovens - THANK YOU!

GREAT BEGINNINGS ELEMENTARY Art Exhibition: February 22 to March 22, 2014
Opening Reception Saturday, February 22 from 1-3pm at the St. Thomas Public Art Centre, 301 Talbot St, St Thomas.
Every other year the Art Centre hosts Great Beginnings, an exhibition comprised of work created by students in St. Thomas and Elgin County.  This exhibition allows hundreds of students the opportunity to share their talent  and accomplishments with family, friends, teachers and the entire community.  
Artwork by the following students will be in the exhibition: Connor Mantel, Presley Fehr, Rachel Cameron, Emma Finamore, Avery Bergen, Naomi Poortinga, Marcel Guenther, Gavin Hibbert, Allyson Mantel, Allie Weesjes, Hayden Guenther, Megan Friesen, Lily Sinke, Mariah Remple, Micah Schuurman, Holly Cameron, Matthew Ypma, Grace Vording, Victoria Krahn, Caleb Krahn, Dean Rollins, Jessica Friesen, Luke Schuurman, Amanda DeJong, Tyler Kaastra, Nicole Friesen, and Megan Ypma.

LDCSS Spring Fundraising Dinner, March 1, 2014.  Enjoy a short comedy by senior drama students, special music by LDCSS praise team members, great food, and wonderful fellowship.  New for this year, we plan to include a silent auction.  If you have an item or service that you would like to donate please let us know.  For more information, or to reserve your spot, please contact:  Margaret Schmor or Dennis Goforth 519-273-3936,

Keith & Kristyn Getty Concert coming to the Aylmer CRC on Thursday, May 1st at 7 p.m. in the Aylmer Christian Reformed Church.  For tickets and more information go to  

KINDERGARTEN - Mrs.Groeneweg

Some of the things we have done in KINDERGARTEN…
Bible : Elijah, Elisha
Letter and sound: z
Math: making sets, counting ( JK: 1-20, SK: 1-100 ), graphing activities, patterning
As part of our Learning Unit on building, called Let’s build, we will be planning and building a variety of objects. Our class is asking for your help in collecting the items listed below.
Cardboard boxes (small)
Cardboard tubes (from paper towels or wrapping paper)
Cardboard egg cartons and coffee trays
Magazines and catalogues. Thank you!

GRADES 1 and 2 - Ms. Pieters

Memory Work: for Wed. Feb. 26 Fish Tales
Fish tales, fish tales, fish tales are stories that seem too good to be true.
Fish tales, fish tales, fish tales are whoppers and we’ve got one for you.
It’s supernatural
Completely factual
It actually occurred!  
‘Cause fish tales, fish tales, fish tales aren’t fishy when they come from God’s Word.
Grab a rod and a reel
Meet us at the lake;
We’ll catch a message in each tale, without bait!
Spelling: dictation test is on Friday, Feb. 21
Grade 1: ropes, bones, kites, bees, cakes, boxes, foxes, roses
Grade 2: you, your, yes, yell, drop, line, side, dress, draw, saw
Scholastic Book Club: The March flyers were sent out today so that the orders can be processed before the March break. Please return any completed book orders for March by Thursday, Feb. 27. Thank you.

GRADES 3 and 4 – Mrs. Drop

Memory Work:  for Wed., Feb. 26 Fish Tales (song)  See the memory work section in grades 1 and 2 for the words.
Math:  The students are practising division.  
Grade 3:  Remember that  there are swimming lessons this Friday and next Friday.  
Spelling Dictation: Fri., Feb. 21
Grade 3 words:  April, babies, over, hello, even, we, silent, tiny, menu, future, dear, raise, white, used, those, rough, winter
Grade 4 words:  cinder, circle, cardinal, cereal, cycle, concert, dancer, celebrate, twice, dangerous, strange, ledge, damage, geography, gentle, signal, regular, sugar, square, rectangle

GRADE 5 and 6 - Ms. Buma

Memory Work:  Friday, Feb. 21 (From our Fish Tales Musical) - A Good Night on a Bad Day
It was a good day on a bad day.  You heard it right I’ll say it again,
It was a good day on a bad day, when Jesus died to rise again.
Because He gave His life upon the cross and paid the price of sin for us,
that good day on a bad day was a great day for me.
Copyright 2000 Kathie Hill Music (admin. by Word music, Inc.)
Fish Tales:  Wed. Feb. 26 (See above)
Friday Morning Devotions:  (Feb. 21) Holly Cameron
Spelling Dictation:  Fri. Feb. 21 (List 17)
Math Test:  Grade 5, Fri. Feb. 21- Dividing a two, three or four digit dividend by a one-digit divisor, example:  6534 4 = 1633 R2 and dividing by money:$48.40 8 = $6.05
Math Review:  Grade 6, Fri. Feb. 21 - Dividing a three, four or five digit dividend by a two-digit divisor with a two, three or four-digit quotient, example: 1608 40 = 40 R8, and 93 032 58 = 1604
Science: I asked students to reflect on one thing they’d learned about our world and God during the recent unit on Space:
  • “Most of our planets are named after gods. I know that people worshipped gods, and Jesus wants us to stop.”
  • “It helped me understand how big God’s universe is, and how each [part] is different in its own way.”
  • “It helps me look at the planets and go, ‘How cool it it that my God created that!’”
  • “I have learned that… the universe is so beautiful.”
  • “That God made the universe.”
  • “That the sun is a small star. God gives each day to glorify Him.”
  • “Since space is humongous, God is bigger than anything He has made. That’s HUGE! It also made me realize that God can handle any problem I have.”
Social Studies: We start a new unit on our closest neighbour, the USA. How can we understand, support and celebrate our American neighbours?

GRADE 7 and 8 – Mr. TenBruggencate / Ms. Jones

Gr 8 students and their parents are invited to attend Providence Reformed Collegiate’s New Student Day, March 5th.  To register, contact Mr. Chris deBoer, 519-471-0661,
Memory Work:  for Wed., Feb. 26 Fish Tales (song)  See the memory work section in grades 1 and 2 for the words.
L.A.: Creative Writing edits are due Tuesday, Feb. 25th.
ART/L.A.: Working on combined LA class Business Plan (Media). Workperiod this Thursday, Feb. 20th. Presentations day has been extended to Tuesday, March 4th
January Student Merit Award was given to Caleb Krahn. Students voted for a classmate who exhibits kindness to others, is respectful of others, self, teachers and property, is on time and ready for class. Great Job Caleb! Fellow students felt this was well deserved :)
February’s focus is on Mentorship: Contributes to the school in ways that build up community, an active steward of God’s creation at school, at home, and in the community, shares kindness, humility and God given gifts with others.
Next Potluck is Thursday, March 6th.

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Deadline to order and have payment is Thursday, February 27.  

Pancake Lunch – Tuesday, March 4

_____________ would like to order a pancake lunch with juice and 1 ice-cream for only $2.00 per student.

My child would eat approx  __________ pancakes.

Money included _________
Money sent with ___________________ in gr. _____

                Parent Signature

Pancake Lunch – Tuesday, March 4

_____________ would like to order a pancake lunch with juice and 1 ice-cream for only $2.00 per student.

My child would eat approx  __________ pancakes.

Money included _________
Money sent with ___________________ in gr. _____
               Parent Signature