Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mission:  The mission of Immanuel Christian School is to prepare students to meet the challenge of the world and culture they live in as young and growing Christians.  Thus, students are taught the skill of discernment in the light of God’s Word, the practice of stewardship for creation, the required commitment to a life of Christian service, and the beauty of witness through modeling God’s love in a broken world.

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Upcoming Events

Feb.   28  electives
March 1  LDCSS Spring Fundraising Dinner
           3  Parent / Teacher Interviews
           5  8:55 Chapel Gr. 7/8 - Lent 1
           6  re-scheduled last elective!
           7 - 14 March Break
          17 classes resume
         19  8:55 Chapel gr. 1/2 - Lent 2
         21  Friday Family Fun Night
         22  Last day to view the elementary school art exhibit    
              at the St. Thomas Public Art Centre

From the Principal's Desk

snow-day.jpg“What do we do about seven snow days!?” That question was part of our staff discussion on Monday afternoon. How have the ‘lost’ snow days affected learning? What do we need to do to mitigate the effect? How can our mitigation highlight the importance of education?

First of all, in the interest of the safety of our students, it is school policy (and best practice) to match our local bus companies in their snow day calls. We get phone calls out as soon as the decision is published on (which is also relayed on the ICS Twitter feed, and on the 101.3 FM ( website.

In terms of education at ICS, we aim for understanding, not just coverage of subject matter. Some of that understanding requires continued thought in an area, and that goes on outside of school of school hours (and makes good dinner-time discussions!). Still, class time is a big part of that. Our annual calendar includes 1000 hours of instruction (50 hours, or 8 school days, in excess of the public system), so we have more instructional flexibility. During some years with few cancellations, like last year, we “gain” instructional time. When we “lose” time, we have several options. Sometimes we focus on the big ideas, and eliminate some lesser expectations, still achieving grade-level aims. At other times, we might need more time.

We can “make time” in several ways. Adding days, or removing PA days, is an option. We have comparatively few PA days left, but there is a PA day in April for a district event that we could forgo if needed. Adding days over March Break or in June are difficult options for creating a positive atmosphere for learning. We currently have integrated studies blocks every Friday afternoon, and when not doing electives or multi-age studies, these are available to classroom teachers - some math classes might occur here! Finally, in our digital age, we can extend the learning outside the classroom. Our teacher Wikispaces pages could be updated on a snow day with several activities tied to ongoing classroom instruction, which could be completed from anywhere with an internet connection. From K to 8, Mathletics assignments would link nicely with ongoing teaching, reading or sight-words could be assigned, and Google Docs permit our senior students to focus on projects. In fact, on a recent snow day, the grade 5/6 class was emailed a snow day project prep assignment, which allowed class presentations to unfold as scheduled when the students returned to school. This last option requires quick teacher reactions and parental commitment to encourage their child. For the next snow season, we could have a procedure in place that all students check their Wikispaces class page for snow day work from 9 am onwards… what do you think as parents?

in Christian education, Keith Cameron, Principal

Praying for our Families:  Last Thursday we prayed for Keith & Ellyn Sinke and Dave & Leslie Vandenbrink
Praying for our Staff:  This week let’s pray for Ms. Pieters  
Please also pray for families who are considering Christian education.

Our condolences to Margaret Bremer in the passing away of Herman.  May God surround and comfort her and the extended family in the days ahead.  Herman has been involved with the school for many years, starting as a bus driver, and then as a volunteer in many different capacities. He was always willing to help us out and did many errands for the school and the office until the last few months when he developed health issues.

Reminder:  Pancake Lunch Tuesday, March 4th.   Orders are due with payment tomorrow, Thursday, February 27.  Order forms on the back of the Journal.

Term 2 report cards were sent home today. The Parent-Teacher Conference confirmation schedule is printed on the last page of the Journal. Please check carefully to see if there were any teacher requests for an interview with you! Even if you are not attending conferences, it is an excellent practice to go over the parent - student - teacher reflection form enclosed with the report card. Self-reflection is a valuable skill for all ages!

Board Update: Do you know who our dedicated board members are? These members faithfully provide vision, time, talent and resources to allow ICS to thrive! Check out Do you know that you can read our board minutes at: (one month in arrears)?  Among other things, at the last board meeting, we approved:
  • the Contract Partnership Committee recommendations for fair compensation for full and part-time teachers and staff. As part of being a first-rate school, staff compensation is important. Did you know that we adjust salaries using a local cost-of-living comparison and a school size grid? We currently pay 96.5% of the OACS salary grid. For 2014-2015, we will reflect a 0.97% cost-of-living increase. We contribute to the CSI-Canada pension plan, which now provides a full pension for staff at 65 years. We provide health and dental benefits for teachers working over 75%, and we provide workplace insurance for all above WSIB minimums.
  • very aggressive tuition incentives from Finance Committee will allow all interested families to “taste and see” how good a Christian education at ICS is! Our “New to Christian School” incentive for transfers in from grade 1 onwards now mirrors the cost of JK and then SK (a 60% discount the first year, a 40% discount the second), while our pastoral discount is even more! In your conversations, never let the “too much cost” argument win - aim to get all interested parents to visit ICS and experience it!

Transportation Note:  Mr. Vannoord will be gone for holidays from March 3-21.  Mrs. Grace Schipper will be driving in the mornings and Mr. Eric Hartemink will be driving the afternoon runs.
LDCSS Students:  ICS starts their March break on Friday, March 7 so no ICS students.  Mrs. Tesselaar will leave her home at 7:45 a.m. (Students catching the bus at her house should be there by 7:40.)  She will stop at Carter Road at 7:50 then to the school, leave I.C.S. at 8:00, stop at Hiemstra’s at 8:10, and stop in Lyons at the Fire Hall at 8:15, stop at Hwy 74 and Wilson Rd. at 8:20 then on to L.D.C.S.S. Return trip will be done in reverse.

Calling a few volunteer painters! Do you have time over March Break? Want to cover off some GIFTS hours or student community service hours? Some repainting to brighten up ICS could happen while students are out… please contact Mr Cameron if this is you!

Our Easter Meat and Baked Good Sale order form is attached.  Orders are due Thursday, March 20 with pick up Thursday, April 10 between 2-4 p.m. Coolers with names on them welcome.  

Fish Tales: We are very excited to be starting practice on our musical! We are in need of some fishing paraphernalia such as fishing nets, lobster traps, etc. as well as a Big Mouth Billy Bass (singing fish on the wall). If you are able to help us in this area, or if you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Cameron, Ms. Jones or Mrs. Groeneweg. Thank you!

Parents: Students in all grades are asked to bring in a plain white t-shirt for our musical. (FYI-they can be purchased at Dollarama, 2 for $3.) They will not be returned in the same condition as we will be decorating them.
T-shirts need to be in no later than Monday, March 17. Thank you!

GREAT BEGINNINGS ELEMENTARY Art Exhibition: February 22 to March 22, 2014
St. Thomas Public Art Centre, 301 Talbot St, St Thomas.  Check out the artwork from our students.
Hours of Operation, Monday - Closed, Tuesday - Wednesday 10-4, Thursday - Friday 10-9, Saturday 12-4, Sunday 12-3, Admission is FREE!

Keith & Kristyn Getty Concert coming to the Aylmer CRC on Thursday, May 1st at 7 p.m. in the Aylmer Christian Reformed Church.  For tickets and more information go to  


KINDERGARTEN - Mrs.Groeneweg

Some of the things we have done in KINDERGARTEN…
Bible : Elisha
Letter and sound: w
Math: making sets, counting ( JK: 1-20, SK: 1-100 ), graphing activities, patterning
As part of our Learning Unit on building, called Let’s build, we will be planning and building a variety of objects. Our class is asking for your help in collecting the items listed below.
Cardboard boxes (small)
Cardboard tubes (from paper towels or wrapping paper)
Cardboard egg cartons and coffee trays
Magazines and catalogues. Thank you!
Memory Work: Fish Tales
Fish tales, fish tales, fish tales are stories that seem too good to be true.
Fish tales, fish tales, fish tales are whoppers and we’ve got one for you.
It’s supernatural
Completely factual
It actually occurred!  
‘Cause fish tales, fish tales, fish tales aren’t fishy when they come from God’s Word.
Grab a rod and a reel
Meet us at the lake;
We’ll catch a message in each tale, without bait!

GRADES 1 and 2 - Ms. Pieters

Happy 7th Birthday
Delilah Krahn
Sunday, March 2, 2014
“May you be blessed by the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” Psalm 115:15

Memory Work: for Wed. March 5 Fish Tales (verse 2)
Fish tales, fish tales, fish tales are stories that seem too good to be true.
Fish tales, fish tales, fish tales are whoppers and we’ve got one for you.
It’s supernatural
Completely factual
It actually occurred!  
‘Cause fish tales, fish tales, fish tales aren’t fishy when they come from God’s Word.
From the dock in a boat
or wading through a brook,
Once you’ve heard a tale or two
you’ll be hooked!
Spelling: dictation test is on Friday, Feb. 28
Grade 1: review words from units 15 to 21
Grade 2: review words from units 15 to 21
Scholastic Book Club: Please return any completed book orders for March by Thursday, Feb. 27. Thank you.

GRADES 3 and 4 – Mrs. Drop

Memory Work:  for Wed., March 5:  Fish Tales (verse 2)  Please see the words in the grades 1 and 2 section.
Spelling Words for Fri., Feb. 28:
Grade 3:  disagree, again, given, other, money, problem, does, of, some, laid, change, tired, read, nice, lower, honey, fatigue
Grade 4:  shoes, clues, wound, junior, truth, duty, news, through, few, who, schoolroom, whose, conclusion, June, shampoo, cruel, choose, ruin, injury, July
Electives will continue on Fri., Feb. 28 and Thurs., March 4.

  1. GRADES 5 and 6 - Ms. Buma

Memory Work:  Wednesday, March 5 (From our Fish Tales Musical) - A Good Day on a Bad Day - vs. 1.
The devil meant that day to be a sad day, a bad day;
to end the week and end our Saviour’s life.
But Jesus turned what would have been “good-by day” to “Good Friday”.
For on Easter morning, He was alive!
Friday Morning Devotions: (Feb. 28) Michael Drop
Spelling Dictation: Fri., Feb. 28 (List 18)
Accelerated Reader:  A brief note including AR goals for Term 3 was sent home today.
Scholastic Book Orders:  March Book Orders were sent home today.  Please return any completed forms by next Wednesday, March 5.  Thank you.
Le Français:  Test - “Le Monde Sous-Marin” - jeudi le 6 mars

GRADES 7 and 8 – Mr. TenBruggencate / Ms. Jones
Music Presentations about bucket drumming will be on Wed., March 5!  Please have your rhythm practised and ready to be played by your group for the class!  The report will be presented on that date as well.  See wikispaces for requirements and details
Le Français:  Test - “L’Art Sans Limites” - jeudi le 6 mars
ART/LA: Working on combined LA class Business Plan (Media). Presentations Wednesday, March 26th.
L.A.: Media Test: Tuesday, March 4th. (Mass Media Unit)
History: Chapter 4 test Wednesday, March 5th.
Memory Work: Psalm 119;101-102&105
Recent mathematics tests have been graded and returned.


Deadline to order and have payment is Thursday, February 27.  

Pancake Lunch – Tuesday, March 4
_____________ would like to order a pancake lunch with juice and 1 ice-cream for only $2.00 per student.

My child would eat approx  __________ pancakes.

Money included _________
Money sent with ___________________ in gr. _____

               Parent Signature

Pancake Lunch – Tuesday, March 4
_____________ would like to order a pancake lunch with juice and 1 ice-cream for only $2.00 per student.

My child would eat approx  __________ pancakes.

Money included _________
Money sent with ___________________ in gr. _____
               Parent Signature