Wednesday, 28 January 2015

January 28th Journal 2015

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

Mission:  The mission of Immanuel Christian School is to prepare students to meet the challenge of the world and culture they live in as young and growing Christians.  Thus, students are taught the skill of discernment in the light of God’s Word, the practice of stewardship for creation, the required commitment to a life of Christian service, and the beauty of witness through modeling God’s love in a broken world.

Upcoming Events

Jan.     30 Aylmer K of C free throw contest (rescheduled)
               Electives begins
Feb.     2 Jump into Kindergarten #1
           4 Chapel (SK/Res)
           9 ICS Speakfest starts at 9:15 am
              Jump into Kindergarten #2
          11  Mission Chapel (7 & 8)
                School skate 2-3pm
                Registration day for 2015-16 school year 1-6pm
          13 Jump into Kindergarten #3
          17 Public speaking/storytelling contest @ Aylmer legion 1pm
          20 Jump into Kindergarten #4
               Family meal at the Central Restaurant
75 Caverly Rd, Aylmer, N5H 2P6
Telephone: 519-773-8476

LDCSS:   519-455-4360
Foundation (endowment):

From the Principal’s Desk:

Amanda and I had a very pleasant time away last week as we joined CSI’s “GROW Institute” with 14 other Christian principals from across Canada and the US. You will see from the Board report below that we are emphasizing certain aspects of sustaining a high vision of education at ICS. Well, the main theme of the conference, based on collaborative discussions of each participant’s school, was also one of sustaining the vision! Sustaining encompasses building community, excitement, and deep commitment of our time, talents and finances as we work together to allow our children to thrive at ICS. God’s hand is really in all the details! If you have not already seen it, please check out our newly released ICS video on our website or Facebook page - we aim to show how our Christian school is thriving! This is the time to also pass that video along to anyone you know who is considering enrolment...

in Christian education, Keith Cameron, Principal

Praying for our families: Please join our staff as we pray for Randy Poortinga and Bettina Poortinga as well as Mike & Anne Reimer.
Also please keep in your prayers the family of Lena Wall (Principal of Mount Salem Christian School).  Her husband Jake was involved in a fatal tractor trailer crash that occurred last Thursday.
Praying for our staff: Please pray for Ms.Jones.

T.R.I.P: Pickup on Jan 29th.
Cheese orders: Due today and delivered on Feb 4th
Hockey: Please have the payment submitted to Mrs. VanderHoek by Thursday, January 29th.  The next practice will be Wednesday, February 4, from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. at the EECC.  The District Schools Hockey Tournament is scheduled for March 11, 2015 at the Gemini Arena in Strathroy.

ICS Board Update (Dec/Jan):
Building community - All are encouraged to go on the Facebook alumni page and tag everyone you know.  We would also appreciate comments on Facebook about your fondest ICS memories.  In Feb there will be a designated evening where the Central Restaurant will donate a percentage of the cost of our meals to ICS.  On March 28 everyone is invited to the Anniversary Celebration Gala dinner and the alumni open house earlier the same day
Building an Effective Fundraising Board – Janine highlighted some of the slides from the CSI workshop she and Keith S. attended – we all need to have our stories ready about why we send our kids to a Christian school
Enrolment projections, class sizes and staffing needs were discussed.  Board continues to value quality of education, and wishes to remain with our existing class size ratios.  We should plan to accommodate increased demand in 2015/2016, within budget.

Let's get together for an ICS Family Meal!
SMALL IMAGE (PNG)Public DomainImmanuel Christian School is partnering with the Family Central Restaurant to raise funds for our school.  On Friday, February 20th and Saturday, February 21st you are invited to the Family Central located at 62 Talbot St E in Aylmer.  The Family Central will donate 10% of the funds we make on your meal towards the school and in addition another 10% for the unplugged discount.   In order for the 20% donation to happen you must bring in the invitation that will be created for this event.   Each family will receive an invitation attached to next week's journal.   Please call / email / visit the school for additional invitations for your friends and family to participate!

Found in the Library:  3 brand new H2O Mop Ultra covers (with the warranty page). They were found in the bottom of a bag stuffed full of bags. Re-claim them at the school office. (BTW, thanks for continuing to send bags to school!)

SMALL IMAGE (PNG)Public DomainSenior Basketball: Wow! Both our boys’ and girls’ teams placed first in yesterday’s Bluewater Small Schools competition at LDCSS. We had strong showings from our gr 6-8 players, great coaching from Ms Jones and Mrs Friesen, and a solid skills base laid by Mr T’s gym classes! Thank-you, too, to Mrs Schuurman and the gr 7/8 parents and students who volunteered to run the canteen at the event!

Chess:  Several students across the grades are enjoying chess on Mondays at noon, with their coaches, Mr. Bram de Dreu, Mr. Murray Rodenburg and Mr. Michael Rodenburg. ICS players are registered to participate in the 23rd Annual Grade by Grade Girls’ and Boys’ Chess Championship on Wed. April 1 at the Hellenic Community Centre in London. Approval forms along and Championship rules and information will be sent home shortly. *We are still in need of one additional parent driver, please contact the office if you can help!

Chicken Pox: Parents please be aware that we have had two confirmed cases recently.
Chickenpox often starts with a fever, headache, sore throat, or stomachache. These symptoms may last for a few days, with fever in the 101°-102°F (38.3°-38.8°C) range. The chickenpox virus spreads both through the air (by coughing and sneezing), and by direct contact with mucus, saliva, or fluid from blisters. Chickenpox is contagious from about 2 days before the rash appears until all the blisters are crusted over. A child with chickenpox should be kept out of school until all blisters have dried, usually about 1 week. If you're unsure about whether your child is ready to return to school, ask your doctor.

ICS Alumni and Families find yourself at
Like the page to stay informed on the upcoming festivities this year, tag your friends to reminisce and connect!

Memories...all those memories: Are you still holding on to those school projects, art work or perhaps pictures of class trips or sporting events? Well we would love to share your memories of ICS with your fellow alumni at the Gala. We will start collecting items in the near future, so please help us complete a 60 year trip down memory lane. If you have items to contribute please contact Carrie Vis - or 519-765-3290.

ICS 60th Anniversary Gala - Sat Mar 28
Alumni, Parents, Staff, ICS Supporters…Celebrate 60 years of God's faithfulness at ICS on March 28, 2015 at the East Elgin Community Complex in Aylmer.  Evening begins at 5pm, full catered dinner at 6:30 and professional entertainer Bob Cates at 8:30. Tickets are available now $80/ticket or $600/table (8 people) from the school office or any Fundraising Committee member:  Janina Dykxhoorn; Bobbie Jo Bennett; Grace Miedema; Jacklyn Versnick; Keith Sinke; Chris Bakker; Janine Shelton

We will also hold an Open House at ICS involving students, current and former teachers, parents, grandparents, community members and alumni on Sat from 2-4 pm (new time). Everyone is welcome to join in the celebration of 60 years of God’s faithfulness at ICS!


JR / SR KINDERGARTEN – Mrs. Groeneweg (

Some of the things we have done in Kindergarten....
Bible: David and Goliath
         David and Jonathan
Letter and sound: F
Sizes (small/medium/large, big/small,.....)
Sight words: can and I

This week we are going to start a new unit: Shoes.
Shoes are great for many learning activities: ordering by length, measuring, matching, graphing, comparing, learning how to tie shoes, pretend play, learning left/ right, and many more activities.
We would love to have a shoe store in our class but we need some help! All JK and SK students are asked to bring one pair of shoes to school. It could be any pair, any size, that you have in the house and are not currently using. They will be returned at the end of the unit.
Thank you very much!
JK - Grade 2: Black snow pants, black mittens.....too many to count....please parents initial your child's clothing so we can identify "lost" snow pants/mittens.
Thank you!

GRADES 1 and 2 - Ms. Pieters (    
      Happy 8th Birthday          
                                                                      Owen Vis
Wednesday, February 4, 2015
“May you be blessed by the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” Psalm 115:15            
Memory Work: story for Storytelling. Remember to tell your story with lots of expression. We are looking forward to hearing each others stories starting this Thursday.
Spelling: dictation test for Friday, January 30 will be words from list 18
Words for Gr. 1: we, me, he, be, see, need, tree, sheep
Words for Gr. 2: her, girl, turn, hurt, first, were, card, part, start, are
Reading Buddy Time: Tomorrow your child may practice their story for storytelling one more time with their reading buddy.
Scholastic Book Club: The February flyers were sent home today. Please return any completed book orders by Thursday, Feb. 5. Thank you.
Storytelling schedule: In-class storytelling begins tomorrow.
Please have your child bring to school their storybook/script on their presentation day. Thank-you!

Thursday, Jan. 29
Friday, Jan. 30
Monday, Feb. 2
Tuesday, Feb. 3
Wednesday, Feb.4
Delilah K.
Gavin H.
Jedidiah K.
Madyson B.
Presley F.
Phoebe S.
Dylan R.
Kahlen H.
Avery B.
Rebecca K.
Josiah K.
Joshua M.
Promise A.
Rachel C.
Jaywynn L.
Allyson M.
Owen V.
Makayla Z.
Rhodé D.
Connor M.
Eden S.
Aryanna L.
Matthew V.
Shane D.

GRADES 3 and 4 – Ms. Buma (t.buma@immanuelchristianschool.n

Memory Work: for January will be a story for storytelling (Grade 3) or a poem for poetry presentation
(Grade 4).
Fri. Jan. 30 - Spelling Dictation.  
Grade 3-  follow, below, own, grown, town, ground, around, found, about, house, group, would, should, country, cousin, crown, unknown
Grade 4- also, bought, cough, almost, false, officer, soft, stalk, halt, faucet, saucer, caution, lawyer, awesome, stall, crawl, awful, because, taught, talkative

Storytelling Schedule:  In class story-telling and poetry presentation dates. Please have your child bring their storybook/poem to school on their presentation day.  Thank you!

Thurs., Jan. 29
Fri., Jan. 30
Mon., Feb. 2
Tues., Feb. 3
Wed., Feb.4
1. Aiden Boldt
1.Sarah Janssens
1.Devon Klassen
1.Mariah Rempel
1.Sharon Klassen
2. Will Mantel
2. Jefferson Loewen
2. Josh Vannoord
2. Victor Hiebert
2. Naomi Poortinga
3. Caleb Poortinga
3. Gracie Bergen
3. Lily Sinke
3. Marcel Guenther
3. Xavier Bergen

4. Noria Atkinson
4.Claire Vording
4. Selena Kroondyk
4. Uri Dalm

Wed. Feb. 4 - French Dictation - Ten words from the theme: At the Table - Refer to your in-class duotang work, girls and boys.
Accelerated Reader:  AR Reports will be sent home again this Friday, January 30. Keep reading girls and boys! Remember that tomorrow is Library class. Please return any books that are due so sign-outs for AR reading can be arranged. * Goal due date is Fri. Feb. 13.
Scholastic Book Orders:  The February flyers were sent home today. Please return any completed book orders by Fri. Feb. 6.  Thank you.
Student of the Week: Our Student of the Week this week is Claire Vording..
Next week: A few students will be assisting next week due to shorter weeks for their turn, or missed days.  .Music: Students are working on playing pieces with boomwhackers. We continue to practice “Amazing Grace” and “Make a Joyful Noise.”

GRADE 5 and 6 – Ms. Jones (

Memory Work - speeches

Monday, Feb.2
Tuesday, Feb. 3
Wednesday, Feb. 4
Thursday, Feb. 5


Student Merit Award for the month of January is Helpfullness.
Potluck on Friday: Red group - appetizers, Yellow - drinks/plates, cups etc; Blue - desserts/cleanup; Green - Main course. See planners if you are uncertain which group your child is in.
Art: Final marker cartoon drawing due Friday
Spelling: List 17 Quiz on Friday.
Social Studies: We will be starting a new unit called Our Global Neighbours.
Science: Congratulations to the new owner of the Hannah Property!
Music: Students are working on the “Surprise Symphony” in trios. Ask them to play their part for you!
French: There is not a quiz tomorrow as was listed on the last journal.  It will be Mon. Jan 26 instead.  Study sheets were given out yesterday.
Language Arts: Tips on Good Speech Preparation
Document #1-9 Due Thursday January 22.
Bible: Notes Due Friday January 23
Integrated Studies - Oriental Cooking: Bring a 10-inch frying pan and a small plastic container with lid.

GRADE 7 and 8 – Mr. TenBruggencate (am) / Mr. Cameron (pm) or

Please see our class wiki page (linked from the ICS website,

Health: Tests on Nutrition/Digestion tomorrow, Thursday, January 29.
Memory Work:  Romans 8:28-29.
Science: Many neglected their homework for Lesson 12 (due on the test day). With a mark deduction, late assignments must be handed in by Fri.
LA / Grammar: quiz on commas on Friday.
LA / Bronze Bow: Final WIT log reflection was due today. AR on Bronze Bow complete by 30 Jan.
LA / Speakfest: in-class presentations for stories / poems / speeches:
Mon 2 Feb
Wed 4 Feb
Thu 5 Feb
Fri 6 Feb
Dylan V
Dylan K
Art: Wednesday, January 21 was the last work period for wire art sculptures and written work.
Math: Tuesday February 3rd Unit Test #6:Patterning & Algebra
Music: Practice E-flat concert scale for an upcoming test - Tues. Feb. 3
History: Charlemagne Project is due Fri. Jan. 30 - Make sure to bring or share your electronic copy of work with Ms. Heo
Geography: A 2-page news article on “Sahara and Sahel Deserts” is due Fri. Jan. 30 - Make sure to bring or share your electronic copy of work with Ms. Heo