Wednesday, 22 April 2015

April 15th, 2015 Journal

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

Mission:  The mission of Immanuel Christian School is to prepare students to meet the challenge of the world and culture they live in as young and growing Christians.  Thus, students are taught the skill of discernment in the light of God’s Word, the practice of stewardship for creation, the required commitment to a life of Christian service, and the beauty of witness through modeling God’s love in a broken world.

Upcoming Events

April 16- Battle of the Books at ICS

   22- Hot lunch - Pizza day
      24- District PA Day - teachers in Strathroy- LDCSS has class
       25- Megan Friesen @ Area Public Speaking Contest in Strathroy  
      27 - May 1 - Turn off the screens week
      28 - Dodgeball Mania at ICS, Up to Gr 3: 6-7pm,
              Gr 4-8 :7-8pm
      29 - Spring Membership meeting 7:30 -9:30
      30- K-4 @ “The Sound of Music” at Faith Christian Academy
May 1 - Badminton tournament
       3 - ICS video presentation @ Aylmer Full Gospel     
   6 - Open House - “Bring Your Parents to School Day!”
      10 - Christian Education Sunday @ ACRC
   31 - Christian Education Sunday @ Grace Community
75 Caverly Rd, Aylmer, N5H 2P6
Telephone: 519-773-8476

LDCSS:   519-455-4360
Foundation (endowment):

From the Principal’s Desk:

A number of gr 7-8 students and parents were able to attend the Ontario Christian Schools Science Fair at Redeemer University. There were 235 projects from 56 schools represented, including experiments, studies and innovations. The degree of creativity was high, showing great understanding of the value of science and the perspective that Christianity brings. Projects are all graded, with standing awarded based on point scores, and prizes are awarded to the best in various categories. Correy and Dean (Patterns with Sound), as well as Vanessa and Victoria (Tie Dye Milk) achieved third place rankings, while Luke (3rd World Water) and Matthew (Can We Can the Sun?) achieved first place rankings. We also celebrate Matthew’s award of second place overall for his solar heater innovation! It is amazing and humbling to see how we are a part of a much wider network of Christian schools - God has truly worked trough his faithful people in the building and sustaining of the OACS family of schools!

That building and sustaining of a Christian school does not come easily or without sacrifice. It involves all of us, as parents, grandparents and supporters. We exist only because of the commitment of time, talent and finances by those answering God’s call to provide a Christian education for our children. To that end, please note our upcoming Spring Membership meeting on April 29. Be encouraged by the stories of other schools, reflect on our plans, elect new board members, approve our budget and tuition for next year… Please also note the special update letter from our Board Chair and Treasurer. Both are attached to this Journal.

yours in Christian education, Keith Cameron, Principal

New families needed for the 2015/2016 budget: 4 of 8! I am meeting with another two interested families this week...

Praying for our families: Please join our staff as we pray for Jim & Jill Vording as well as Henry & Margaret Voth
Praying for our staff: Please pray for Ms Buma.

Hot Lunch: Pizza day will be next Wednesday April 22nd. Order form is at the end of Journal, due by the 17th.
T.R.I.P: Pickup date is Tuesday, April 21.
Cheese orders: Next order will be sent out April 22nd.

ICS Board Report
- The 2015/16 Board Vision was worked on.  A draft version will be presented at the membership meeting.
- Updated Policies were approved - 3.08 Hiring, 4.02 Crisis Response and 5.07 Home Schooling
- A volunteer database has been completed, thanks to Tracey in the office
- The annual CPC (contract partnership committee) agreement with staff was approved
- A tentative budget for 2015/16 was approved, and will be presented at the membership meeting
- All are encouraged to attend the Spring Membership meeting on Wed April 29 to hear Ken VanMinnen (principal of Strathroy Christian School) speak on Thriving Christian Schools.  Members are privileged to vote to confirm new board members and the 2015/16 budget.  Be a part of the ICS Community!

The ICS Spring Membership Meeting will be held on Wednesday April 29th at 8:00pm in the gym. Agendas and a special letter are attached to this Journal. Come out and get informed as to what is happening with your school and socialize with other parents. For members without children here, your agenda will either be mailed or placed in your church mailbox. Volunteer hours: Did you know that when you attend a membership meeting it counts for 2 hours towards your volunteer time?

2015 New Registration - With plans for an additional teacher, all grades continue to be open! Parents of JK and SK children step into school at ICS with tuition at 40% and 60% of full tuition respectively. Our board continues to support our New to Christian Education Incentive which allows parents of older children to step into Christian schooling at the same rates - 40% the first year, 60% the second, family tuition thereafter. This allows all to “taste and see” how good Immanuel can be! Please spread the word!

Turn Off the Screens Week: This is an excellent, fitness-oriented week with great community support. Please see the schedule and ticket order form attached! Please return to ICS by Thu Apr 16. Please remember that tickets will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.
*Transportation Note for all High School Students - Since ICS has a PD day on Friday, April 24th, the busing for LDCSS will be as follows: Mrs. Tesselaar’s bus will leave her home at 7:45am (students catching the bus at her house should be three by 7:40am)
Stop at BURC (49823 Talbot Line) at 7:55am
ICS at 8:00 am
End of Forrest & Elm at 8:04am
Hiemstra’s at 8:10am
Lyons at 8:15am
Corner of Belmont Rd & Wilson Line at 8:25 am
Manning Drive 8:30am
The return trip home will be done in reverse

Spring Open House is coming up on Wed, May 6th, as part of Christian Education week at ICS. The open house offers you the opportunity to take part in your children/grandchildren's school morning. The morning starts with chapel at 8:50, followed by classroom visits until morning recess. We would also like to invite those that are interested in learning more bout ICS to come for a visit. We hope to see you there!

Spring is Coming and new footwear is required!!!   FACTORY SHOE FUNDRAISER.  Fundraising distributed the Factory Shoe Fundraising Cards in November please consider shopping at Factory Shoe…this fundraising program is a great way for Immanuel Christian School to raise money!  It is easy…simply present the card when you buy footwear from Factory Shoe and they will donate $5 for every purchase over $35.  You can re-use the card as often as you like and we have more cards for you to share with family and friends.  For additional cards to distribute to your family and friends please call or email Janine Shelton at 519-765-2471 or or visit the School Office.

Survey 2015! Today is your last chance to complete… go to: or see our Twitter feed for the link!
Golf Club, Klub, Golf,We are pleased to announce that the date has been set for this year’s 15th Annual Golf Tournament. This will be special year with more prizes and contests for your enjoyment. Contests include Most Uniquely Dressed Golfer, Longest Drive with Opposite Driver and many more. The Golf Tournament is being held once again @ Pine Knot Golf Course in Dorchester on Saturday May 16. Entry forms are available in the office. Make sure you get your team entered for the Early Bird Draw. E-mail your team list today to

Yearbook: If you would like to advertise your business in our yearbook please contact the office.
Business Card $40, ¼ page $60, ½ page $100, Full page $160, Inside cover $300

Schoolbus, Kuning, Penggerak
Spare Drivers: We are in need of Spare Bus Drivers to be available as required to fill in on routes. A valid B License is required. We will assist anyone interested in obtaining their
License. Anyone interested in this, please contact the office.

YOU ARE INVITED!! Tomorrow we are hosting the Battle of the Books competition here at Immanuel. If you are curious and would like to see what Battle is all about, stop in and check it out. The first Games start at 10:15 and we should be finished by 3:00. NOTE: in the afternoon we tend to get ahead of the schedule, so you may want to accommodate for that. We have a rule that when a Battle game starts, the door is closed and no one is allowed in until the next game. Come cheer on our teams!

The LDCSS Drama Department presentsAnnie.
April 17-18, 24- 25 @ 7:30 pm.  Tickets $12 Adult matinee: Wed., April 22 @1:00 p.m.
To reserve your tickets call 519-455-4360 or email

London District Christian Secondary School - Student Connections Night
If your family has a child registering for (or considering) Grade 9 at LDCSS this September, your child is invited to attend the 7th annual Student Connections Night May 8-9. New students are invited from 5 p.m. Friday - 9 a.m. Saturday morning, for food, games, and icebreaker actives with the goal of building new friendships. If your child is attending please RSVP  We are looking forward to getting to know the class of 2019!

Mark the date! The LDCSS 50th Anniversary Golf Tournament will be held on WEDNESDAY, September 16, 2015, at Forest City National Golf course in east London, with a 1:00 pm shotgun start.  Come enjoy great sport, great food and great fellowship in support of LDCSS!  We are welcoming golfers and inviting sponsors from the LDCSS community to come together to support Christian Education. For more information or to register visit

Join us for ‘Welcome Wednesdays’ at LDCSS!  Grades 9-12 Admissions Open Houses. Dates:  April 1 and May 6, 9:30-11:30 AM, 12:30-2:30 PM.  Come experience LDCSS in action!  For more information visit


JR / SR KINDERGARTEN – Mrs. Groeneweg (

Some of the things we have done in Kindergarten...
Bible: Lost Sheep and Lost Coin
        Good Shepherd
        Wise and Foolish Builders
Reading Colour Words
Beginning and Ending Sounds
Counting by 5's
Addition to 10
New Unit : God's Changing Seasons: Spring Splendour
JK : Identifying Letters A-Z
      Numbers 1-10

GRADES 1 and 2 - Ms. Pieters  (

Memory Work: for Wed. April 22 You Are My All in All
You are my strength when I am weak, you are the treasure that I seek; you are my all in all.
Seeking you as a precious jewel, Lord to give up, I’d be a fool; you are my all in all.
Jesus, Lamb of God, worthy is your name!
Jesus, Lamb of God, worthy is your name!
Spelling: dictation test will be Friday April 17 - words from unit 26
Words for Gr. 1: cow, now, down, town, brown, show, row, low
Words for Gr. 2: stick, trick, back, zoo, root, quick, look, looked, pack, cook
Accelerated Reader: AR reports were taken home today. A good report will show 10 or more AR quizzes taken and passed so far in this third term.

GRADES 3 and 4 – Ms. Buma (t.buma@immanuelchristianschool.n
Accelerated Reader:  Today is the halfway mark towards achieving student AR goals!  (Third Term goal due date is Friday, June 12.) Focus on pacing your reading and completing follow-up quizzes soon after you have finished reading your books, girls and boys! AR Reports were sent home with your child today.
Memory Work: Wed. Apr. 22 Song - Song of Joseph (Verses 1 and 4)
  1. Young Joseph’s father liked him best, which made his brothers mad.
They sent him off to Egypt land, so lonely and so sad.
4.) God had a plan to save his own, the people that he loved.
Now Joseph’s family joined him there and praised our God above.
From: Songs for Life #101
Words: Bonnie Bratt Meyer, Music: Emily R. Brink
Spelling Dictation - Fri. Apr.17: Grade 3: colour, odour, farmer, calendar, dollar, party, liar, after, number, better, doctor, weather, every, forty, sugar, scissors, smaller
Grade 4: action, fiction, mission, divide, division, attend, attention, pollute, pollution, express, expression, educate, education, music, musician, magic, magician, physician, determination, impression
Fri. Apr. 17 - Grade 3 Multiplication Checkup Test 7  Multiplying with 7 as a factor,
(eg. 7 x 6 =  42, 0 x 7 = 0, 8 x 7 = 56)
Science: Why are birds so amazing? (From an Audubon Outlook article)  
Flying in a V - form - Four Lessons From Geese...There are benefits geese get from flying in formation. “It has been learned that as each bird flaps its wings, it creates an uplift for the bird immediately following. By flying in a V-formation, the whole flock adds at least 71 per cent greater flying range than if each bird flew on its own!” There are other wonderful things geese do too, according to this article. “Geese take turns heading the formation so that the lead goose does not get too tired. The leader is the only one not profiting from the V-formation. Geese honk from behind to encourage those up front to keep flying.” Wow!
French Quiz: Wed. Apr. 22 Les Nombres (vingt - cinquante) (20 to 50)
Student of the Week: Our Student of the Week this week is Sarah Janssens.
Next Week: Devon Klassen.
Music: Students are working on playing pieces with boom whackers. We are currently working on a piece called “Stand Your Ground” and “Living Water.”

GRADE 5 and 6 – Ms. Jones (

Memory Work: due to various events there will be no new memory work this week
L.A.: Ch 2&3 Literature circle roles due Friday for discussion. Read Chapters 4&5 only for next Tuesday.
Bible: Finish Worksheet by Friday.
Health: A unit test on “Growing and Changing” will be given next Wednesday, April 22nd.
Science: Well done on the unit test! 82% average!!
Please send in any empty plastic water/pop/juice bottles for class next Wednesday.
Social Studies: Final presentations work period Friday, April 17th.
Spelling: List 23 quiz this Friday. geology, geography, geologist, graphite, autograph, photograph, biopsy, biology, biography, biosphere, transact, enact, actor, react, import, transport, portable, export.
French: Quiz on farm animal words on Tuesday April 21st
Music: Students are working on the Ninth Symphony, 4th movement by Beethoven. Students are now able to play the entire piece. Soprano 3 m.49-end will be tested.

GRADE 7 and 8 – Mr. TenBruggencate (

Please see our class wiki page (linked from the ICS website,

Memory Work: 1 Corinthians 13:4-7
Math: Unit Test Chapter 9 Monday, April 20th.
Integrated Study Student / Staff PA Day! As in previous Journals, we seek to involve all gr 7/8s in the May 19 PA day from 8:30 to 12:30 including a BBQ lunch (this is also a class day at LDCSS). Gr 7/8s participating would then get a special gr 7/8 “PA day” off on Mon May 25. For this innovative idea, we need parental agreement - please see the response form in the Apr 1 Journal. If we do not get parental agreement to allow this, we may need to cancel this PA Day - have you let Mr T know if your child can attend? Please do soonest!
Geography: Unit test on People in a Changing Biome: Arid and Semi-arid Lands On Friday, April 17th
Science: New unit on heat has started. Did you know that the theory of what heat is and how it travels has changed at least three times throughout history? Theory and fact are not the same, as we will examine. Students need to complete responses for To Build a Fire (on wikispaces) before class on Fri Apr 17.
Music: Continue to practice “Sawmill Creek” on page 20 and “Montego Bay” on page 21.
Art: Beginning Photography next week. Some students are getting behind and may be asked to stay after school this Wednesday or next to get caught up.