Wednesday, 25 May 2016

May 25th Journal 2016

The ICS Journal  

Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

Mission:  Immanuel Christian School assists parents in raising children to follow Christ with an excellent elementary program and a focus on Christian character growth.

Upcoming Events

May 25 Gr 1-4 “Annie” workshop by MSCS 1-3pm
        25-27 Grade 7 & 8 at Fair Glen
        29 ICS at Tillsonburg CRC
        30 PD day - no classes (LDCSS has classes)
Language Arts curriculum visit to Chatham Christian Schools.
        31 GIFTS forms due to the office
June  1 Track & Field Day (2 Track & Field rain date)
         3 Friday Family Fun Night
         6 Grade 3&4 field trip to Backus Mills
         8 District Track and Field (no school for JK-grade1)
         9 District Track and Field rain date
       10 Grade 2&3 field trip to Backus Mills
       14 JK, SK & Gr 1 field trip to Greenview Aviaries
       15 Elgin Farm Safety day at ICS
       16 PD day - no classes (report card writing day)
       17 Grade 5&6 field trip to UWO and Fleetway
       20 Awards Chapel 9:00-10:00am
       22 Graduation 7:30 pm, whole school event
       23 Last day of school
       26 ICS at Tillsonburg Alliance Church starts at 9:30am
75 Caverly Rd, Aylmer, N5H 2P6
Telephone: 519-773-8476

LDCSS:   519-455-4360
Foundation (endowment):  
From the Principal’s Desk:
Well done to our Golf Committee for the successful fundraising golf tournament last Saturday! New golfers I spoke with were enthusiastic at the warm, friendly atmosphere and spirit of financial support for ICS. I will leave the final total for our committee to announce below, and we praise God for how He has blessed individuals and businesses so that they in turn can bless ICS!
Track and Field Day is a popular one amongst parents and students alike. At ICS, we intend for this day to focus on “skills and encouragement.” Competition against set “standards” for each event make the focus one of encouragement for best efforts. The chance to be selected for the District event adds competition. Track & Field day will take place on Wednesday June 1st (rain date on June 2nd). This will be a JK and SK day. Parent volunteers are essential to success, assisting with events and supervision. We ask you to sign up for a morning or afternoon, with flexibility to see your own child(ren) compete. Our online signup has been updated, and we have attached a hard copy at the end of the Journal. See or call the office.

in Christian education, Keith Cameron, Principal and Chief Operating Officer
Praying for our parents: Please join us as we pray for Henry & Jacqueline Dalm and Issac & Margaretha Dyck,
Praying for our staff: Please pray for our Principal Mr. Keith Cameron.

Pizza orders: All students will receive 1 slice of pizza, 1 drink and 1 large freezie for free. However, they can order extra items if they wish. See last week’s Journal for the order form, due by May 31st.
Cheese orders: Thank you for supporting our school library through your purchases! An order form will be attached with the last Journal (June 22nd) and delivery will take place on the first Wednesday of the new school year. (Sept 7th)
Meat & Baked goods: Delivery will be on June 9th. Coolers with your name clearly marked can be dropped off before hand.
Tuition Reduction Incentive Plan (T.R.I.P): The next order will be sent out on June 1st. Ready for summer?! Excited to take the kids to Clovermead Adventure Farm this year?! Buy your adventure farm tickets through TRIP and 100% of your money goes back to the school and toward your tuition!!! Yes that's 100%!! And what's even better? If you buy your adventure farm tickets through TRIP you'll be saving the tax! No tax and 100% return!? That's a deal you can't beat! *TRIP is now accepting e-transfer as another form of payment. If you pay by e-transfer, please send it to Please make a note on your order form or online, so we know to look for your payment.

G.I.F.T.S Forms are Due! How are your hours coming along? ICS is dependent on parental involvement, not only is this essential to operate the school, it also builds Christian community among students, parents, staff and supporters.  You can count hours up until the end of June, but we need to have the sheets handed in by 31 May in order to allow us to get tuition invoices out! Families not completing GIFTS hours should expect that they would share financially in the support of ICS by paying the set premium fee (currently $200). Take a look at policy 11.10 Getting Involved For The Students:

Meeting, Conference, PeopleThe most recent ICS Board meeting was held on May 18. We welcomed our newest board members (Rose Fehr, Jacklyn Versnick and Dean Mantel) along with guest speaker Ray Hendricks from OACS.  Ray spoke to the board about the components of a "School Board Flourishing". We took part in an interactive discussion of us, as a Board and what we are doing to Flourish in our school on all levels of board governance. The second half of the meeting was focusing on next year's Executive which include Cliff Janssens as Chair, Jacklyn Versnick as Vice Chair, Jim Vording as Treasurer and Helen Friesen as Secretary. We reviewed committee reports and finished with board business. Our last meeting of the 2015/2016 school year will be held on June 15.
We thank our outgoing board members: Chris Hiemstra, Keith Sinke and Carrie Vis. As a school, we have been very blessed by all our board members’ faithful service!

First of all - thank you to our Volunteers!!!!
Jordan Hiemstra was our Photographer for the day. He did a fabulous job capturing candid moments of our Golfers for the slideshow during the Awards Banquet! Thank you so much!
Amanda Cameron and Sarah Cameron manned Hole #8 for the day. Hole #8 was our Ladies, Mens and Seniors Closest to the Pin and Port Stanley Home Hardware Hole in One Contest Hole. They provided lots of smiles and conversation for our Golfers. Great job ladies!!
Nancy and Jeff Robinson were our trusty Putting Challenge Assistants! They do a great job with calculating the scores for our participants and promoting our Putting Challenge. Thank you once again!!!
We are also very thankful for Pine Knot Golf and Country Club for working with our Committee to make our Golf Tournament an exceptional one. A delicious Lunch and Dinner were prepared by Pine Knot staff for all the Golfers and our volunteers. The tournament ran seamlessly!!
WE ALSO GREATLY APPRECIATE OUR SPONSORS! None of this would be possible without them. With the combined generosity of our sponsors, our golfers and our Silent Auction item donators, we were able to raise an overwhelming $43,812.39!!!!!
Frank Fehr, John Hiebert, Red Hooghiem, Harry Knibbe, Dean Mantel, Tracy Mantel, Jeff Vannoord,
Tammie Vannoord, Jim Vording, Jeff Zylstra

FFFN: Mark your calendars for a family bbq at the back of the school on Friday June 3rd.

Transportation - Since ICS has a PD day on Monday May 30th, the busing for LDCSS will be as follows:Mrs. Tesselaar’s bus will leave her home at 7:45am (students catching the bus at her house should be there by 7:40am)
Stop at BURC (49823 Talbot Line) at 7:55am
ICS at 8:00 am;
End of Forest & Elm at 8:04am
Hiemstra’s at 8:10am;
Lyons at 8:15am;
Kroondyk’s on Wilson line at 8:23am
Manning Drive 8:30am.
The return trip home will be done in reverse

Yearbook Advertising: If you would like to advertise your business in our yearbook please contact the office. Business Card $40, ¼ page $60, ½ page $100, Full page $160, Inside cover $300


Library: All books are to be returned back to the library by June 6th. There will be no more checkouts after this date.

Mrs. Penner (

Bring to school:
Please return all library books on Monday, June 6.
Our field trip is on June 14 for both JK & SK.
Some of the things we have done in Kindergarten…..
Bible: Jesus’ Miracles: Jesus Heals the Blind, John 9. Jesus Walks on Water,Matthew 14:22
SK- Reading poems.
Math: We are working with the 100 chart this week.
JK- Matching uppercase letters with lowercase letters.
Printing letters Uu, Vv and Ww
Math: Numbers 10-20, racetrack dice games.

GRADE 1 - Ms. Pieters (

Memory Work:
for Thurs. June 2
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding:
in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.
Proverbs 3: 5 and 6
Spelling Dictation: words for Friday, May 27
Review of all the words learned this year.
Scholastic Book Orders: Please return any orders for June with payment (cash, cheque, or pay online) by Friday, May 27.
A reminder list of things to bring to school:
library books to return and an A.R. book you have read so you can do a quiz on any school day
practice reading your sight words page(s)
Outdoor running shoes for track and field practice
Scholastic Book Order for June is due May 27

GRADES 2 and 3 – Miss Loewen (

Memory Work:
for Thursday, June 2
What should we say then? Since God is on our side, who can be against us? God did not spare his own Son. He gave him up for us all. Then won’t he also freely give us everything else?
Romans 8:31-32
Dictation Quiz on Friday, May 27 . List 28
Grade 2 words: put, push, pull, could, would, found, something, around, round, brown, ground, umbrella
Grade 3 words: brother, mother, another, field, friend, heard, early, friendly, head, near, year, shield, eat, measure, break, every, yield
Please return any library books for tomorrow.
AR: AR Reports will be sent home this Friday, May 27. Keep reading towards achieving your goals, girls and boys!
Field Trip News: The Grade 2/3 class will be going to Backus Heritage Conservation Area on Friday, June 10. We plan to leave the school at 8:30 and return at 3:30. Our day will consist of exploring the forest and ponds at the conservation area followed by ice cream at Twins in Port Rowan. We will need some adult helpers to accompany us on this day. We will need 3 helpers. Please e-mail me or write me a short note by Wednesday, June 1 if you are willing and able to join us.
Reminder List of things to bring:
Library books that are due, and any completed AR books
Outdoor running shoes for track and field practice

GRADES 3 and 4 - Ms. Buma (

Fri. May 27 - Spelling Dictation, Grade 3 words are: brother, mother, another, field, friend, heard, early, friendly, head, near, year, shield, eat, measure, break, father, yield
Grade 4 words are: hopeless, careless, homeless, tireless, hopeful, fearful, cheerful, careful, graceful, happily friendly, angrily, swiftly, suddenly, darkness, goodness, sadness, kindness,gentleness, gracefully
Accelerated Reader: AR Reports will be sent home this Friday, May 27. Keep reading towards achieving your goals, girls and boys!
Thurs. June 2 : Memory Work: (For the Fruit of All Creation - Vs. 3)
For the harvests of the Spirit, thanks be to God.
For the good we all inherit, thanks be to God.
For the wonders that astound us,
for the truths that still confound us,
most of all, that love has found us,
thanks be to God.
Words: Fred Pratt Green, 1970
Music: Traditional Welsh melody, c. 1784; harmonized by Luther O. Emerson, 1906
Student of the Week: This week’s Student of the Week is Jefferson Loewen. Next week: Allyson Mantel.
Field Trip News: The Grades 3/4 class will be going to Backus Heritage Conservation Area on Monday, June 6. We plan to leave the school at 8:30 and return by 3:30. Our class will explore what life was like in Canada during the mid 18th - 19th century. We will participate in an 1860’s classroom routine, followed by hands-on and outdoor activities. Before returning to school, we will enjoy a brief ice cream stop over at Twins in Port Rowan. We will be needing 3 adult helpers to accompany us on this day. Please email me or write me a short note by Tues. May 31, if you are able to join us. Thank you.
A Reminder List of Things to Bring to School:
Library books that are due, and any completed AR books
Outdoor running shoes for track and field practice
June Scholastic Book Order, due Fri. June 3 

GRADE 5 and 6 – Ms. Jones (

Spelling Quiz and Worksheet - Friday, May 27
List 29: destruct, destruction, describe, description, decorate, decoration, divide, division, administer, administration, populate, population, infect, infection, punctuate, punctuation, attend, attention.
Literature Circles: Chapter 5 Roles due next Tuesday, May 31
Math: Unit Test has been moved to Thursday, May 26 - all notebook work due.
Help! Parent volunteers needed for Friday May 31, to play disc golf at Steen Park. We will leave at 12:00, right after an early lunch. (Weather permitting) Students - please bring a change of clothing that you don’t mind getting wet.

GRADE 7 and 8 – Mr. TenBruggencate (
Please see our class wiki page (linked from the ICS website,
Fair Glen Camping Trip: Grow together as you face outdoor challenge and fun!