Thursday, 29 May 2014

May 28th Journal

   The ICS Journal 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mission:  The mission of Immanuel Christian School is to prepare students to meet the challenge of the world and culture they live in as young and growing Christians.  Thus, students are taught the skill of discernment in the light of God’s Word, the practice of stewardship for creation, the required commitment to a life of Christian service, and the beauty of witness through modeling God’s love in a broken world.

Upcoming Events

May  28-30 Gr. 7 & 8 to Fair Glen
        29  JK-2 Field Trip Greenview Aviaries
        30  3-4 Field Trip Backus Heritage Conservation area
              5-6 Field Trip Port Rowan/Long Point
June  4  WDCS Track & Field (no school for SK/ gr 1)
         5  Raindate for WDCS T&F   
         6  Gifts of Healing Gallery Walk
             Family Fun Night
         10 Grade 8 math exam
         12 PA Day - report card writing
         13 Grade 7/8 Baseball with Strathroy (in town)
         19 Library summer book sign out
         20 Last day of school - note proposed changes!
            - dismissal at 2:30 (students home 1 hr early)
            - graduation ceremony 7pm (earlier time)
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ICS Website:    519-773-8476
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LDCSS Website:   519-455-4360
Christian Education Foundation (endowment fund):
From the Principal’s Desk:
In this week of activities (our school track meet, Kindergarten orientation, Fair Glen camping for 7/8, field trips for all our other classes), I thought that this graphic from last week’s chapel was especially appropriate. In the same way that a runner needs to actively exert him or herself in reaching the finish line, so we are called as Christians to work each day for His kingdom. It is a call reflected through our activities as a Christian school: we are called to engage in our education with enthusiasm, diligence and endurance. While there are naturally elements of endurance as we complete the school year, this week’s activities are all part of the “enthusiasm” piece! Thank-you to so many who have helped make these events possible - track and field helpers, field trip chaperones, drivers - we appreciate your involvement!run-the-race-550x320.jpg

in Christian education, Keith Cameron, Principal

Praying for our families: This week we pray for Hans & Sheryle Drop and Ryan & Annette Dykxhoorn. Also please keep the families of Marie Smit and Teresa Janssen’s in your prayers
Praying for our staff:  This week let’s pray for Mr T

GIFTS Program: How are your GIFTS hours coming along? June 30 is the deadline. If you have completed your hours, please send your form to the school office.
Cheese Orders: Orders are due Wednesday, May 28th with delivery on Wed June 4. This will be the last cheese order until school returns in September.
Meat & Baked Goods Order Form: Orders are due: Friday May 30th  (please no late orders) with pickup on Thursday June 19th between 2-4 pm. Stock up for the summer bbq season!

Celebrating Christian Education in our Churches.
  • Sunday Jun 1 @ Tillsonburg Alliance (9:30), North Broadway Baptist (10:30). We will show our video, Keith will speak briefly and we will have our promotions board displayed.

Universal Bursary Program and Registration: At last week’s meeting, the Board confirmed full funding to the universal bursary program. We are asking all parents to confirm their intent to register for 2014-2015, and their intent to apply to the bursary, by June 30 (earlier is better). The bursary is a new program, supported by our membership through the Spring Drive, and providing a potential tuition reduction to all full-tuition families. Among other conditions, Getting Involved for the Students (GIFTS) volunteer hours are essential to a bursary application. You should already have received an email link to the application form, and hard copies are available through the office. Our bookkeeper, Teresa, will be sending out tuition invoices as soon as the Tuition Reduction Incentive Plan (TRIP gift cards) profits are tabulated at the end of May. Do you have question? Please speak to Keith or Cliff, our new Treasurer. We are excited and we praise God for next year’s enrolment, with potentially 94 students, including 10 JK, 12 SK and 7 new families!

WDCS Track & Field June 4th:
  • We have 42 students competing! Parental letters have been sent home today with participating students with full details for the day’s events. Please check the event times carefully - we suggest being 1 hour in advance in case events run early! If your child is unable to participate, or if there are any other problems, please speak to Mr Cameron by Friday at noon.
  • Note that, as planned, due to the numbers of siblings participating, and the numbers of supervising staff, there is no school for SK or grade 1 on June 4.
  • We are in need of volunteers. Shifts will be approx. 2 hrs in length starting at 9am and ending at 5pm for cleanup. There is flexibility to work around your child's events. Please contact Bettina Vandersleen or the office if you can assist.

From the Library:
1. ALL MATERIALS are due to be returned on June 5 (extensions allowed for strudents still doing AR reading).
2. On Monday (June 2) all students will be given a BLUE slip listing all titles they have checked out. This to is help you locate everything and send it to the library on/by Thursday.
3. Since the library will be closed for checkouts after June 5, students need to bring books from home to use for silent reading time.
4. Summer Sign-out - Students wanting to take books home for the summer need to bring a note indicating parental permission. This book check-out will be held on June 19.
5. INVENTORY help is appreciated!  Times: Monday, June 9: 9-3, Wednesday June 11: 9-4, Thursday, June 12: 9-4
6. As I remove older books from our collection, I am adding them to the book cart in the hall. If you see a favourite you can't bear to part with, help yourself (25 cent donation per item)

Board update for May: Newest board members Janine Shelton and Jim Vording were welcomed.
Executive elected for 2014/15: Chair – Chris Hiemstra; Secretary – Jane Weverink; Vice Chair – Janine Shelton; Treasurer - Cliff Janssens
Board members filled out a self evaluation. Suggestions we hope to implement: board meeting summary in Journal; more board education/training; engaging students and parents more
Spring membership speaker Jennifer Feenstra left us with lots of info.  Promotions will be using some of her ideas, and board will also be looking at various items.
Policy updates and changes were approved

Volunteer Opportunities 2014-2015:
1. Grocery Tapes: We are looking for someone to take care of tabulating our grocery tape receipts and bringing them in for a refund.  This helps with your volunteer hours commitment. Please contact the office.
2. Breakfast Program: Jodie Hibbert and Carrie Rempel have done a great job starting this new program out - thanks so much! We need one new volunteer to come on board for next year, joining Carrie. Responsibilities include snack menu planning, shopping, tracking receipts and supervision of the student service team. With well-trained, eager students, you might only need to be at ICS in the morning briefly, twice a week.

Teacher Job Postings: If you know anyone looking, please let them know about these (also posted on:
1. Part-Time Music Instructor
Immanuel Christian School is looking for a dynamic, talented music instructor, able to inspire and instruct multi-age student groupings in elementary music and instrumental band. Classes are grouped on Mon and Tue mornings and the position is 10.7% of a full-time position (4 classes a week). Although a teaching degree is not required, a valid teaching degree will be given preference. Position may also be expanded to include our co-curricular band leader after school on Mondays (additional stipend). For qualified applicants, there is a possibility that this position may be combined with the Part-Time French Teacher position. To apply, please send cover letter, resume, statement of faith, and Christian philosophy of education to Keith Cameron at by Saturday June 14, 2014.
2. Part-Time French Teacher
Immanuel Christian School is looking for a dynamic, talented French teacher, able to inspire and instruct grades 5-8 students, with an emphasis on conversation and identifying with the French-speaking church in Canada and around the world. Classes are grouped on Mon, Wed and Thu mornings and the position is 16.7% of a full-time position (7 classes a week). For qualified applicants, there is a possibility that this position may be combined with the Part-Time Music Instructor position. Depending on enrolment, this position may possibly be expanded to cover gr 7/8 History and Geography (an additional 3 periods a week). To apply, please send cover letter, resume, statement of faith, and Christian philosophy of education to Keith Cameron at by Saturday June 14, 2014.
Come to Family Fun Night and Gifts of Healing Gallery Walk on June 6!
It's the LAST HOORAH!  Join us for the last Friday Family Fun Night on Friday, June 6 from 5-7pm outside (weather permitting) in the school parking lot.  Enjoy an evening of fresh hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries, drinks and dessert - hosted by the teachers and staff at ICS!  Adults $8, Children 10+ under $5.  
Enjoy on site Gallery Tours showcasing the student's recent Healing Hands project based learning and bring a road hockey stick for a parking lot tournament - fun for the kids, parents and grandparents!
Delivery to Heritage Place and Takeout (519.773.8476) will also be available.
Over the last 4 Friday afternoons in May, we looked at the healing of the man born blind in John 9, and at a modern-day medical healer. Each “student family” group studied a different person - Mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale, Frederick Banting, Clara Barton, Louis Pasteur, or Jonas Salk. We’d love to share our learning in a “gallery walk” format on the evening of Friday June 6 during the Family Fun Night. Each school family will set up a display. Come out for good food, good company and a good look at some of the exciting work our students have been doing in a multi-age learning environment!


Whole-School Memory Work: We’ll be singing “Young” from Seeds of Worship, and “Roots in Christ Jesus”  as graduation songs, so all our classes will be focusing their memory work in that area:
Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young
But set an example for the believers
In speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity
First Timothy 4:12
KINDERGARTEN - Mrs. Groeneweg

Some of the things we have done in KINDERGARTEN…
Memory Work : Graduation song
Show and Tell: SK: Monday, June 2
                      JK: Tuesday, June 3
Field Trip: A big thank you to Mrs. Rose Fehr, Mrs. Carrie Vis and Mrs. Annette Dykxhoorn for volunteering to come with us on May, 29th to Greenview Aviaries. Leaving at 8:45 - back at school 3:10.

GRADES 1 and 2 - Ms. Pieters
Memory Work: Graduation song
Spelling: dictation test is on Friday, June 30
Grade 1: review all lists
Grade 2: review all lists
Field Trip: On May, 29th we are planning to go to Greenview Aviaries for the day. Leaving at 8:45 - back at school 3:10. We are looking forward to having our volunteers Mrs. Jodie Hibbert, Mrs. Christine Janssens, and Mrs. Esther Kroondyk help us on this trip. Mrs. Ann Walters will be our bus driver. Thank-you.

GRADES 3 and 4 – Mrs. Drop

Memory Work:  Graduation song
Spelling Dictation:  Spelling will resume next week.  There will be no spelling dictation this week.
Accelerated Reader:    Keep reading and taking quizzes!  AR goals are due on Fri., June 6.
Creation Studies Test: Tues. June 3 Our Historical Community - Refer to your Study Guide girls and boys, when you review your notes.  Study Guides will be sent home on Thursday, May 29.
Math:  There will be a math test on Thurs., June 5.  
Grade 3:  Please practise multiplying two digit numbers by one digit numbers.  i.e.  23 x 6
Grade 4:  Please practise multiplying two digit numbers by two digit numbers.  i.e.  42 x 67
Field Trip:  Thank you to Mrs. Angie Bergen and Mrs. Sheri Weesjes, who will be helping out on our field trip to Backus Heritage Conservation Area!  We will be leaving the school at 8:30 a.m. and we will be returning by 3:30 p.m.  Please refer to the letter that you received regarding further details about the day.  Students may bring some fun activities for the bus ride.  Remember to dress for the weather.  If students have any pioneer clothes, they may put them on for their trip “back in time”.   

      GRADES 5 and 6 - Ms. Buma

Memory Work: Graduation Song
Spelling Dictation: Unit 28, Friday, May 30.
Accelerated Reader: Continue to read for enjoyment, and also towards achieving your individual AR goals, due on Fri. June 6. AR Reports will be sent home on Thursday, May 29.
Social Studies: Our final unit will look at the ongoing Provincial election! Student Vote is a parallel election program for students under the voting age that coincides with official election periods. Students learn about the democratic process, party platforms and local candidates through classroom learning, campaign events and take-home activities. The program culminates with an authentic in-school vote on the official election candidates where by students take on the roles of election officials.
Field Trip: Our class is planning a “wide open adventure” field trip on Fri May 30 (weather permitting) to Long Point and Port Rowan. We will take advantage of the unique sand dunes in Long Point Provincial Park, appreciating the natural wildlife, playing manhunt and capture the flag, roasting octopus hotdogs and making s’mores, and finishing the day with an ice cream at Twins in Port Rowan. In the interests of safety, students will not be in or at the edge of the water. Mr Cameron will be supervising, with Mrs Kroondyk, Mrs Ypma and Mrs Cameron assisting. Students should wear a hat, sunscreen, shorts, running shoes and a light jacket if it is cool.

GRADES 7 and 8 – Mr. TenBruggencate / Ms. Jones
Enjoy Fair Glen camping from May 28-30!
Memory Work:  Graduation song
Math:There will be a mathematics unit test on Tuesday, June 3rd on Integers..
Art: Bring supplies for final project. Be prepared. Remember Report is due as well on June 11th as well as art folder and all other unfinished work.
History: An upcoming test on final unit is scheduled for Wednesday, June 11th. This is an open notebook test. Students will be given a class to look over and organized notes prior to test. Reading through notes 10-20 minutes a day is the best study plan for optimum learning. There were A LOT of notes this unit!! Hopefully students completed work well in class and read the suggested text pages to enrich learning.
Games with our Friends at Chartwell Retirement Residence on Tuesday was enjoyed by staff, residence and students!
PotLuck: Thank you for all the help with class potlucks! The last one is Thursday, June 19th.