Wednesday, 21 December 2016

December 21st 2016, Journal


Wednesday, Dec. 21st, 2016

Mission:  Immanuel Christian School assists parents in raising children to follow Christ with an excellent elementary program and a focus on Christian character growth.
Dec  22nd  Last day of school
                 School skate Gr.1-8, 2-3pm ( JK / SK has alternate plans)
                 LDCSS Christmas Concert 7:30pm
       23rd -Jan 8th Christmas Holidays
Jan   9th - Return back to School
       11th- Chapel - Gr 5&6
       18th- Chapel - Gr 7&8
       20th- New Family Information Night 7pm
       25th- Chapel - SK
                 School spirit - Duct tape day
                 Hot Lunch
                 School skate - 2-3pm
       27th - #2 Immunization clinic for Gr 7&8
                Winter Electives #1
       28th - A Wedding to Remember
      30th - ICS Speakfest
      31st - Sr BB tournament
75 Caverly Rd, Aylmer, N5H 2P6
Telephone: 519-773-8476
LDCSS:   519-455-4360
Christian Schools Foundation (endowment):
NEW: ICS Spirit Wear: check out the possibilities on:
From the Principal’s Desk:
The Aylmer Express published their Christmas edition last week, featuring submissions from local schools. If you have not seen it, it is worth getting a copy (there's one on the wall outside the office). Amongst Santa wish lists, reindeer and good cheer, the Christmas story of Jesus’ birth shines out clearly in our students’ submissions! Psalm 8 declares that God’s name will be proclaimed by the mouths of children - how true! God’s blessings to you and your families as you celebrate His birth!
in Christian education, Keith Cameron, Principal and Chief Operating Officer
Praying for our parents: Please join us as we pray for Andy & Esther Kroondyk and Andrew & Keli-lyn Lockyer
Praying for our staff: Please pray for our Grade 2/3 teacher Miss Loewen.

Tuition Reduction Incentive Plan (T.R.I.P): Next order will be sent out on Jan 11th.
Ice Skating, Romance, Figure ...Grades 1-8 Skate tomorrow, Thursday, Dec. 22 from 2-3pm - Gr 1 & 2 students are required to wear helmets.  All students are required to wear mittens or gloves. Helmets and skates can be rented at the arena: $2 for skates, $1 for helmet.  All parents are welcome!
Meat & Baked Goods fundraiser: The Christmas sale raised $825.00! Thank you to all who supported this fundraiser and special thanks to Katherine, Irene and Cally for their time and efforts.

Elective forms for grades 4-8 are due tomorrow with the $20 fee to cover the costs. Forms were sent home last week. The program will run on Friday afternoons from Jan 27th - March 3rd (snow day) from 1pm - 3:15pm.

*Transportation Note for all High School Students - Since ICS has no school on Friday December 23, the busing for LDCSS will be as follows: Mrs. Tesselaar’s bus will leave her home at 7:45am (students catching the bus at her house should be there by 7:40am). The return trip home will be done in reverse leaving from the Dorchester arena after their school skate.
Morning Afternoon
ICS at 8:00am Leave Dorchester Arena at 2:30pm
End of Forest & Elm at 8:04am Belmont stop 2:40pm
Lyons at 8:15am Kroondyk’s at 2:45pm
47000 Wilson Line at 8:25am Lyons at 2:55pm
Belmont Arena 8:28am End of Forrest & Elm at 3:03pmManning Drive 8:30am ICS at 3:05pm Mrs. Tesselaar’s at 3:20pm

New Family Information Night: The new year will start our 2017 registration season. Our New Student/Family Information evening is on Friday January 20th at 7:00pm. We feel strongly that many of our prospective parents are attending churches in our local area. Advertising in our local churches is very important. We have sent home an advertising poster and postcards for our Jump into Kindergarten program home last week for selected families (our Church Ambassadors). If your family received one and it's alright with your church, we ask that you please post it in your church right after Christmas in time for the first Sunday of 2017. If you know any families interested in ICS please invite them!
... Chess Set Clipart ...
Chess: Gr 3-8 are invited to sign up for the Chess team right after Christmas. Practices will start on January 16th from 12:05 -12:55 pm.

AW2Remember.jpgThe countdown is on and we are under 50 days from our big ‘Wedding to Remember’ Fundraiser! Just as you know the hard work that goes into planning an actual wedding or large scale event, the guest list is the backbone of the success to the event! We want to see you!  You are welcome to gather a group of friends or family and make a table of 8, bring a guest or come on your own!  The more the merrier!
What to expect?  An excellent dinner, dessert auction, games, laughter, stories, ways to help raise funds for God’s work at ICS and much more!
What to wear?  Come dressed for a wedding reception – as a bride / groom / usher / bridesmaid / guest. Whatever you fancy! Prizes for craziest and best dressed individuals/couples! We want you to feel as excited as you did about your very own wedding without the headaches of planning, pulling your hair out and sleepless nights!
RSVP to the ICS school office or check out our RSVP page –

Still needing some GIFTS hours? We have new volunteer opportunities for A WEDDING TO REMEMBER: Check out the new positions available at

From the Library: We have a project in mind and would love to have your EMPTY chocolate boxes. The Delecto or Pecan Clusters (i.e. fake Turtles) from Walmart seem ideal, but similar sizes should also work. After you finish your chocolates, rather than throw the boxes into the recycling or garbage, send them to school.
Our Campbells Soup Labels collection program will be coming to an end by Dec 31st, 2016.  Please send in any labels you have at home by our last day next week Thursday.  We will tally our labels and send in our numbers the first week we are back to school.  Thanks to all those who have collected labels for many years.  

JR / SR KINDERGARTEN - Mrs. Penner (
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas as you celebrate the most important gift of all, Jesus. Stay safe and I'll be waiting for you in the New Year!
I will be sending home all of the quiet time blankets for a wash, please remember to have them back in your backpack for January!
Library: Please return your books each Monday with your library bag.
Bible: Simeon & Anna, Luke 2:21-38 and The Wise Men, Matthew 2:1-23.
Letter/Sound of the week: o We now know: s, a, t, i, n, p, c, k. e, h, r, d, m, g.
SK words: a, the, at, I, in, it, God, blue, green, red and yellow, purple, orange, black, brown, white, & with.
SK Math: Patterns
JK Math: Number match 1-15

GRADE 1 - Ms. Pieters (
Memory Work: Thank you to Mrs. Ward for sending us a youtube link to help us learn Psalm 100:1-3

Spelling: Dictation quiz will be on Thursday, Dec. 22 Grade 1 words will be a review of Lists 8 - 14
The students took home their review lists. They also typed their words in their google docs account.  
  • Library Books are due tomorrow
  • To enjoy reading your books and sight word page(s)
  • To bring your skates and helmet or money for rental tomorrow
Christmas Thoughts and prayers from Grade 1:
  • Jesus is born in Bethlehem in the warm and soft hay. I love my God. Jolene Bierman
  • Baby Jesus is born. I like that Jesus is born. Baby Jesus is God’s son. Zoe Dalm
  • Jesus is born on Christmas night. King Herod did not like that! He wanted Him to be dead. Travis Dykxhoorn
  • Jesus is born. I love you. Jesus is the King. God is the King. God is Jesus. And Jesus is God. Dennis Fehr
  • Baby Jesus is born. Jesus is our King. Jesus is our Saviour. Jesus is the light. Jesus is the way. Jesus is kind. Jesus is God’s Son. Jesus is the best. Ella Foster
  • Bless those who have nothing. This is why you give us so much in our cupboards so we learn how to share. All the people that don’t know about you, let them learn about you. Roenan Hiebert
  • Baby Jesus is born in Christ and He loves you and me. And He gave us a church to learn more about Him. My minister teaches more about God. Elaina Kroondyk
  • The night Jesus was born God sent angels to tell the shepherds. Jarvis Loewen
    • I believe Jesus was born to protect people. Wyatt Manning
    • Baby Jesus was born. I like you Jesus. Bentley Milmine
    • Jesus is born. I believe in Jesus. Wyatt Peters
    • God made Jesus His only Son. When Jesus was born lots of people came to Bethlehem to see Jesus. After a few years some wisemen came. They gave him gifts. Eleanor Saarloos
    • Jesus is born on Christmas Day. God sent the baby. Audrey VanGurp
    • Jesus is Holy. Jesus is born. I am Jesus’ child. I am thankful for Jesus Christ. Rosemary Voth
    • Jesus is born this night. It was a beautiful night. The lord of Lords and the king of Kings was born that night. Give the Lord praise! Praise the Lord everyday. Aron Wall
    • Baby is born. Worship the King. Worship, worship, worship the Holy Spirit. God is the almighty one. Sully Ward
    • Oh on a glorious night Baby Jesus was born!

    GRADES 2 and 3 – Miss Loewen (
    Happy Birthday to Rachel Cameron (December 21), who is turning 8! We wish you many blessings and a wonderful year.
    Happy Birthday to Shane Dykxhoorn (January 2), who is turning 9! We wish you many blessings and a wonderful year.
    Spelling Dictation quiz on Thursday, Dec 22: List 12
    Gr 2 : candy, went, sent, take, like, puppy, time, didn’t, by, my
    Gr 3: awful, called, falling, mall, small, straw, drawing, strongest, longer, song, along, bought, brought, rough tough
    Math: We have had a great time learning about what multiplication and division mean. Working on Mathletics during the holidays will help your child improve basic math facts and practicing of concepts taught in class.  
    Christmas Celebration: I will be bringing in a small snack for students to share and enjoy at lunch on Thursday. We will be playing games and finish our day with skating.
    A reminder list of things to bring to school:
    • All Library Books are due tomorrow
    • Connect to Grow forms sent home with report cards in November
    • Skates and helmet or money for rental
    Christmas Thoughts:
    • Rylee Peters: Christmas is the time of giving gifts and spending time with your family, celebrating Jesus birth. At Christmas it is better to give gifts then to get one. Some people like to get gifts, then to give one. It’s the time to make or buy something for  friends or family.
    • Everett Ward: Christmas is here it is in the air. I can dance all night until midnight. it is fun but what are we missing? the tree? The presents? NO! We are forgetting the most cool and amazing thing is that Jesus was born on that day. That is why Christmas is not about presents.
    • Maxwell Bergen: Christmas: presents and stocking and when baby Jesus was born and we are going to Florida.
    • Gabriella Friesen: Snow is falling and we meet we learn about Jesus. God is here he is our light for our path. It is Jesus we are learning about not presents or a christmas tree. It is Jesus and it is his birthday. He loves us and so do we. I love God so much.
    • Tyler Vis: On Christmas Jesus was in a manger with hay and animals were in the stable. And on Christmas we celebrate baby Jesus’ birth and on Christmas we have hot chocolate. And we have cookies and we have fun.
    Grade 3 Math! Our time together is coming to an end as we wrap up double digit multiplication and division using 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10.  As teacher, I have seen remarkable growth in those students who practice Mathletics at home - some students have grown tremendously! Great work! Grade 3 will meet together again next February for another unit! - Mr Cameron

    GRADES 3 and 4 - Ms. Buma (
    Happy Birthday: We would like to wish Abigail Winter and Aryanna Lockyer a very Happy Birthday early into the new year. Abigail will be turning 10 years old on Thursday, January 5. Aryanna will be turning 10 years old on Friday, January 6. Happy Birthday Abigail and Aryanna! May God richly bless each of you, in your new year of life!
    Library Class: Tomorrow is Library Class. Please return any due books.
    Thurs. Dec. 22 - Spelling Dictation -*Grade 3 words are; lady, ladies, surprise, surprises, toys, shoes, shy, cry, cried, study, studied, story, only, finally, family, rely, suddenly
    *(Grade 4 words are): lived, living, rattled, rattling, studied, studying, travelled, travelling, changed, changing, appeared, appearing, raced, racing, hoped, hoping, wrapped, wrapping, placed, placing
    34.pngFrançais: Check out the French section of the 5/6 Wikispace! Students have been taught how to access this site from in-class tutorials and are encouraged to check it often! Access important up-to-date classroom information & resources, such as: Announcements (for tests etc.), Calendar, Google Classroom (Duolingo & Quizlet), and LiveBinders (extra review/practice). Click here 3/4 Wiki or scan the QR code…
    Student of the Week: This week’s Student of the Week is Gloria Loewen. After the Christmas Break: Jaywynn Loewen
    See grade 3 math note above…
    Christmas Thoughts ~ The Manger - By Dylan Rempel
    The manger was a box.
    It was kept in the barn or a stable.
    It held animal feed.
    Jesus mother put him in the manger.  
    The manger was Jesus’ first bed.
    • The Barn - By Eden Shelton
    The barn was very small and cold at night, but it was special.
    It had animals living there, and each one had a special purpose.
    PIGEON - The PIGEON who cooed the baby to sleep
    COW - The COW who gave them the manger
    SHEEP - The SHEEP who gave them warmth
    CHICKEN - The CHICKEN who gave them food
    DONKEY - The DONKEY who gave them a ride
    They’re not so spectacular.
    But they all have a special reason for being in that barn.
    Who are they?
    They are the family of Jesus in the first Christmas story.
    • JESUS - By Makayla Zylstra
    Joy to my heart
    • Christmas - By Madyson Bakker
    Christ is born.
    He’s the Lord.
    Rich in love.
    So good and great.
    Tell the story.
    Master of peace.
    Amazing grace.
    Saviour to all.

    GRADE 5 and 6 – Ms. Farrow Jones (
    Reading: Be sure to grab a book for holiday reading!
    Math: Pg 66-67, #1-12, due Thursday.
    Language Arts: Brainstorming about speech writing topics. Research Activity due Thursday. Students will be completing speech writing back from Holidays. Be sure to have a plan!
    Check out Epic Books - Sign in under my email and use ICSfollow as a password to check out Audio books and online reading.
    5-6.pngFrançais: Check out the French section of the 5/6 Wikispace! Students have been taught how to access this site from in-class tutorials and are expected to check it often! Access important up-to-date classroom information & resources, such as: Announcements (for tests etc.), Calendar, Google Classroom (Duolingo & Quizlet), and LiveBinders (extra review/practice). Click here 5/6 Wiki or scan the QR code…
    Potluck: Thank you for everyone who helped with the potluck.
    Connect to Grow forms: Some forms are still outstanding. They were a response from report cards.
    Gift Exchange: We will be exchanging gifts on Thursday.

    GRADE 7 and 8 – Mr. Bierman (
    Class Banquet:  We are excited to spend time together as a class at a meal table.  Great memories are had while eating food together with others.  Thank you to all the parents who have volunteered to help with setup, and cleanup as well as your food or drink contributions for the day.
    Speeches:  A document was shared with the students today regarding the annual Speechfest requirements for grade 7 and 8 students.  January is a little shorter of a month than normal, so students are encouraged to be proactive in their progress-making on this assignment.  A schedule is provided to help with long term planning.
    Science:  Students have received information about Science Fair.  Students are encouraged to discuss topic ideas with parents.  They are required to submit their project proposal and permission form on Friday, January 13.  The project question is also due that day.  Students have begun to discover areas of science which interest them.  Topic selection takes time, and selecting a topic that is interesting and purposeful makes all the difference when it comes to student motivation and lasting learning.  There is a link on the grade ⅞ wiki page which directs students to helpful resources.
    qrcode.pngNote: The steps of the Scientific Method and skills for the projects will be taught in school, however, the majority of the project will be completed by the student on their own time.  This is a significant project which requires plenty of time management, experimentation, organization and communication.  Please stress the importance and value of the development of these life-skills and their application in the real world.
    Français: Check out the French section of the 7/8 Wikispace! Students have been taught how to access this site from in-class tutorials and are expected to check it routinely! Access important up-to-date classroom information & resources, such as: Announcements (for tests etc.), Calendar, Google Classroom (Duolingo & Quizlet), and LiveBinders (extra review/practice) Click here 7/8 Wiki or scan the QR code…