Wednesday, 21 February 2018

February 21st Journal, 2018

The ICS Journal


Wednesday, Feb 21st, 2018

Mission:  Immanuel Christian School assists parents in raising children to follow Christ with an excellent elementary program and a focus on Christian character growth.

Upcoming Events

Feb 22nd- Jr Battle practice 10:20am,  Sr Battle practice 12:05pm
       23rd - Gr 1-3 Children’s Museum Field Trip
                  Winter Electives #3,
       26th-  Sr Battle practice 10:20am,  Jr Battle practice 12:05pm
                  Public Speaking Awards at 7 PM at The Aylmer  Legion
       27th - Hockey practice 7:30-8:30am
                  Jump into JK/SK #3
Mar   1st - Jump into JK/SK #4
          1st - Gr. 4-5 Museum of Ontario Archaeology
         2nd - Friday Family Fun Night
                 Winter Electives #4, Swim to Survive #3
         3rd - Legion Public Speaking Contest -  Zone Level  in St. Thomas.  
75 Caverly Rd, Aylmer, N5H 2P6
Telephone: 519-773-8476

LDCSS:   519-455-4360

Christian Schools Foundation (endowment):

From the Principal’s Desk:
This Family Day weekend I was out with our grade 12 son, Matthew, checking out promising university options at UNBC in Prince George. I was struck how alive the small campus felt, with students and staff greeting each other, and offering to help us find our way. In a similar manner, ICS currently enjoys a positive “hallway feel”. Monday’s Daily Bread devotion also resonated: “Paul reminds us that all we have comes from God, who wants to enrich us ‘in every way so that [we] can be generous’ (2 Corinthians 9:10–11). The math of heaven isn’t a calculation of scarcity but of abundance. We can share joyfully because God promises to care for us even as we are generous to others.” Here at ICS we have a gift of excellent Christian education, which we need to continue to share with our Christian community! A Finance Committee rep and I are working on changes to our tuition assistance policy to help us express grace and generosity with those amongst us who need a help. We are also generous when we speak enthusiastically and openly with our church friends and acquaintances about ICS. Our 2018/2019 tuition figures are based on at least 2 new JK families, and 3 New to ICS transfer families. We have lots of room in our SK class in particular. Over the last month, Tracey and I have worked hard to define the 2018/2019 enquiries. We have 12 active enquiries, but we have closed 6 others without securing an enrollment… Pray for those considering ICS, and speak boldly to those you know who do not yet have their children in a Christian school!
In Christian education, Keith Cameron, Principal and Chief Operating Officer
Each week, during staff devotions we join in prayer for our parents and staff members. We invite you to do so as well.
Praying for our parents: Please pray for Janine Shelton and Stu Shelton as well as Justin & Megan Siemens.
We also would like to remember the Krahn family in our prayers as Anna’s father experienced chest pains and troubles breathing while driving transport in Arizona. John & Anna have travelled to the USA to be with him and her mother.
Praying for our staff: Please pray for our Principal Mr. Keith Cameron.

Final Call - Are you registered? Please confirm your registration for 2018/2019 using the Sycamore button on our homepage as soon as possible. Tracey will be able to talk you through any questions / login details / challenges you may encounter. Thank-you!

T.R.I.P:. Order form is attached. Due on March 1st, pickup on the 8th.
Friday Family Fun Night: ALOHA! The next Friday Family Fun Night is March 2nd and we're having a Hawaiian Luau!! PIE IN THE FACE- got some spare change? Bring it in and vote for the teacher you would like to see get a Pie in the face at the next Friday Family Fun Night! Who will it be? Mr.Bierman, Mr.Cameron or Ms.Smeets?! Vote by putting your change in the jars located in the office. The best dressed Hawaiian at the Family Fun Night, will get to throw the pie at 6pm! *NEW*- to assist with planning, you can now pre-order your FFFN admission tickets. (See form at end of journal). Advanced admission is: $8/adult and $5/child(12 and under) At the door admission will be: $10/adult and $7/child (12 and under). The deadline to pre-order is this Friday, Feb. 23rd. Cheques made payable to ICS and cash can be handed in at the office with your order form. Looking to get some G.I.F.T.S hours completed? Sign up to help the FFFN crew here. Complimentary dinner included!

Income Tax Receipts: Tax receipts are coming, we are just waiting on the cost per pupil number from the OACS.

Jump into Kindergarten! Children entering JK & SK are invited to experience the Kindergarten classroom at ICS. Children can enjoy the morning learning letters, shapes, and numbers in a Christian setting. New families to ICS are welcome to attend 2 mornings, and existing families may attend 1 morning. The program runs Feb 8, 27th & March 1st from 8:30-11:30am. Please share with anyone who might be interested. Call to reserve a spot!

Job Posting - Music and Junior Rotary Teacher. We are seeking a teacher capable of creating a joy in vocal, rhythm, recorder, ukulele, and band instruments in grades 2-8 students! An ability to perform and successfully instruct is more important than formal music qualifications, though those are an asset. This is initially a 50% position, including 20% music classes and the remainder rotary in junior Creation Studies. Possibility of expansion to 100% in the future if desired. If this is you, please submit your resume, including your statement of faith and philosophy of Christian education, as well as tangible "proof of successful instruction" (video, photos, testimonials, portfolio samples, etc). Do you know someone interested / able? Point them our way, please! All our postings are on our website ( and on the OACS site (

Chess Team update: We played at the Annual London Teams Chess Championship on Thursday Feb 15th. The level of competition was quite high, and we managed to take home some team prizes:
Primary (Ethan A., Colton, Max, Eve) - 2nd
Junior 1 (Promise, Luke, Jefferson, Phoebe) - 3rd
Intermediate (Josh, Lucas, Caleb, Uri) - 3rd
Congratulations to all chess players, thanks to our coaches Murray Rodenburg and Bram DeDreu! The chess season is now concluded.

Hockey: Practices are on Tuesday mornings from 7:30-8:30 am.

Basketball: Jerseys still missing: Victor 19, William 17, Jonah 31, Dawson B 22 & Kahlen.

Jr. Basketball Practices: Girls - Wednesdays, Boys -Tuesdays

Needed for Spring Drama: Dry ice/Fog machine... Please contact the office if you have one we can borrow. Thanks!

Art: Submissions for the Art Exhibition at the St. Thomas Public Art Centre have been sent. Invites will be sent out this week. Please come and support ICS at the Art’s Crawl in St. Thomas!


Peanut, Allergy, Food ...Reminder: Due to allergies,  no peanut-based products are allowed at school or on the buses. Additionally, we ask that you limit egg-based items in Kindergarten lunches including boiled eggs and cream salad dressings.

JR / SR KINDERGARTEN - Mrs. Penner (
We welcome Melissa Dyck into our classroom for the mornings of Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays for her Co-op placement from E.E.S.S. We are appreciating her helping hands already!
Library: Remember to return your library books by Monday.
Some of the things we are doing in Kindergarten.....
Bible: Review Elijah and God’s Care, (1 Kings 16-29-17:24).
Elijah and the Prophets of Baal, (1 Kings 18).
Letter and sound of the week: Uu We now know: s, a, t, n, i, p, c, k, e, h, r, m, d, o, g, b, j, z, f, w, l & u.
This month’s math focus:
JK - Patterns & Shapes
SK - Graphing, Shapes & Solids

GRADE 1 and 2 - Ms. Pieters (

Happy 7th Birthday        
Chelsea McLeod
Monday, February 19, 2018
 “May you be blessed by the Lord, the
                    maker of heaven and earth.” Psalm 115:15

Happy 8th Birthday        
Wyatt Manning
Friday, February 23, 2018
 “May you be blessed by the Lord, the
                    maker of heaven and earth.” Psalm 115:15

Memory Work: for Wed., February 28
And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.
For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever.
Spelling: List 20 dictation will be on Friday, March 2
Grade 1: late, gave, snake, line, feet, jeep, cone, use
Grade 2: have, give, live, love, from, much, such, old, told, friend
Creation Studies FIELD TRIP to the London Children’s Museum will be this Friday, February 23. We are planning to leave at 8:45 am and return to school by 3:15 pm. Thank you to our bus driver Mrs. Walters and to our volunteers Mrs. Andrea Klassen, Mrs. Sara Loewen, Mrs. Cally Manning and Mrs. Julie Peters. Please pack a lunch to eat at the museum and some quiet activities to do as we travel on the bus.
Grade 1 Math: Our new unit focus is on length. Students will:
  • Compare the lengths of two or more objects
  • Arrange objects in order by length
  • Estimate and measure length
Grade 2 Math: We are so close to finishing our math books! We will be wrapping up our multiplication and division unit shortly before March break. Keep working hard to memorize those 2 and 3 times tables.

GRADES 2 and 3 – Miss Loewen (
Memory Work: for Feb 21 is  Look for Hope verse 2
Take the time to stop and pray.
Won’t you read His Book?
Make a choice right now today.
While you take a look,
You will find Him,
He’ll be there.
Jesus, Saviour, Friend who cares.
Spelling: List 17 quiz will be on Friday, March 2
Gr 2: now, down, how, out, shout, about, our, house, slow, show, sound, flow
Gr 3: follow, below, own, grown, town, ground, around, found, about, house, group, would, should, country, cousin, fountain, crown
Library: Remember to return your library books for tomorrow.
Language Arts: This week, we will begin our research on the sport that will be the central element of our stories. Students continue to work diligently to follow the Olympics. Remember, return your Reading Olympics sheet for our class medal ceremony on Monday, Feb. 26.  
Creation Studies FIELD TRIP to the London Children’s Museum will be this Friday, February 23. We are planning to leave at 8:45 am and return to school by 3:15 pm. Thank you to our bus driver Mrs. Walters and to our volunteers Mrs. Leona Loewen, Mrs. Chantelle Bakker, Mrs. Tine Hiebert and Mrs. Tara Foster. Please pack a lunch to eat at the museum and some quiet activities to do as we travel on the bus.
Accelerated Reader: Remember, goals are due on Friday, Mar. 2. Keep reading and taking ARs!
Grade 3 Math. We’re measuring and comparing! 1 km = 1000m, 1m = 100 cm. We’re asking questions such as how far, how much longer? Try some measurements out at home… Mr Cameron
Swim to Survive: Due to the Grades 1 - 3 Field Trip this Friday, February 23, our 3rd Swim to Survive Session will be held next week on Friday, March 2. Thank you! Ms. Buma

GRADES 4 and 5 - Ms. Buma (
Fri. *March 2 - Spelling Dictation: List 17 Grade (4) - also, bought, cough, almost, false, officer, soft, stalk, halt, faucet, saucer, caution, lawyer, awesome, stall, crawl, awful, because, caught, salt
Grade (5) - signal, regular, generous, energy, bridge, genius, dangerous, segment, figure, country, circle, concert, peaceful, nice, since, electric, dancing, decided, guarantee, cancel
Bible Studies: Unit tests on Ruth will be returned this Friday, Feb. 23. Our next Bible Studies unit is based on the life of Samuel. When God gave Hannah the son she had longed for, God also gave Israel the last and greatest of the judges, and the first (after Moses) of the great prophets - Samuel was the one who would  usher in the kings.
Memory Work: *Wed. Feb. 28 - Song: Everywhere I Go - Verses 1 and 2
Everywhere I go, the Lord is near me. If I call upon him, he will hear me.
Never will I fear, for the Lord is near, everywhere I go.
In the dark of night should things alarm me, ever in his sight, no ill may harm me.
I will be of cheer, for the Lord is near, everywhere I go.
Words and Music: Natalie Sleeth, arranged by Charlotte Larsen, 1992
Creation Studies: We are working on a Junior Creation Studies unit called One Body, Many Parts: First Nations of This Land. This unit begins with the premise that ALL people in the world, regardless of race, gender, religion, economic status, or location, are made in God’s image and can be a source of inspiration and knowledge for each one of us as Christ’s followers. Throughout the  lessons, we are becoming increasingly aware of the many ways in which First Nations peoples in the past and present are image bearers of God with distinctive worldviews, are people whose faith and spiritual beliefs were woven into their everyday lives, are rich and diverse in culture, and are people who can deepen our understanding of ourselves, our communities, and our faith.
Field Trip: We are looking forward to our upcoming Field Trip to the Museum of Archaeology in London, on Thursday, March 1. Thank you to Mr. Doug and Mrs. Ann Walters for being our bus drivers. We will require two adult supervisors to accompany us on this outing. Please let me know if you are able to help us out by Monday, Feb. 26. A letter including additional information was sent home with your child today. Thank you!     Ms. Buma
Library: Remember to return your books for tomorrow’s Library class, everyone.
Accelerated Reader: AR Reports were sent home today. Nine students have already achieved their 2nd Term goals, while five others are closing in on getting their goals. A few students have significant points to acquire, and should aim to sign out AR Books from our ICS Library tomorrow, Feb. 22.  Keep  reading, Grades 4 and 5! You can do it!
Music:  Create your Newfoundland Ugly Stick.  Worksheet went home last week.  It is due on Fri Mar 2.

GRADES 5 and 6 – Ms. Farrow Jones (

Bible: Memory Work: The Apostles’ Creed due Wednesday Feb. 21., Acts 6:8-10 for next Wednesday.
Math 5: How do you divide fractions? Find the quotient. Please use mathletics at home to practise work.
LA: Writing: Cover letters and Formal essay writing format. Starting opinion essay on bullying at ICS. We are talking about concerns and solutions to bullying at school. Due Feb. 28th.
Reading: Olympic Reading Challenge. Keep track of chapters read in your planner. AR points prize also!
Battle of the Books: Keep reading and practicing your questions!
FYI: Students have lost the privilege of using the microwave due to not cleaning up after numerous reminders.
Music:  Create your own instrument from recycled materials.  Worksheet went home today.  It is due on Wed Mar 7.  Group Garbage Bands will prepare and perform after March Break.

GRADES 7 and 8 – Mr. Bierman (
Science Challenge: This week marks the last week for construction.  We will compete with each other Friday, February 26 during first period. Check out the ICS Facebook video post or: . All project work will be done at school and one ICS team will compete at the competition after March Break.
Grad Shirt Orders went out today. If you want to order a shirt, please return order form and payment before next Friday (Feb. 26).
Music: Band instruments need to be at school every Wednesday and Friday.
Battle of the Books: Keep reading and practicing your questions!
Tech: Mr Cameron is teaching a segment on interactive Google Slides to go with the Geography assignment. Tech 1 is overdue in Classroom if you have not yet marked it as done...
Pre-order your tickets for the next Friday Family Fun Night - March 2nd
Advanced admission is: $8/adult and $5/child(12 and under) Deadline Friday Feb 23rd.

Friday Family Fun Night - March 2nd
Ticket Pre-Order Form
_____ Adult(s)
_____ Children (12 and under)
_____ Total
_____ Payment enclosed

          Family Name
Friday Family Fun Night - March 2nd
Ticket Pre-Order Form
_____ Adult(s)
_____ Children (12 and under)
_____ Total
_____ Payment enclosed

          Family Name