Wednesday, 7 February 2018

January 31st, 2018 Journal


Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

Mission:  Immanuel Christian School assists parents in raising children to follow Christ with an excellent elementary program and a focus on Christian character growth.

Upcoming Events

Jan  31st - ICS Speakfest
                  Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship
Feb    2nd  Winter Electives #1, Swim to Survive #1
          3rd - GST Auction
          5th - Prayer team meets 8:30am
          6th - Hockey practice begins 7-8am
                  Jump into JK #1 8:30-11:30am
         7th - Chapel Gr 2/3
         8th - Jump into JK #2 8:30-11:30am
         9th - Winter Electives #2, Swim to Survive #2
       10th - Aylmer Legion Public Speaking
       13th - Hockey practice 7-8am
       14th - New Registration day
                 Hot Lunch - Pancake day
       15th - Annual London Teams Chess Championship
       16th - Winter Electives #3, Swim to Survive #3
       19th - Family Day holiday (no school)
       20th - PA day (report writing)
75 Caverly Rd, Aylmer, N5H 2P6
Telephone: 519-773-8476

LDCSS:   519-455-4360

Christian Schools Foundation (endowment):

From the Principal’s Desk:
“ For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord,
“plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jer 29:11
Those words which we often use as an encouragement were given by Jeremiah to a nation in exile, uncertain of their future. Jeremiah declared that God was with them, in all circumstances, and his plans for them were good, despite challenges. So too, we might feel that we are challenged by ill health, or uncertain finances, or wondering who our leader will be next year, or other concerns. This last week has been busy for my family, with both excitement on the sale of our home and arrival of Nigerian visas, but also a dramatic ER treatment for a child, and major learning or sports events to organize on my plate. Others consider how to make re-enrollment at ICS a possibility, or have a child moving to high school or university. Whatever our circumstances, God walks with us, He know his plans for us, we have hope and a future! At ICS, He has been our namesake since 1954, and He has plans and a future for us too! We can rest in that assurance!
Yours in Christian education, Keith Cameron, Principal and Chief Operating Officer
Each week, during staff devotions we join in prayer for our parents and staff members. We invite you to do so as well.
Praying for our parents: Please pray for Jacob & Sarah Penner as well as Jerry & Julie Peters.
Praying for our staff: Please pray for our French & Resource teacher Ms. Karista Smeets

In order to best serve all students and parents, we need to hear from our current parents now. We are asking you to confirm your registration for 2018/2019 using the Sycamore button on our homepage by Wednesday 14 Feb. You’ll need your family login information. Congrats to the 5 families who have already done so! Tracey at the office will be able to talk you through any questions / login details / challenges you may encounter. Thank-you for your help in this.

T.R.I.P: Pickup is tomorrow Jan 25th. The next order will be sent out on Feb 1st.

Aylmer Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championships: Will take place today after school at Assumption Catholic School, 42 South Street E, Aylmer. The event will begin at 4:00pm with the 9 year olds. It will progress approximately every 30 minutes up to the ages of 14 years old. Participants are asked to be at the venue at least 15 mins before they shoot. Spectators are welcome. The participants from ICS are as follows: Age 9 - Rachel Cameron & Connor Mantel,
Age 10 - Phoebe Sinke & Josiah Kroondyk, Age 11 - Noria Atkinson & Dawson Loewen, Age 12 - Claire Vording &
Caleb Poortinga, Age 13 - Alyssa Giesbrecht & Hayden Guenther

Jump into Kindergarten! Children entering JK & SK are invited to experience the Kindergarten
classroom at ICS. Children can enjoy the morning leaning letters, shapes, and numbers in a
Christian setting. New families to ICS are welcome to attend 2 mornings and existing families may
attend 1 morning. The program runs Feb 6, 8, 27th & March 1st from 8:30-11:30am. Please share
with anyone who might be interested. Call to reserve a spot!

WANTED! We will be looking for new TRIP coordinators for the 2018-19 school year. We have one interested parent, is someone willing to come on board and make a team? Coordinators are in charge of placing orders, making bank deposits, distributing gift card orders and ensuring stock is available. This is a lot of work, so this is a “paid volunteer” spot.  TRIP coordinators split 10% of TRIP profits, with 50% going to ICS Fundraising and 40% back to individual family tuition credits. The more you put in, the more you earn! Currently, coordinators earn just under $1000 each. Interested? Send an application (email or letter) to Fundraising Committee via the office please!

WANTED! Does our Breakfast Program sound like a great idea to you? Want it to continue? We need an additional helper to ensure the future sustainability of this program. The job would require snack planning, shopping weekly and monthly tracking of finances. Our student breakfast team does the majority of daily prep and clean up! Please see Mrs Sue Guenther or Mr Keith Cameron...

Sr. Basketball:  Wow, our girls’ and boys’ teams have been training hard and playing strong! Both teams were undefeated at the tournament yesterday, but also played some close games and dug deep to win two championship banners! Well done players, thank-you to coaches Farrow Jones and Bierman for your skills, heart and leadership!
*Look for Jr Basketball sign ups in two weeks

Hockey: Permission forms have been handed out, and are due back to coach Bierman! Practices will be on Tuesday mornings before school starting Feb 6th.

Looking forward to an evening of fun and fellowship at the upcoming G.S.T. Auction on Saturday, February 3, 2018!  There are some fantastic items and services in this year’s auction!!!!  You won’t want to miss it!!!
5:00 p.m. Doors open for viewing – Silent Auction opens
5:30 p.m. A complimentary dinner of Caesar Salad, Lasagna (Gluten-Free and Vegetarian available), Roll and
                         Ice Cream Sandwiches.
7:00 p.m. The Auction begins!
Popcorn and refreshments will be available for purchase throughout the evening.
* Boterkoek (2 Lots)
* Gift Certificate for Dinner out and 2 Tickets to Aylmer Community Theatre
* 2 Tickets – Detroit Red Wings vs. Carolina Hurricanes in Detroit, Saturday, February 24, 2018 at
       7:00 p.m.  Section 219, Row 9
* Progressive Dinner “In the Neighbourhood”.  Enjoy a stroll down Whittaker Road with stops at the Bakker’s, Giesbrecht’s, Zylstra’s and Dykxhoorn’s.  It will be a night full of food, fun and fellowship!
DINNER:  If you plan to join us for dinner, you may still register by emailing Tammie Vannoord at
RESERVE BIDS:  If you are unable to attend the Auction, but would like to submit a Reserve Bid on an item or items, kindly send an email to Tammie Vannoord at
DONATIONS:  Donations are still trickling in.  Any donations received after last Friday’s deadline will be added to an Additions and Corrections page which will be distributed on the evening of the Auction.
AUCTION BOOKLET:  Auction booklets can be found in your Church mail slots today, and are also available at the ICS Office. Just a reminder that this evening be for an ADULT AUDIENCE.  

Electives: Start this Friday!

Chess Teams update: This year, due to date conflict with our ICS Celebration of Learning, we have registered for the Annual London Teams Chess Championship on Thursday Feb 15th instead of the Grade by Grade Championship on March 28th. Chess practices will now be on Mondays and Thursdays at lunch until Feb 15. We will be able to select 12 students to enter, more details to follow.

Peanut, Allergy, Food ...Reminder: Due to allergies,  no peanut-based products are allowed at school or on the buses. Additionally, we ask that you limit egg-based items in Kindergarten lunches including boiled eggs and cream salad dressings.

Congratulations to the following students who were chosen to present at our ICS SpeakFest today! Selected students will be able to move on to the Aylmer Legion Public Speaking on Saturday, Feb. 10th. Registration will start at 12:00pm and competitions will begin at 1:00pm.
Grade 1: Preston Bergen, Andrew Siemens
Grade 2: Zoe Dalm, Travis Dykxhoorn, Hollis Fehr, Elaina Kroondyk
Grade 3: Wyatt Bakker, Eve Sinke
Poetry Presentations:
Grade 4: Rachel Cameron, Rhode Dalm, Presley Fehr, Connor Mantel
Grade 5: Allyson Mantel, Phoebe Sinke, Owen Vis
Grade 6: Kiera Giesbrecht, Sarah Janssens, Samuel Peters
Grade 7: Aiden Boldt, Claire Vording
Grade 8: Megan Friesen
Grade 8: Abigail Atkinson, Alyssa Giesbrecht, Jocelyn Shelton,

SK, Grades 1 and 2 Team Building Skills Elective: On Elective Fridays the primary students in SK-2 will be enjoying this time together. For our first activity we will be playing a variety of games with each other. So please bring a game from home this Friday, February 2. It will add to the fun to learn to play new games with each other. Putting your name on your game will help us send it back to the right home. Thank you!

JR / SR KINDERGARTEN - Mrs. Penner (
Scholastic Book Club: The February flyers were sent home today. If you wish to place an order please fill out the form on the back and return it to school by Friday, Feb. 16, with the payment (cash or cheque or pay online). Thank you
Some of the things we are doing in Kindergarten.....
Bible: Samson’s Birth (Judges 13), Samson was set apart before birth as a Nazirite.
Samson’s Strength (Judges 14:1-16:3), God’s Spirit gave Samson his great strength.
Letter and sound of the week: Ff We now know: s, a, t, n, i, p, c, k, e, h, r, m, d, o, g, b, j, z & f.
This month’s math focus:
JK - Ordinal numbers 1-10.
SK - Comparing numbers, “5 is more than 2, how many more? 3 more
or “1 is less than 6, 5 less.”

GRADE 1 and 2 - Ms. Pieters (
Happy 8th Birthday        
Travis Dykxhoorn
Thursday, February 1, 2018
 “May you be blessed by the Lord, the
                    Maker of heaven and earth.” Psalm 115:15
Memory Work: for Wed., February 7 Song Lift High The Cross by George W. Kitchin, 1887  #171 in Songs for Life
(refrain) Lift high the cross, the love of Christ proclaim till all the world adore his sacred Name.
(verse 1) Come, Christians, follow where our Saviour led,
Our king victorious, Jesus Christ, our Head
Spelling: List 17 dictation will be on Friday, February 2.
Grade 1: rake, bake, name, gate, fine, mine, hide, bike
Grade 2: now, how, down, out, shout, about, our, house, slow, show
Elective: remember to bring a game this Friday (see SK-Gr.2 announcement above)
Library: Remember to return your books for tomorrow’s Library class.
Grade 1 Math: Our new unit focus is on common shapes:
Students will:
  • Sort shapes by shape, size, orientation, or number of corners and sides
  • Describe or continue a pattern according to one or two attributes such as shape, size, or colour
  • Combine shapes to make a basic shape or new shape
Grade 2 Math: We have learned that multiplication is repeated addition and that we can use our multiplication facts to help us solve division problems. Continue to work on memorizing the 0-2 times tables. Practice sheets (blue pages) were sent home today.

GRADES 2 and 3 – Miss Loewen (
Happy Birthday to Dennis Fehr (February 6), who is turning 8! We wish you many blessings and a wonderful year.
Memory Work: for Feb 7 is  O-B-E-D-I-E-N-C-E by Mike and Ruth Greene
We want to live pure we want to live clean.
We want to do our best.
Sweetly submitting to authority,
Leaving to God the rest.
Walking in the light, keep our attitudes right,
On the narrow way.
For if you believe the Word you receive,
You always will obey!
Spelling: List 15 quiz will be on Friday, Feb 2
Grade 2: way, away, today, chain, wait, chase, play, played, rain, paint, claim, stay
Grade 3: pointing, oily, boy, voice, oyster, voyage, loyal, joined, coin, choice, poison, destroy, enjoy, choose, chocolate, noisy, employ
Library: Remember to return your library books for tomorrow.
Language Arts: For the month of February, we will be learning all about the Olympics! We will be gathering nonfiction information and using that to write a story about being at the Olympic games. Students will also be working on tracking the medal counts. Let’s go, Canada!

Creation Studies: We have been begun our global communities unit. We will begin our study on Iqaluit this week. I am excited to explore this amazing Canadian community.
Electives: The grade 3 class will be going swimming with Ms. Buma in St. Thomas this Friday! Please remember your towel and swim clothes.
Grade 3 Math. We’re working on 3 digit multiplication and long division! Memorized times tables to 9 are a huge help in this. Go over time tables at home, please. Keep on with 1000 point goals for Mathletics too!
Swim to Survive: Students in Grade 3 will be attending their first session at the Family YMCA of St. Thomas-Elgin this Friday, Feb. 2. They are registered to participate in the upcoming Swim to Survive program from The Canadian LifeSaving Society. Thank you to our bus drivers, Mr. Doug and Mrs. Ann Walters for their willingness to bring us to our lessons. Swim to Survive will be held parallel to our Electives program. We will be leaving school at 1:00 p.m. and plan to return by 3:15. *All Grade 3 students should bring swimwear and a towel to school this Friday, and each Friday following, for the duration of the program. Thank you!     Ms. Buma

GRADES 4 and 5 - Ms. Buma (
Happy Birthday: We would like to wish Owen Vis a very Happy Birthday. Owen will be turning eleven years old on Sunday, February 4. Happy Birthday, Owen! May God richly bless you in your new year of life.
Spelling: Review List, Grade (4) - grumpy, umpire, uniform, million, scissors, blizzard, Thursday, February, calendar, cousin, doctor, didn’t, they’re, shouldn’t, chalkboard, downstairs, studied, hoping, busier, heaviest
Spelling: Grade (5) - route, clue, usually, royal, amount, goalkeeper, bodyguard, awkward, lawyer, although, swimming, beginning, addresses, businesses, purpose, certain, mayor, dictionary, argument, ordinary
Math: Grade (4) We are learning about Improper Fractions (fractions whose numerators are equal to or larger than their denominators) and converting them to mixed numbers.
Bible Studies: In Bible, we are learning about the Book of Ruth. Ruth’s inclusion in Israel, her place as an ancestor of David and of Christ, is a sign that all nations are to be included in God’s kingdom.
Memory Work: Wed. Feb. 7  (Song) Trust in the Lord
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths.
Words: Proverbs 3:5-6
Music: Frank Hernandez, 1990; arranged by Norma de Waal Malefyt, 1992
French: Check out the 4/5 Wikispaces page, merci!
Library: Remember to return your books for tomorrow’s Library class, girls and boys.

GRADES 5 and 6 – Ms. Farrow Jones (

Bible: Memory Work: Ephesians 6:13-17 Friday, Feb 2nd. Lesson 3 notes due the same day.
Math 5: Starting Fractions this week. Please use mathletics at home to practise work.
Math 6: Keep up the great effort and attitude! Way to go!
LA: Essay and letter writing. Reading to summarize.
Writing: We will be continuing to work on essay format writing. This time it will be opinion piece about bullying.
Reading: AR goals are due in four weeks.
French: Check out the 5/6 Wikispaces page, merci!
Battle of the Books: You are making great progress! Keep up the good work! Books are being shared so quickly that we have lost track of Pax (Pennypacker) and The War that Saved My Life (Bradley). If you see them at home please take them back to the library! Our aim is to have all 10 books finished by Feb 15.

GRADES 7 and 8 – Mr. Bierman (
Grad Trip Permission Form:  A permission form for the grad trip to Fair Glen had been distributed this past Friday.  Please complete and return to Mr. Bierman before this weekend.  Thanks.    
MAP Testing: Reading- Feb.1...Math- Feb 5... Language- Feb. 6.
Science Challenge:  If you are interested in seeing detailed information or to see what your child is doing for the next couple weeks, check out the website: . All project work will be done at school and one ICS team will be selected to compete at the final competition held after March Break.
Bible/MW:  Lesson 5 personal statement of faith written assignment and MW: Habakkuk 3:17-19: Friday
Math: Geometry Unit Test (chapter 2 & 13): Tuesday, February 6th.
Art: Bring 100 of something by Thursday. Complete Pop art assignment on Google Classroom.
Music: Band instruments need to be at school every Wednesday and Friday.
French: Check out the 7/8 Wikispaces page, merci!
Battle of the Books:You are making great progress! Keep up the good work! Our aim is to have 10 books done by Feb 15.
Basketball Tournament and Concession.  Thanks to Mrs Suzie Guenther and Mrs Tina Hiebert for running the concession with student help.  We think we were able to raise about $500-$600, still checking receipts! The proceeds of the concession stand are directed to the participating students’ Fair Glen trip costs.
Grade 9 Fall Registration at LDCSS: Registration is now open for the 2018-19 school year! We're excited about welcoming new students to our school and growing in community with us! Want to apply? Download the application at or give us a call. Interested in checking out learning at London Christian High? Connect with Gabriella at 519-455-4360 ext. 231 or email to book a tour. We look forward to hearing from you!